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    works great with ipad

    • Written by from Saint John

    I purchased this keyboard for my ipad and I love it. I use it for all my school assignments on my pages app and they are both excellent together I would recommend buying this product for this reason, its making my Ipad more and more like a laptop and I love it its just what I wanted and the keyboard is not a bad price either. Now if a wireless mouse would work with my ipad it would be awesome. thank you apple!

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    Works really well

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    Was looking around for a bluetooth keyboard for my Vaio. The only product that I found being small, light, ergonomic and strong was the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

    After using the product I love it. Its very well engineered, strong, lightweight and looks really good. On top of that the keys are really the best I tried to type with. Short keystroke and distinct.

    The keyboard is missing some keys for Windows. However, that is not a problem. I downloaded a small free program that remaps the keys (like the Win key that I never use) to another key. Its all done by adding registry entries, so no resident program. Got all the functionality that I need and I am very happy with the product.

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    great accessory for the iPad

    • Written by from Austin

    I purchased this device to use with my iPad. Pretty much the only initial annoyance with the iPad was typing. You have this large virtual keyboard, but I find that I can't type on it much faster than the one on my phone. So I picked up this guy and so far so good. fast sync with the iPad, small size, easy to throw in your laptop bag. Still on the first set of batteries after 1 month of use. Hardly travel with my macbook pro now.

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    iPhone pairing!

    • Written by from Westford

    you can pair one with any iOS4 upgraded iPhone!!!! yay!!!

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    What a Great Keyboard!

    • Written by from Pasco

    I am a new Mac user... brand new... Recently switched from PC to Mac within the last month (after over 20 years on a PC). I had been used to full-size PC keyboards for so long, that when I saw this keyboard arrive with my new iMac, my startled self thought, What the HECK is this?? But it's really a HUGE improvement in keyboards in general. It has such an easy and quiet touch on it, and its "smallness" doesn't affect the speed with which I type/key. In fact, I type FASTER on this keyboard than on a regular-size keyboard and with less mistakes. I think this is because the keys are within easier finger-reach and it doesn't take a lot of pressure to key in the letters. I highly recommend it!

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    best keyboard eva!!!!!!

    • Written by from Southampton

    this is awesome and works great with my new ipad!!!!!

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    Awesome keyboard!

    • Written by from Portland

    I love this wireless keyboard, it was so easy to hook up it took me less than 60 seconds and I was using it with my MacBook. This keyboard has great range, excellent battery life, and makes writing a lot easier for me. I have no complaints at all with this product it is one of my favorite accessories to use with my MacBook.

    Thank you Apple for a great product!

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    Excellent Keyboard

    • Written by from Modesto

    I bought this keyboard because I own the mStand; and I must say, it is an excellent keyboard. The keyboard is lightweight, compact, and easy to move, it pairs very quickly with all of my Bluetooth devices, and it's compatibility with the Mac makes it a joy to use. Great job Apple!

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    Love it

    • Written by from Grimsby

    The keyboard is slim and fits perfectly in my lap. It is the same size of the laptop keyboard and therefore took no getting used to. i bought it because my MacBook Pro 13" kept cutting into my wrists, so this was the only thing i could think of. Its GREAT!

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    Using with iPhone

    • Written by from Bainbridge Island

    I do a lot of texting with my job and this keyboard works flawlessly. The touch of the keyboard is amazing. Have to check to see if it is really that thin. Packs up and goes with me. Keep minutes and notes in Notepad with ease. Great investment.

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    Great for the 10 foot experience!

    • Written by from Portland

    I use this keyboard with a Mac mini that drives a large LCD TV that I use for entertainment (youtube, hulu, pbs.org etc.). Here is what I like about it:

    * The battery seems to last very long for me (I type about 5 minutes / day on it and get 4-6 mos)
    * I like the key feel and the thinness of the design very much
    * The bluetooth connection has been very reliable and is able to wake the mini from sleep which is really nice

    I haven't really found anything I don't like about it and I've been using it for 6-7 mos. now. The only thing I can even talk to negatively is the plastic on the round part that holds the battery--if you grab the keyboard the wrong way you can partially dislodge it, but that never happens while typing--usually it's just when rearranging myself on my couch and moving it out of my way.

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    Stop Complaining

    • Written by from Chandler

    Okay if you are buying an Apple Brand Keyboard you have a choice of three products so if you chose this one you know that there is no numeric keypad, but they do make one, it isn't wireless but it is there! So you bought this. Because you could over look that feature not being there. So are you going to complain about it when you could suggest it? I love this product because my keyboard on my Macbook is EXACTLY THE SAME!!! If you have a mac house it doesn't make any difference so I love this product for what it is. If i need to use a numeric keypad i just use my other Apple keyboard no problem but, I still love it.

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    The Best Keyboard!

    • Written by from Portland

    The best keyboard ever I used,and, easy on my wrists.

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    • Written by from fullerton

    First off let me say that i think the keyboard is fantastic. It mimics the macbook pro keyboard which is a delight to type on oooooo sooooo smooth. Second for the people that complain about the build..... Please the thing is made out of solid aluminum I've passed this thing around the room countless times. If u got some keys that aren't working properly its probably cause they they're not snapped on correctly. Finally about all the battery complaints.....Guys buy good batteries, energizer lithium batteries last me almost six months. And no i don't turn the keyboard, or my magic mouse off when I shut down my macbook pro. Or better yet just buy apples rechargeable battery kit for 30 bucks probably save you money in the end...

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    Forward Delete

    • Written by from SAN FRANCISCO

    For those of you who complain about this keyboard lacking the navigation keys:

    "fn" + "delete" = forward delete
    "fn" + left arrow = home
    "fn" + right arrow = end
    "fn" + up arrow = page up
    "fn" + down arrow = page down

    Love this keyboard and it's USB sibling. I don't use a number pad and appreciate the extra desk space and the reduced travel distance between the keyboard and mouse. The low profile keeps my wrists horizontal, and the shallow keys require much less effort to press than a those of a traditional keyboard, so it's much more ergonomic and accurate for touch-typists like me. Traditional keyboards feel mushy and clunky and are simply unpleasant to type on now.

    Apple's Bluetooth implementation just works and having a wireless keyboard allows me a much appreciated degree of freedom. My chiropractor tells me that the best position is always the next position and having a keyboard that is so light and small that I can very easily move it around my desk, to my lap, to the arm of my chair, or anywhere, means that I'm more likely to shift positions than I would be with a wired full-sized keyboard.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great remote for my iPad

    • Written by from DOWNERS GROVE

    Bought this because we hook up the iPad to our TV with the VGA connector (excellent video quality by the way) and were wishing we had a remote control so we could pause it and adjust the volume. Finally (duh) thought of buying this keyboard. It's awesome. Huge bonus to have it to type on. I agree with reviews on typability. New word? Anyway, in my hay day, I used to type 100 wpm, so I appreciate a good keyboard and this is up there as one of my favorites. Very nice feel. Just a bit of an adjustment to the Apple controls instead of the PC control keys that I'm used to. I do wish it had the helpful iPad keys found on the docking keyboard. Maybe that's coming down the road and I can pass this on to my husband with his new iPad that I'm getting him for his birthday. Shhh, it's a secret.

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    • Written by from GRANGER

    I bought this with my iMac a couple years ago when I came to my senses and switched from a PC to a Mac. I also got the wireless mighty mouse, so I only have one wire for my computer. I was amazed that was possible. I wouldn't trade this for any other keyboard.

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    I needed a low-profile ergonomic keyboard-mouse layout. (not extended keyboard with mouse way off to the right). i have had mine for a few years now... it HITS THE SPOT! great price... gorgeous design. eats a few batteries... but I love it.

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    Wonderful Keyboard

    • Written by from SAINT CLOUD

    I'm a touch typist, and I've got big hands. Using the iPad's keyboard with no sense of touch for more than five minutes makes me insane, especially since I live on my computer, iPad or iPhone. This is the VERY BEST keyboard I've had for my iPad or my iPhone. It's light, very responsive and the batteries last an incredibly long time. It joins to either device very easily, and you don't have to thing about it after the very first time, just turn it on, wait a second or two and away you go. My keyboard goes with my iPad inside my camera bag everywhere I go. I makes my life a lot easier on word processing, spreadsheets and Facebook.

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