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    • Written by from Parker

    A couple things: First, the kit doesn't come with a lighting cable, so Apple just gave (charged) me for a useless cable. I even asked the store associate that helped with the product if it came with a lighting cable and he said "yes." Apple needs to train their store associates better. Second, they could have condensed the packaging of the plugs into a single USB adapter. Now I have multiple plugs that could easily get lost.

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    Out of date

    • Written by from Tigard

    I was given this as a gift. I was surprised to find that it included a USD-to-30 pin cable rather than a USB-to-Lightning cable. I assumed that the giver had purchased it last year and waited to give it to me. Then I checked online and was astonished to find that Apple is still selling these with obsolete cables. Like many long-time Apple users, I have a handful of USB-to-30 pin cables for which I no longer have any use. An extra USB-to-Lightning cable would have been handy.

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    Only works with Apple products

    • Written by from Springfield

    While the adaptors work great for all countries, because of how the adaptors slide unto the charger, you can't use the adaptors for any other electronics (like a camera charger). So...you have to bring multiple adaptors unless all you have is Apple products. I ended up buying a cheap $3 adaptor at the airport that worked for all electronics. The charger already is dual voltage, all you have to do is get it plugged in. I was looking for a great adaptor set with Apple quality, which it is, but the exclusive design makes the $39 price tag ridiculous. Save your money and buy a cheap prong adaptor at the airport when you get off the plane.

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    World...only parts of the world

    • Written by from San antonio

    This so called world adapter does not serve India or Pakistan ...and good luck finding information for other than the eight listed countries or Europe . This product would be greatly improved by including a matrix of which adapter by the other hundreds of places in the world

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    Not very practical

    • Written by from Toronto

    The adapter plugs are limited to this unit only, ie cannot be used with any other appliance such as a camera battery charger, shaver etc. I bought the simple Apple USB power adapter (still 35$ expensive) along with a good quality universal travel adapter for 25$ (Heys) and my travel needs were met.

    Downside: I was limited to charging one unit at a time but everything worked out fine.

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