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    Mac Book Pro Battery Life

    • Written by from Melbourne

    I don't know about you guys but i have had my Mac Book Pro for 4 years and am only now looking at replacing the battery. I know Apple doesn't have the best rep for battery life but for what an apple does, it does VERY VERY well. If you pay $130.00 and it last for 4 years, its worth it, but if it only lasts 18 months or so, its not that good. Apple might not have mastered battery life YET, but they have certainly mastered the software of a mac. just thought i'd let you know.

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    Battery LIFE awful

    • Written by from miami Beach

    I bought my MacBook Pro, almost one year ago, and a month ago I started to have problem with my battery! Now I need to change the battery for $129.00 This is crazy! Be onest, the autonomy of the battery is ..........! It's almost 10% of the cost of the entire computer. Come on MAC, We spend more but we like to have MORE, not this!!!!!!!!

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    Going strong after almost two years

    • Written by from Haedo

    Nevermind all the people here trashing this battery, they seem to not know anything about how to maintain it and take proper care of it. Discharge the battery twice a month and it'll keep on going for several years. I'm using a late 2008 MBP (the first Unibody ones), almost two years and at 145 cycles, it holds 94% of the original capacity (4333 mAh out of 4600). I'll definitely buy a second one when this one reaches 65%, but it seems it wont for a loooong time.

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    More of the same comments - these batteries are awful - But...

    • Written by from San Diego

    My MacBook Pro (aluminum) is about 16 months old and for the past few months, the battery won't hold a charge. Consequently I finally gave in and ordered a replacement. However, I am guilty of not following Apple's directions on letting the battery fully discharge once a month. I generally keep it plugged in since I use it more as a desktop than a traveling companion. Therefore, that may be the problem for many of us. With the new one I'm ordering, I'm going to follow directions and see what happens. If I have to buy another new battery in a year, I will be very unhappy. To be continued...

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    Love Apple, Love my MBP, HATE their batteries

    • Written by from Hannibal

    Seriously, Apple makes the best computers on the planet yet the WORST batteries. Not sure how they do it, rather, don't. Long ago I had a ThinkPad by IBM, it got 8 hours battery life in 1999, in 2001 it got... 8 hours. Every MBP and my first iBook 12" in a year battery life was halved and performance hit (i.e. couldn't do as much) and within a year or two I was out $130ish every time for a new battery.

    Welcome to 2010, my one year old MBP's battery at only 271 cycles is at only 49% health and can't hold a charge for more than an hour and a half... what the hey? It started at four hours and slide pretty quickly into the twos. You mean to tell me a friend's clunky four year old Dull Chumputor laptop is still clogging away at 80% of it's original battery life with a very hard pressed life and my MBP is 50% in a year?


    Apple, FIX YOUR BATTERY LIFE PROBLEMS! Read these reviews, we're not fools, make your batteries more dependable or cheaper to at least take a blow off the fact people need to get new ones every year, heck, whatever your markup is, maybe that's why you have so much cash-on-hand as a company... from the battery sales.

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    • Written by from Gurgaon

    In less than a year, I have to replace the original battery, which has become swollen to the point that it touches the trackpad, so that it's always clicked. So much for portability. It's no wonder, then, that Apple came out with the even newer Macbook family just six months after this one, this time with in-built batteries. Even they realized that it's just a really bad product.

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    Is it the battery or the charger?

    • Written by from Cambridge

    I've had my 15-inch aluminum for one year to the date -- It never seemed to charge quick enough -- After leaving it charged overnight, it might have read "70%" -- then I visited a friend last week and forgot my charger. I used hers. The battery charged to 100% in about 3 hours. Was like that all week. Never a problem and quick charges that held.

    Back home, plugged into my charger and the battery charged like a snail.

    Apple guy at the store tried to tell me the battery really only lasts a year. What are we -- back in the old iPod days?

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    Unacceptable battery

    • Written by from Brandon

    I decided to try out the Mac products and bit the bullet to pay the extra cost in order to see what all the Mac hype was about. My Battery used to be awesome and lasted 7 hours before recharge. I was excited and thought MAC made the most excellent battery, but now that my battery has hit 204 cycles it has gone to $!ht and won't last an hour. Now I find out from all the other Mac Pro users that all Mac batteries are carp, and I just got lucky for a short time. I used to think it might just be worth it to pay more for a Mac but no more. I'm done. I have lost faith in the product and the company. Bye, bye, back to PC.

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    So bad, I can't believe Apple sells it. Seriously.

    • Written by from Carmel

    This battery is horrendous. Please if you have any battery life left in your original battery, keep that instead. This battery is HOT, I mean really HOT to the point that my keyboard is sometimes very warm. An uncomfortable warm. So HOT that the fans run all the time, which makes the laptop very unpleasant to work on. I superbly recommend NOT BUYING THIS! Apple what are/were you thinking?

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    Macbook battery

    • Written by from rahway

    got my Mac book for christmas in 08. The battery is dead already. what a piece of junk, $129. for a new one. that comes to a little more then $10. a month to use my laptop. my internet only cost $30, wish i would have read these articles before i got mine.

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    Poor Battery life

    • Written by from upland

    I get about 2.5 hours max out of mine even with a low power consumption SSD in it,screen brightness down to about 50% and bluetooth off and wifi on. The 2.5 hours time is if you don't open up Skype or watch any youtube videos or expect half the times otherwise. Battery times are less than half the times advertised by Apple.

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    Just noticed my battery life

    • Written by from Portland

    and at fully charged it only gave me a little over 3 hrs! Arrrgghhh I just started using it wirelessly for a long period tonight when I noticed the charge time. I usually just keep it plugged in (bad from what I read), now I will do the recommended discharge recharge once a month, to see if it helps, but based on the reviews it looks like it may not.

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    battery life for 15-inch MacBook Pro

    • Written by from Amesbury

    Love my computer, hate the battery. I have rarely taken my computer out of the house, and even more rarely run the computer on the battery alone. Both times have been on long airline flights. Very frustrating watching EVERYONE around you on their little Dell's gaming, playing movies, and generally having a great time while you sit with your MacBook Pro looking sleek and fine, providing about 45 minutes of battery life.
    Have replaced the battery 3 times while under warranty and will have to replace again along with the power cord for the third time.

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    I love the guy who had "a complete meltdown"

    • Written by from belleair

    I had the same issue with my iphones and the dumb batteries. That is priceless...

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    What are all the gripes about?

    • Written by from GAINESVILLE

    I'm not sure how different people are using there battery, frequent partial drains, incomplete full charges or what. I'm not a super-concientious user but I do try to keep my machine plugged in when possible and am very impressed with the consistency of the battery life (relative to past Dell's) and endurance. CoconutBattery 2.6.6 application says that my battery is at 97% of it's original capacity after 11 months of use and 94 load-cycles. Not bad in my opinion.

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    dead in 11 months

    • Written by

    only holds power for 15 minutes now. good thing this was within warranty. i would have been hugely disappointed if i missed the warranty period.

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    Macbook Batteries are pathetic

    • Written by from HILLSBOROUGH

    I'm a PC guy, but love Apple hardware...best in the business. So needless to say...when apple started putting Intel chips in their systems, I was thrilled. But that's not what I'm writing about here.
    I bought my first Mac back in April of 2007...right after I was hired to work at an ad agency...I figured I would need one for that job..and I did. So I bought a top of the line Macbook Pro 15" for $2500 + ...I loved the machine, but the one gripe I had from day 1 was that this laptop never held more than 2 hrs of charge...despite Apple's claims.
    A year later, Apple released their new unibody/aluminum Macbooks, and they were going out of their way to hype the new batteries...claiming that they lasted 6-8 hours on a single charge. So I picked up a new aluminum 15". I did everything Apple recommends to extend battery life. Ran it down to nothing...kept it in sleep mode for a few more hours....fully charged it. The while I used it, I turned off everything that drains battery life....dimmed my monitor, turned off bluetooth, turned off the keyboard illumination, and set the graphics for "better battery life"...The only thing I had on was the wifi.
    So here I am with a brand new Macbook Pro 15 and out of the box, I never got more than 2.5-3 hours...which was better than the old one...but nowhere near Apple's claims. I'm at about a year old on this machine now, and the battery may hold a charge for an hour if I'm lucky. This is with a cycle count of 204 and a condition of 'Normal'. I know if I bring this to the "geniuses" they'll tell me everything is within spec. So I guess I have no choice but to buy a new one.

    I absolutely agree with everyone here reviewing...despite my love for Apple hardware (these laptops are hands down the nicest computers on the market)...I'm done buying their products until they fix their batteries.
    I have a newer Air with the SSD and that never got the advertised hours. I also have gone through 5....yes..count them...five iPhones (3 first gen, and 2 new 3GSs). In the case of the iPhones, it was a battery problem every time. The first 2 were covered under a warranty. The third was out of my pocket....they charged me 70 bucks for a replacement phone. It still blows my mind that i can't just swap a battery out of an iPhone...once again...best phone on the market with one overwhelming flaw...no way to replace a battery.
    My new 3GS's battery died 3 months in. They wanted to run all kinds of tests at the Apple store, and I had a meltdown at the (so called) genius bar...caused such a scene that they just handed me a new phone because they didn't want a customer having a complete fit right there in their store.


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    Help for bad batteries

    • Written by from burlington

    My battery has gone through EXACTLY 4081 full load cycles, and it is 132 months old. It is running at 5% capacity, with 329mAh out of 5500 mAh.

    Im not sure what Apple receomends to maximize your battery, but the ones that dont know about the battery technology:

    Batteries for sot advanced laptops are Lithium-ion, which is fairly new in this feild because of their instability issues. Ofcourse this is fixed with stronger casings and proper charging protocols.

    Anyhow, this battery type is extremely sensitive to how you charge it. For the iphone (same battery type), Apple suggests keeping it plugged in as much as possible. This is because, once a Li-Ion battery dies 100%, it stays dead. And when it dies near 100% it is very bad for the battery. The reason I mention this is because its much different than the more well known lead acid batteries, which are not only longer lasting, but last longer if you completely discharge them, and recharge them.

    For a better way of knowing your batteries life and capacity, download coconutbattery

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    Very short battery life

    • Written by from Mount Vernon

    I have had my MacBook for about 20 months. From shortly after I bought it the battery would last a maximum of 2 hours. At this point it is down to about an hour. Does anyone know of a battery, other than the one sold by Apple, that will do a better job in this machine?

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    Worst yet

    • Written by from Chicago

    I brought my macbook pro 9mths ago and at this very point my battery only holds a charge of up to 30mins. I just brought a new one and it only has about 4hrs of charge in it. I love Mac but the batteries are just horrible.

    I got an HP that hold a until almost the end of the day. They need to do something about their batteries.

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