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    bulgy battery

    • Written by from Montréal

    My Macbookpro is 3.5 years old. The battery had been still in perfect condition in March. Then during a long flight in April,I watched HD movies on my macbook pro, and after about 1.5 hours the battery started to swell and I was unable to use my touchpad.

    Ever since then,then battery became worse and worse. Today, it is NOT possible any longer to charge it.

    I am sure macbookpro's battery could swell in flight due to less air pressure, and that is not restorable.

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    Battery Life disappointing

    • Written by from Puyallup

    This was billed as an eight hour plus battery but I have to concur with the other reviewers that I have never experienced better that two hours, 50 minutes. I have done the monthly or more frequent discharge and full recharge but to no avail.

    I purchased the 15" MBP new in late 2008 when they first came out. In the last few weeks I have been noticing trackpad problems and I thought my trackpad was going out. After removing the battery and inspecting the compartment I realized that my battery had swollen and was causing the trackpad problems. Removed the battery and the trackpad is working as good as new. Now however it looks like I am out the $130 for a new battery. Battery has lasted about three and a half years. Probably not bad for a lithium-ion rechargeable but the replacement cost is kinda steep.

    It's been a great laptop. Took it to Iraq with me in 2009. Only problem I had was a worn out fan earlier this year in May 2012.

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    It's a battery, not a Mercedes!

    • Written by from BIG SKY

    It's a battery, even if it IS an Apple battery. I got exactly two years out of the battery that came with my 15 inch MacBook Pro. I was dumb back then: I just forked out $99 and slapped in a new one. I got two and a half years out of that one and was only a little smarter: before forking out $129, I checked the system stats and discovered the fool thing only had 62 cycles on it! You can bet I have done some research and will be doing some cycling this time around! Maybe I can at least make it to three years on lucky number three battery? Even at this rate it was only about $3.30 a month for the second one.

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    Swelling issue

    • Written by from Forest Hills

    In spite of the reputation, Apple's batteries (largely due to the software that controls the battery, not the battery itself) last far longer than batteries in typical PC laptops. After several years, my battery will still give me 2-3 hours of life in my Mac.

    But I have the same issue that DB has. My battery swells and it interferes with the operation of the track pad. When I first turn the machine on, everything is okay, but as the battery heats up, it swells and then the trackpad doesn't work properly.

    Personally, and even though the machine and battery is out of warranty, I consider this to be a defect and IMO, Apple should give some credit towards a new battery.

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