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    Just Plain weird

    • Written by from chandigarh

    ive had my 13-inch macbook for 6 months and the batters has run 68 cycles and it is currently giving me 2-2:30 hours of battery life, it originally gave me 7 hours.

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    Not to Happy

    • Written by from Ewing

    I too, had my MacBook 13 months and the battery just up and died. I've has an Apple portable for 8 years now in some generation or another and the batteries STILL hold a charge - but not this one. And I have Apple Care - but it's not covered, as batteries are expendables. But 13 months?


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    Serious price for serious flaws....

    • Written by from Wondelgem

    I had my macbook exactly 13 months when its battery died after exactly 142 charge cycles. Of course one month past the warranty period...what was the ad again: 80% of capacity after 300 cycles? Right! It had been going slowly downhill over the last couple of months and 2 days ago it collapsed. When fully charged it lasts 40 minutes now. This is indicative of poor quality control imho and a serious disappointment. I've had pc laptops with el cheapo batteries that lasted WAY longer than this so called quality product for which a premium price is charged. Apple has some very good products and top-notch design but the foundation for business should be quality and the experieces I've had the past 2 years indicate they're slipping in this respect.

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    Not Reliable

    • Written by from Aventura

    My Macbook battery only held 70% of its original charge after 9 months of use and started failing abruptly at exactly one year. No warning, the laptop just shuts down randomly and the battery meter shows over 40% left. Definitely not an isolated incident, but good luck trying to get a free replacement....

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