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    • Written by from Scotch Plains

    I bought a MBPro with the intention to use it with my Optoma projector using a DVI-D connection. (I confirmed with Apple whether this would work, of course, long before I decided to purchase. And the answer was YES.) Well, this adapter DOES NOT work! I just wasted several hours trying to figure this out and sifting endlessly through forums to find a solution. A LOT of people have the same problem. It seems like Apple is stumped by this one!

    I'm a first time Mac user on his first day of usage (TODAY) who wants to convert to Mac out of his frustration with Microsoft products. What a disappointment! Apple, please give me a solution or give me a refund! NEGATIVE FIVE STARS!!!

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    Worthless for larger hi-res displays

    • Written by from Boise

    My old MacBook Pro worked perfectly with my Dell 30 inch display. This new MacBook Pro with this Adapter will not bring up higher than 1280 x 800.

    Why Apple is going backward is a mystery to me. Applecare says it can't find any way to select the NVIDIA 9600 using this adapter. WHAT??? The same people that developed the iPhone can't figure it out? Unbelievable.

    The supposed fix is buying the Dual DVI Adapter at $99. Can I get my old MacBook Pro back???

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    Mini Displayport to DVI Adapter

    • Written by from Rancho Palos Verdes

    The Female DVI-D Adapter end has limited compatibility with many other Male DVI components. ie. The apple DVI adapter end does not have the necessary holes for the additional 4 pins found in many Male DVI adapter ends. (I learned the hard way). *FYI: You may save yourself time, money, & hassle if you buy a more compatible 3rd party adapter w/ the 4 holes in the beginning.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    doesnt work with syncmaster t200m

    • Written by from Joinville

    just got the adapter and it actually finds out the monitor, but the signal doesnt come out, it keeps on a black screen and everytime i try to use the external monitor, the macbook tryes to open it and the signal is lost (there was no signal actually)
    gonna change it for a vga tomorrow, lets see how it works....

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    Junk, no analog, picture drops out

    • Written by from Pasadena

    This is junk. It should support analog over the same wire. Picture occasionally just drops out and I have to "power cycle" my adapter by unplugging it and plugging it back in. This of course drags all my windows onto the same screen. Not worth it.

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    DVI problems

    • Written by from South Lake Tahoe

    Ok so I can live with the fact that this is now not included (as it always was) with my Macbook Pro - but why on earth is the horizontal receiver slot MISSING the 4 extra pin slots that the majority of DVI cables contain, on either side of the horizontal pin? This will not even receive the Apple DVI to VGA adapter!!!!

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    • Written by from Philadelphia

    I bought both this and the dual DVI adapter and this one does not work well with my iogear KVM switch and 23 inch cinema display, whereas the $99 dual adapter works perfectly. The problem is horizontal red and green lines - red in the dark parts of the image and green in the white.

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    • Written by from Laurel

    does not work with dvi extention cord (didnt even fit correctly)
    this was a horriable desion
    does not work with a dvi to vga

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    • Written by from Fairfield

    I have now purchased three of these adapters. To my suprise non of them work with any display I connect them to. I spent over $1300 on this 13" MBP and was really looking forward to using it with one of our monitors in the offices. Where is the fix Apple?!!!

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    Worst Adapter EVER!

    • Written by from Wesley Chapel

    The cable for the DVI to Mini DisplayPort is about an inch long. Are you kidding me? This puts a lot of pressure on the minidisplay port on my macbook pro. Any slight movement and it bends the displayport inside the macbook. So if your planning to hook it up to a laptop, be prepared to shell out a few hundred dollars to replace your mini display port on your macbook in a few months. Makes you wonder if apple did this to make more money?

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    • Written by from San Jose

    I have tried the adapter many times and i have even gotten new ones from the store and every time i try it is like my computer does not even recognize the connection to the screen. I have a mini DP to VGA that works fine but the mini DP to DVI does not work at all.

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    Does not work

    • Written by from Mountain View

    I bought this for my brand new Samsung Monitor and MacBook Pro.

    The adapter simply does not work in that configuration although my older MacBook Pro with the regular DVI cable does work with the monitor.

    I ended up exchanging it for the VGA adapter. Old technology seems to be the only thing that works for these 1 month old devices.

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    Second Display with not turn on

    • Written by from Decatur

    Sometimes when the display that is connected to the Mini DisplayPort to DVI is connected nothing will be displayed. Most of the time this happens when the machine comes out of sleep mode. Unplugging and replugging does not work either. I have rebooted the machine and nothing seems to work. The screen will flicker when the second monitor is connected so it see it but no signal is sent to the monitor.

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    Poor Quality/Short Life

    • Written by from Benicia

    As others have noted, the adapter worked fine for about 3 uses on both the imac and the MacBook. Then it started to fail, preventing the installed computer software from loading (or at least I could not see it on the desktop). This seemed to be progressive failure over a couple of months. I am led to believe that this unit is very sensitive to handling and perhaps electronic challenges largely based on what others have written. I had noted that the resolution is lousy so when I get the replacement unit I will follow the suggestions of others to adjust the computer resolution to get a better picture (once I figure out how to do it). Getting a replacement unit of the same design seems to be the only way to achieve the computer to TV connection. At $19 it is not a bad way to go, only if I could get the unit to be more reliable and to last a little longer.

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    HDMI source limited to 1 monitor???

    • Written by from Lansdale

    Ok, using a new MB with a Mini DisplayPort to DVI, then converting it to HDMI, I am unable to hook up 2 32" LCD monitors. Only 1 external monitor can be used. I am told by Apple support that the MB isn't "powerful enough" to send a signal to 2 external monitors. Funny, I can do just this with a Vista PC Laptop with NO PROBLEM.

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    Samsung Syncmaster 23 inch - WILL NOT WORK WITH THIS!

    • Written by from Atlanta

    I just spent 30+ minutes on the phone w/ tech support to find out the my brand new macbook pro (with mini display port) will not work with my 23 inch Samsung Syncmaster. PERIOD. It doesn't work. Its fuzzy -- no matter what resolution you put it on. My option : spend 3x what I spent on this monitor to buy one that definitely works. Great Apple -- people already are Apple fans without being forced into buying your other products. This actually does the reverse -- makes me wish I'd never bought a macbook. At least with a Dell I know I use pretty much what I can find.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Audio interference

    • Written by from Glasgow

    MacBook Air. Cable is fine for picture only (connecting to a retail Sony LCD 42").

    However, a high pitched noise is noticeable from the speakers when the audio out is used to link to external speakers on the monitor / TV or headphones. When DVI cable is removed, sound interference disappears. Suspect that internal cables are not shielded?

    Pathetic. The noise is so severe that is impossible to watch TV programmes on the larger screen, which was why we bought the cable in the first place.

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    Apple dropped the bomb really badly on this one.

    • Written by from Houma

    The new Apple Macbook pro does not have a way of connecting with a third party monitor unless you purchase this connection. For a $2000 dollar machine, they should add this. I'm really tempted to return this one, and go ahead with using the old one just because of that.

    I ordered this connector online, but I failed to realize that the mini-Dvi to DVI connector isn't the same. That is my fault. I'll order it again. Now I have to wait another week for this connector to arrive. This is just one huge headache.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I'm very frustrated and disappointed. :(

    • Written by from Novosibirsk

    Has grave issues with my external HP LP2475w monitor - screen flickers every several seconds and makes any work or entertainment impossible. Also when the computer wakes up, for 2 or 3 seconds the screen is covered with "noise" pattern. I have tested 2 adapters with 2 identical HP monitors (and with monitors from Acer and Samsung) - no luck, one flickers more, the other less, the problem is clearly not on the side of monitors (they work flawlessly with ANY other signal source).

    I'm very disappointed with Apple regarding this new Mini DisplayPort mess. At least you could sell MiniDisplay Port to DisplayPort adapter so I can connect my monitor with it (Monitor has DisplayPort socket on it).

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    Bad product listing

    • Written by from Inyokern

    I am so disappointed. All I want to do is hookup my Macbook Pro to my TV so that I can play home movies, etc., which were edited and compressed on my computer. However, the listing of this Mini DisplayPort to DVI did not make clear that the cable was DVI-D rather than DVI-I. I'm not a pro at these things, but I'm not dumb. If a listing says "DVI-I" and one says "DVI-D", I can figure out that they are different and order the right ones. Thumbs down apple.com. >:(

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