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    Awesome'st mouse ever!

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    I had come from the Windows world and I'm not saying that mice manufactured for this OS are not as good as the Mighty Mouse but... OK I am :D I use both Windows and MacOS now and both are awesome just has different uses. I absolutely love simple, understated designs. The Mighty Mouse looks simple but behold it's packed with features that allow you to do almost anything you can with a mouse and more (it can't left- and right-click simultaneously as mentioned so Maya users and the like are out of luck). I've had my Mighty Mouse (bluetooth variant) for about two years and I won't lie the scroll-ball does get dirty and you won't be able to scroll anymore ... UNTIL (wait for it) ... you clean it! How? Grab you Mighty Mouse, hold it upside-down with the scroll-ball facing down and rub on moist cloth and after a couple of strokes all should work again; also works on jeans ;) Therefore, 5 Stars!

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    Like it

    • Written by from Woodbine

    I've been using the Apple Might Mouse for about a year by now.

    I've been very happy with it. I have had to clean the 'little ball' once or twice. It wasn't difficult. I think I just followed the instructions I had found somewhere on this site.

    I don't mean to judge anyone. But I have read a lot of complaints about the 'little ball' getting dirty 'too easily.' If you like to eat certain foods while you use your computer, this might not be the mouse for you. You can probably just take a look at your keyboard to determine if your level of cleanliness will be conducive to Mighty Mouse usage. If you have a lot of filamentous structures (aka mold) strewn throughout with small food particles permeating every crevice, you may want to look elsewhere and hope a third-party will come out with a new product for you. They could call it the 'Dirty Mouse,' if they were so inclined.

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    I LOVE this mouse!

    • Written by from Waltham

    So I have had the Mighty Mouse for nearly 3 years w/o so much as a hiccup w/the scrolling. If it got "stuck", a little tap on the desk and it would be back to normal. The other day, it just wouldn't scroll down no matter what I did. It still scrolled up, left, and right. I asked for a new one (this is at work) and in the instruction manual it mentioned cleaning the scroll wheels by turning it upside down and moving the wheel vigorously w/a lint-free cloth. I thought I'd try it on the old one, and voila.. it's good as new again! Now I have two that work perfectly. I love that I can scroll in any direction and hate having to go to another mouse that only allows vertical scrolling. I highly recommend this to anyone who uses programs that require lots of scrolling - in any direction!

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    I love this mouse! Don't know what everyone's problem is

    • Written by from Pleasant Grove

    I love this mouse, I'm addicted to using the buttons for expose (desktop, and all windows). I'm having a hard time wanting to switch to the new magic mouse or trackpad.

    All you have to do to keep the scroll ball working well is get the mac cleaning cloth, turn it upside down and rub back and forth on the scroll ball to loosen any dirt/dust.

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    • Written by from GLEN BURNIE

    First let me address the scrollball issue. I too got angry and freaked out about the scrollball stopping all downward scrolling one day. I found the review here about using a dust-off compressed air on it and it worked with the first tiny puff inside the crack around the ball.

    With that aside, this mouse is unbelievable. I do graphic design and web design and I always need to scroll horizontal and vertical and CONSTANTLY switch between both windows and open applications frequently. The best part about this mouse for me aside from no batteries is the side buttons which I set to expose and the scrollball click button which I set to application switcher. I like this mouse better than the magic mouse and cant use anything else. Being able to jump to different windows and applications with a push of my thumb saves so much time. Nothing else Ive found can compete.

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    I love this mouse!

    • Written by from Calipatria

    I purchased my iMac in 2006 and this is the mouse it came with. I use it very often and still love it. I really love the multi directional scroll ball, and use the side squeezy buttons a lot more than I thought I would.

    Have I found a few quirks? Sure. Sometimes the scroll ball stops tracking up (much better than losing down), but another reviewer gave a tip of rubbing the scroll ball on a clean piece of paper (with the mouse upside down)-- it works every time. The optics do not like the white laminate surface of my desk, nor anything shiny, but it works on most everything else, including my pant leg.

    The click function is easy to work, and I haven't had any problems with over clicking. I really love this mouse and dislike using other ones.

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    Flawless, dont listen to poor reviews

    • Written by from boynton beach

    I had to write this review in response to some of the poor reviews I have seen. I have owned this mouse since the first year of production. I have never had a problem with stray clicks, the mouse always works properly. As long as you understand how the mouse works, there is a tutorial, it is simple and easy. I like it far better than a single button mouse or even a multi button mouse. As far as the trackball getting dirty, which only shows up as an issue every several months, just push down on the trackball and roll it. It cleans the sensor and works fine, this process only takes several seconds.

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    • Written by from Calgary

    I have had the wireless version of the Apple Mouse (previously known as the mighty mouse) for over a year and a half now. I love my mouse, and with the proper care (i.e. don't do things that are generally bad for any computer or mouse-like eating while using) and you should have a great quality mouse. (The wireless version works like a dream and I haven't even needed to replace the batteries yet!)

    The only downside is that you cannot click the right and left buttons at the same time, this is almost never an issue and has only been a problem for me in one piece of software that required that functionality. However, this will not be a problem for the average user.

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    All these negative reviews really surprise me.

    • Written by from Cincinnati

    I've had the wired mouse with my macbook pro for a couple of years and I love it. Never had a single problem, the ball is easier to use and more functional than a wheel. The only thing I can imagine is that some users must have awful dirty hands if their balls are getting clogged all the time! Seriously, it is a great mouse. I just bought a wireless one to get rid of the wire and I'm expecting the same flawless performance. Funny, seems that some people always have problems with their equipment and others rarely do. I wonder if it depends on whether you are a "hard rough" user (like my kids) or a gentle one. I own many apple products, but have never experienced any of the mechanical issues that some seem to have.

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    Listen, even though some critics say this mouse is horrible, the fact is that this mouse has quality that surpasses all other mouses in the market. For example, the because of the unique design of the mouse, it seamlessly fits in your hand causing little to no pain after long term use (8-10 hours is how long i am at the computer on average). In addition, the scroll ball is phenomenal! Because of it's 360 degree rolling capability it offers a seamless user interface with almost any application. Also, this mouse has spectacular performance, I am a graphic designer and work with vector bases applications like Adobe Illustrator CS4, and this mouse allows for miniscule movements while creating small vector lines. Overall this mouse has been an important asset to my work and i would not use anything else. it is worth every penny.

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    Dirty Mighty Mouse

    • Written by from Fremont

    I have had my mighty mouse for about 3 months and two days ago it started scrolling every way but up. Saw one of the posts that said to just 'push it down hard and roll in all directions to clean'
    Well I did and after only 4 or 5 rolls it is working perfectly. No wipes just pressure on the ball while rolling worked great. Saved me a trip to the Apple store to get another one since I really love how this one works

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    A Good Mouse

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    I've had an Apple Mighty Mouse for over a year. My mouse if still working great. I've never needed to clean the scroll ball or cracks. I think it is a very good product and its functions still work.

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    Mac Mini

    • Written by from SAINT PAUL

    I just got this mouse today and I love it, its works way better then all my other mice I have used in the past. The ball on top of the mouse is is very nice when it comes to the internet and other things where you have to go up and down and left to right, its nice they put all that in one button. Apple did a good job making this mouse.

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    Great.. and yes you CAN clean it...

    • Written by from Stony Creek

    The Mighty Mouse is wonderful! I have had mine since I bought my computer over a year ago. I did have trouble with the scroll ball failing a couple times, but if you follow the online instructions to cleaning it, it will return to normal functioning. Highly recommended, but I just wish I bought the wireless one instead :-/

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    unbelievable mouse

    • Written by from West Warwick

    I got this with my 17" intel iMac, and I've gotta say, what an improvement from our old logitec PC mouse! I love the ball instead of wheel, the side buttons are awesome for people like me who are constantly going back and forth between windows, and it has a very comfortable feel.
    my only problem is that every once in a while, some dirt or dust gets in the little space where the ball is and it can't scroll one way or another. the solution to this is some forceful scrolling or simply blowing into the space to get the dust out.
    all in all, a great buy for the money!

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    great mouse, no problems

    • Written by from Gaithersburg

    i got the mighty mouse when i purchased my mac pro well over a year ago and it's still working great. i haven't experienced any of the sticking of the scroll ball that others mention and the buttons all continue to function as they're supposed to. no complaints here, i think it's a great product.

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    Clean ball & scroll on

    • Written by from Waukesha

    I've had my Mac & mouse for 2 yrs, luv em both. Started to have scrolling problems w/the ball but came up w/a solution to problem. I just used "Goof Off" solvent to clean the ball & was scrolling like new again! Put a couple drops solvent on a clean smooth cloth, turn mouse upside down, roll ball over solvent in circular motion let dry & viola,
    back in action!! Too easy, yes, but effective! You can get it at any hardware store.

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    I don't see the problem...

    • Written by from East Setauket

    My husband purchased me an iMac for as an anniversary gift approximately a year and a half ago. I was mainly a PC/Windows user - I had never owned an Apple/Mac product before, so just about everything about it was foreign to me.

    I have to admit, while I LOVED the iMac's 24 inch screen, ease of use and the fact that the entire computer was built into the monitor (eliminated the tower and freeing up space), I initially HATED the keyboard and mouse that came with it in the box. I wasn't used to typing on something so flat, and while I liked the size of the keys, I didn't care for the fact that the keys weren't raised and staggered in height (meaning the overall tilt of more traditional keyboards). However, it didn't take me long to adjust to this new style and now my finger literally fly over the keys. I make few mistakes and notice that I don't become fatigued like I used to when I have to do a lot of typing.

    Now, to the mouse...yes I hated this thing too :o) I did NOT like that it didn't have the right and left click buttons. I eventually became used to it, and then I discovered that I could set up this mouse like the more traditional mouses (mice?) I was used to with a left and right click button. I love the buttons on the side as well. I find this little thing to be extremely versatile, ergonomic and easy to use. The scroll ball is amazing as well. It takes very little effort to move it around, which makes navigating a web page and documents very easy to do.

    As for the people who have given this product poor reviews, stating that it becomes dirty? First of all, anything we touch with our hands has the potential for getting dirty, which is why it is prudent that we take proper care of these items prior to handling. I have had this same mouse for a year and a half now. The white plastic casing and ball are as clean as and function as perfectly as the day I pulled it out of the box. I have had ZERO issues with any dirt, moisture and/or oils from my hands getting into the creases or down into the scroll ball. Then again, I always make sure my hands are clean and dry before I ever touch ANY of my electronics and I never eat around them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    1 year of heavy use and so far so good

    • Written by from Irving

    I have used this mouse for 1 year and and I have not had any problems with it. I never eat at my desk/computer area though. I use a cleaning wipe about once a month to clean it. Its great and looks really nice.

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    Best mouse I have ever used!

    • Written by from New Carlisle

    This is the BEST mouse I have ever used. It has many features such as scrolling up, down, sideways, expose, dashboard and MANY more! I've seen some comments that say negative things about the mouse many about the scroll wheel. There is a fix to the scroll wheel not working. Just get a piece of white paper and roll the wheel in circles on it. This takes out dirt from the wheel and it works perfectly for me! I went to best buy and looked at magic mouse and HATED it! It feels like your moving around a box with your hand! The Apple Mouse is the way to go!

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