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    Apple mouse scroll ball issues

    • Written by from Hurst

    The scroll ball on this mouse requires constant cleaning and eventually even that will not make it work. Do yourself a favor and avoid this piece of hardware.

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    Breaks Down quickly

    • Written by from Louisville

    I've had my MAC for only a month or two and already the mouse isn't scrolling properly. I'm hoping I can get a replacement at no cost.

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    Great... for awhile

    • Written by from Annapolis

    Have only had for about a year or so and the scroll ball is now completely unreliable. I clean it, following the Apple Support page instructions, and it just doesn't work consistently anymore no matter what I do. Now that I'm so used to the scroll ball, it is just a source of frustration that it rarely works as it should.

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    Scroll Bar Issue

    • Written by from phoenix

    Bought our Mac 11/01/08. Began having issues with the scroll bar within the first six months, but "rolled it" out and it would work again. Now, it's quit completely on the downward scrolling.

    Not satisfied.

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    Breaks Every Week!

    • Written by from Burbank

    Scroll Ball gets dust trapped inside of it. At first the scroll bar stops working every month or so, then after long term use, it stops working every week and needs to be cleaned. Apple has never updated it with a larger scroll ball, so it will always be a bad mouse. Once dust get's inside, it's really hard to get out, so I am sure there will be dust beneath the scroll ball for it's lifetime.

    When it functioned properly early on in it's short life, it worked great in Mac OS X because if it's 4 programable buttons. But now it seizes to function because Apple is lazy.

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    mouse is good except roller ball dies

    • Written by from McMinnville

    I have had my Mac for about 7 months and love everything about it, except now the roller ball on the mouse won't scroll down.

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    Worst Apple Product

    • Written by from Bronx

    After going through not one but three of them I am thinking it is the worst product in Apple's line-up. By the end of my experience I ended up buying the cheapest Logitech mouse I could find in frustration one night and it works to this day outlasting three Apple mice at a fraction of the cost. I missed the squeeze function but that is nothing compared to the frustration of faulty scroller ball.

    The roller ball is the critical flaw, how they could not get something correct that is used so much amazes me. It will cease operating. You will clean it, it will function for a week or two and it will again sputter. On the first go around I gave it a second chance and ordered another. Repeat entire issue.

    On the third go around I bought the wireless and made every attempt to keep my work area as clean as an Intel chip production factor floor. Still repeat on the roller ball jam up.

    Part of me wanted to demand all of my money back on it.

    I am ordering the new magic mouse with great optimism and here is to hoping Apple has finally got their mouse issue fixed. It is really the only piece of Apple Hardware that I have had massive disappointment on.

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    • Written by

    Considering Apple's supposed high quality on all their products, this mighty mouse is a huge disappointment. The scroll ball doesn't work. The Geniuses said I have a lot of gunk and dirt on my fingers (not sure how they determined that), so I have to clean the scroll ball with alcohol on the end of a cotton swab. This only lasts about a week before I am unable to scroll again. Also, the pointer sometimes goes nuts and ends up on the opposite corner of the screen. And if you scroll down (like zooming out on a map), the mouse ends up zooming all the way in. Maybe they can put this mouse in their hilarious PC commercials. Apple should provide a free, or highly discounted, upgrade to their new mouse (if it, in fact, works as advertised).

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    Seriously Disappointed!

    • Written by from Midland

    I purchased the wireless mighty mouse and like SO MANY other's I had issue's with the roller ball getting dirty no matter how many attempts i made to clean it, the ball eventually stopped working after only a few months! I had read the negative reviews prior to purchasing and even discussed them with an Apple Representative who assured me this was not an issue to worry about. I went ahead and purchased this mouse and much to my dismay I am out the $90 dollars I paid for it! If anyone reads this PLEASE pay attention to the overall concensus of the reviews written here and let the "majority" of opinion good or bad be the governing factor when you make your next purchase. In this case the majority of reviewers all agree this is NOT a good product and a waste of your hard earned money! I am by no means disgruntled since it was my choice to make the purchase regardless of the negative reviews. I am still loyal to the Apple products and since have purchased the new Magic Mouse which i am very happy with so far.

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    Worst Apple Product Ever

    • Written by from Oradell

    The ball gets dirty and works down but not up. The ball gets dirty and works up but not down. Tape, rubbing alcohol, dismantle and clean, more tape. What a joke. Now the clicking lags or barely works. One star for you! Sure looks pretty though.

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    What Happened to the Buttons?

    • Written by from New York

    I have an older model with gray side buttons. I don't use the side buttons but the two primary buttons are smooth as butter. Unfortunately, the bottom is losing its glide ability.

    So I bought a new model (white side buttons) at the Apple Store. The primary buttons required too much force to click. I brought it back and exchanged it. Same problem with the second one.

    Unfortunately, because of the force required to click the buttons, this 5 star mouse is now a 1 star mouse in my opinion. I cannot go back to a traditional scrollwheel mouse so I'm not sure what I'm going to do when my original "gray" model becomes unusable.

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    Looks great, functions horribly.

    • Written by from Austin

    Not only is this mouse uncomfortable to use, its functionality leaves much to be desired. The force sensing side buttons are pretty much useless and need to be disabled. When I have them enabled, I found that every time I lifted the mouse, it activated the buttons. They make click+hold motions pretty much impossible without accidentally pressing the side buttons. The scroll ball is not very precise, either. It will often scroll down, but not up and vice versa. And sometimes it doesn't even scroll at all. I recommend finding a 3rd party mouse and I would gladly give up stylish looks for something that functions well and fits my hand comfortably.

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    • Written by from Corvallis

    I've had this mouse for under two weeks and the scroll ball completely quit working! I have been using it very minimally with no greasy fingers or anything. My office is clean and smoke free. Normally I love MAC products, but this one really needs to be scrapped!

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    Fail, Big Time

    • Written by from Fort Worth

    I have used this mouse at work for the last six months, and from day one I have been unimpressed. For starters, the cable is too short. Since Apple relocated every USB port to the left side of the MacBook Pro, being right handed makes using the mouse a hassle. If the side buttons are used for exposé, the lightest touch will set them off. The solid top construction causes the buttons to be accidentally pressed/released if the mouse is picked up to continue tracking. This happens quite often, considering the length of the cable. As for the scroll ball... it will quit working once a week, without fail (or maybe just fail). You can set your watch by it. I can usually resolve the problem by vigorously scrolling in every direction until I dislodge whatever was stuck. I'm of the firm opinion that Apple has never made a good mouse (although the Magic Mouse looks promising).

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    This is Junk!

    • Written by from El Paso

    This mouse is one of Apple's major flops. The scroll ball doesn't work and the thing always has gunk in it. I tried cleaning it and the scroll ball still didn't work so, I plugged in my purple OS 9 mouse in and it worked like gold. Don't buy this!

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    "Mighty Mouse" it is not

    • Written by from Auburn

    Only reason I gave it 1 star is because you can't give it zero stars. Like others here, the thing
    works great. At first. Problems arise AFTER that stupid ball gets dirty or whatever happens to
    it. Thankfully, I have the extended warranty on my MacPro. The computer works great. The mouse?
    I am on the THIRD ONE. THREE!!! Ridiculous. And that is after I cleaned the bloody things time and
    time again. It got to the point where they didn't work at all. Apple missed on this one - big time.
    Sad thing is, as far as I know, you need to have the Apple mouse, otherwise I would go and get a
    mouse with the wheel on it. Hey Apple engineers - change the ball to a wheel. Hopefully, by the time this one gives out, I can get one that actually works and lasts.

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    bad mouse

    • Written by from Gainesville

    this mouse is great, briefly, but it is unreliable and the wonderful scroll button gets greasy and does not work properly, fast. I even tried another one, same problem.

    why can't Microsoft make an ergonimic mouse that works well?

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    • Written by from Midland

    I have recently become a huge fan of so much that Apple has to offer. iPhone / iMac and such. The mouse that came with the iMac was this mouse. It was fine for about 5 months then the roller ball started to not work well. I've cleaned and cleaned and cleaned...to no avail. The side buttons became so sensitive that I couldn't grab the mouse without engaging them. I finally had to turn off the action that was associated with them. The roller ball because useless about 3 months ago. This has been the one Apple item that I could not stand. Almost as if it was the job of some summer intern to come up with this design. I look forward to using the new mouse just released today.

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    Cleaning the Scroll Ball

    • Written by from LAKE OSWEGO

    I found the best way to clean the scroll ball is to wet a paper towel with isopropyl alcohol and work it around in all directions on the scroll ball for about 30 seconds, or until the ball starts moving again. Then continue for another 15 seconds or until the movement becomes smooth and consistent. I don't know how long the cleaning lasts, but it appears to do the job.
    I am disappointed that Apple didn't do a better job of documenting the care and maintenance of the scroll ball since the majority of posts on this review site are about scroll ball problems. I've used competitor's mice for many years and have NEVER had this problem.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not last

    • Written by from Belmont

    Scroll wheel stops working eventually. You do tricks to clean it out a few times, but eventually it stops working. Great features and amazing at first, but in the end, it is just not worth it. It will die. You will hate it. You will need a new mouse. All in due time.

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