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    USB ports really aren't full function

    • Written by from Cottage Grove

    "And two USB 2.0 ports provide high-speed connectivity for your iPod, Mighty Mouse, digital camera, and other USB-based electronic devices."

    The above sentence is directly from Apple's advertising material for the new keyboard. Oh, how I wish it were true. I was facing the purchase of a USB hub because I was tired of turning my iMac, unplugging one item, plugging in another. I thought this keyboard would be a great solution. But even my Nano iPod kicks up a low power warning. The keyboard is great aside from the USB function. Great feel, easy access function keys, etc.

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    A mixed bag

    • Written by from BROOKFIELD

    Liked the looks of the last Apple keyboards, but they accumulated too much debris and my last one broke within a year. The keys on the new one have a better feel, albeit a little noisy. The space bar feels a little funky. I'm halfway on the looks: I like the minimalism, but not sure about the white keys on the aluminum. Seems like all white or all aluminum would've been much more attractive. In the end, it's overpriced at $49. I could see $29, or even $39, but c'mon. This is a really simple product.

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    I like it, but it has its problems

    • Written by from Cedarville

    I got my keyboard today, installed the required updates, but the Expose and dashboard keys still don't function. From what I've read, people are only being told to wait for the update.

    Other than that issue, the keyboard is great. It looks awesome and feels great to type on since I've grown used to the keyboard on my MacBook.

    Besides the update issue, its great. I just hope that Apple addresses the issue sometime soon.

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    Come on Guys, you can do better!

    • Written by from Garland

    Love the aluminum, the keys have a decent feel to them..but 3 things: Wireless version should have the NUMBER KEYS! , and WHERE IS THE BACKLIGHTING? Come on apple this should have been your starting point! the USB ports I prefer to be in the middle like the last generation.. just a personal preference, it's easier to route the mouse cable if the plug is in the back, on the side is a liitle harder to manipulate and place the cable.. other than those gripes.. love the material, and the feedback is resonalbly firm, love the size of the keyboard and it's about time they made it of aluminum!

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    Apple New Wired Keyboard

    • Written by from Foothill Ranch

    Hooked up the new keyboard today and its is a real site to behold. Very thin and lite weight. The new key design has a great feel and very large keys so you don't make many mistakes.

    THE ONE PROBLEM I HAVE WITH IT IS the two usb ports will not support an ipod. I have the video Ipod and I get a warning that the USB power is too low to power the attached device. I bought this key board to clear away clutter on my desk and hopefully eliminate a few cords. Unfortunately its not true and I was disappointed. I am very much an apple fan but the low USB ports were a not as advertised on the website.

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