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    Shuffle 2G Dock

    • Written by from Louisville

    While some may consider this Dock unsuitable for travel it suits the purpose of a desk top charger perfectly. It seems this is the purpose the designers envisioned.

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    take care of your stuff

    • Written by from charleston

    I was really shocked to see so many negative reviews. I've had the shuffle for a couple of years now, and it works fine. The vertical piece that everyone seems to whine about has not broken. MAYBE, I treat my stuff with care because i don't know...i actually LIKE them and want them to work? not to mention i paid for them with my own money. So, no I dont travel with it around in my purse or bag where it can get dropped on or kicked, and I certainly don't leave it on the floor where a dog can get at it or someone step on it! The charger dock has worked impeccably, only now after two years is it starting to act funny, like not pulling up iTunes automatically right away. but give it a rest and its back to normal soon. it gets 4 instead of 5 because you do need the special dock to charge it, doesn't work with the other cables of the other iPod toys, and its starting to act funny after two years. Seriously people, take care of your stuff and maybe it might actually last longer than two weeks....

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    Whats with the hate reviews...

    • Written by from Huntington Beach

    Its a dock!, not a cat toy, not a backpack cable, not something you force an ipod on, geez... I have mine on my desk, its clean, simple, does the job... and had it for years since the shuffle came out... NO problems... People stepping on it? Omg clean your room!

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    Good Product

    • Written by from Louisville

    I've had mine for two years and have never had a problem. It's survived two cats that tried to eat the built in cable and the vertical adapter has held on for the ride through multiple moves and pets.

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    2nd Gen Shuffle

    • Written by from Red Lion

    I bought my shuffle well over a year ago and after reading all of the negative reviews I thought it only appropriate to give my 2 cents. I have had no problem with dock. For $30 I would probably not be giving as favorable a review had I needed to buy the replacement, but the original has held up fine for me. I will also admit the fact that this IPod dock is so propriatory is a little unnerving. I have, however, used my shuffle allot at the gym and on my motorcycle, using the dock often to charge and change play lists and it has held up well.

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    Really All You Need

    • Written by from Calgary

    I don't know what all the complaining is about. Mine works fine and it is really all you need for an iPod Shuffle. They should eventually have the same connector as they do on all other iPods, but this is fine.

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    • Written by from Seattle

    its a great product i loved it its nice and small the only thing is it only works with an ipod shuffle, that was bad for me since i have a tun of ipods. If you only have the new shuffle i suggest you buy this, but if you are planning to buy another ipod after this one i suggest you don't because it wont work for it .

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    you should know..

    • Written by from Waterbury

    I know many people say this product is a waste of money, those people need to consider this: The shuffle dock is very delicate is isn't that durable. So if you want to critisize it know that we know it isn't very durable so saying that just makes it seems worse then what you mean. My dock worked perfectlty fine for months, the one problem is when i wasn't home my aunt came over with her dogs and they chewed on it. It looked fine but two things.There were small teeth marks and the pole that you plug it into was wiggly. The ipod dock you just need to be careful with it is fine, but i am just going to try the travel to see which is better. After i get it i'll compare the two so keep a look out for mine review

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    Cute Dock

    • Written by from Au Gres

    This dock is cute and usefull and compact all at the same time i love it . i dont know what the others are talking about but yes the 3.5mm jack is flimsy i have bought 1 to replace the one that came in the box . i had my dock for 2 months for it broke but i bought another one even though the first one broke .

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    Cannot understand why there are so many problems

    • Written by from Delavan

    I have had my ipod shuffle (2nd generation) and dock for going on 2 years now and I have absolutely no problems at all. I have no corrosion, it works fine, charges the shuffle fine, it works great. I cannot say any more with out being condescending or offending someone so that is all I have to say. Mine works great and has for almost 2 years.

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    • Written by from Louisville

    For coming with the iPod this dock is actually pretty good. I have never had any problems with it and if you take care of it it will last along time.

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    Excellent performance

    • Written by from Chicago

    I have had my ipod shuffle since December 06 and haven't encountered any problems with my Dock. My dock needs replacing because I accidentally stepped on it. My fault of course, but no complaints at all.

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    • Written by

    well I woke up on i accendently stepped on my dock lighty cause I was not looking AND then the top cracked! It does its job well and its very useful but IF YOU ARE BUYING IT...DONT BE CARELESS LIKE I WAS!</3

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    durable 4 me

    • Written by from LOUISVILLE

    I dunno what they mean that the tip broke.I use my brothers computer for my ipod & I ALWAYS find it on the floor with the tip facing the ground. Seems pretty durable for me & I had my ipod since it first came out.Good product(Im going to protect it better though)

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    Enjoy It...

    • Written by from Abilene

    I bought my Suffle in early October and have had no problems with it, or the dock. The only thing I dislike is that the Suffle is so sensitive that sometimes I encounter problems when attaching it to charge through the wall charger or when attaching it to my Mac to change out the songs.

    Overall...It works great for me. Bought it to carry at work.

    Still enjoy my 1st Gen iPod Nano Black 1GB, but the Shuffle is a great, compact way to enjoy my music and work at the same time.

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    So far, so lucky

    • Written by from Wesley Chapel

    Apparently this dock is a poorly designed gadget but through my knowledge of electronics I think the base serves as a method of charging the battery, not the 3.5mm plug. Either way, I forgot my dock in my laptop bag for 2 months and I guess I got lucky because mine still works. I've held onto my Shuffle case and will be sure to use that to transport my station and Shuffle when not in use. (I think Apple intended it to be used that way, keep the tape on the top which came with the case to reseal it each time.)

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    A good work!

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    I have bought this product when i lost my original dock from new iPod Shuffle, is a good one dock, cute and clear.

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