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    • Written by from Singapore

    The dock is fine .. And as to people who make posts because of other people complaining please dont make it sound as if we dont take proper care of the docks. What i find is that the complains are mostly about the dock pin breaking.. I think the dock works fine the problem here is durabilty ... There is a significant problem here as the dock's durability is horrible and it seems because of minor accidents.. Such as dropping it. Its a cable if it drops its not expected to spoil.... Just saying i broke mine too and i live in singapore to get a new cable is 55$ i think this is too much but i cant find anywhere else to get it

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    Well.. So SO

    • Written by from trois-rivieres

    Mine is still in 1 peace but doesn't work
    I got my ipod for at least 3 years, and the base is all rusted and oxide.
    im tryin to clean it up with chimical products and by scratching it with a needle

    worked a few time but now it seems that oxide doenst want to get away

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    Alright product

    • Written by from Lubbock

    This is an alright product if you just take proper care of it.
    For my trip to Germany two years ago, I wrapped it up and put it in a pocket in my bag. I put too much pressure on my bag and it broke off completely. If you learn to take care of it, it will work fine.

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    • Written by

    i had it for about a year then it broke.

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    its good-then bad

    • Written by from Fort Collins

    i have had an ipod for about a year or so, and i was wondering how long one lasts...cuz this one broke over a month ago, and i really want songs to load. its a good dock, just not for a long time.

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    Shuffle Charging Docks

    • Written by

    yep i know how this is, have a 3rd and 2nd gen shuffle, 3rd gens controls are on the earphones, broke those so now my 3rd gen is useless, and now my 2nd gens dock tooth snapped outside and inside, and the 3rd gens dock isnt compatable with the 2nd gen. btw the shuffles are really durable. it really makes me mad that that happend to me, because i wasnt just charging my own 2nd gen, i was charging two others from in the family. besides those downsides the shuffles are very durable, ive dropped mine many times and it still works just fine and im really happy with it, but i like where the controls are on the 1st and 2nd gen located on the ipod itself unlike on the earphones on the 3rd gen which i think is such a bad idea.

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    ME TOO!!!

    • Written by from Charlotte

    I too was tring to charge my I-pod shuffle but the vertical part was leaning and it made my I-pod not able to charge. I am 12 year old and LOVE!!!! music. One day I took my charger to VA. and when I got there the tip of the charger was SNAPPED OFF. I would not suggest the I-pod shuffle it is a cheep peice of junk or at least the charger is

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    Shuffle wouldn't play on Itunes

    • Written by from Moreno Valley

    For the first few months I had the shuffle, its songs played fine on Itunes on my laptop with Vista. Then it stopped. I was ready to buy a new dock when I read these reviews. The one from KM from Raleigh dated 2/22 solved my problem. When I push down on the shuffle in the dock, Itunes plays it. Not exactly the best engineering, I guess, but it works again.

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    What's All the Complaining About?

    • Written by from Centennial

    Okay, I have a broken shuffle charger stand. My 11-year old daughter stepped on it and broke it.

    Yep it has the design flaw of being a cradle with a fixed post. This should be changed. I also have to point out that taking care of things means that they last. I got the shuffle for my 11-year old almost two-years ago. I have more than three-year old iPod Photo. Take care of things and they will last. Leave things laying around on the floor or jam them into a suitcase or backpack and sure you're looking at some problems.

    I think it would be a better bet to get a second shuffle for a few dollars more and use the charging stand for both. This is what I plan to do. Get a new 2GB for the 11-year old, and start using her 1 GB for the gym to protect my iPod Photo for that much longer.

    APPLE - please drop the cradle, I know, aesthetics, but its a bad design and APPLE is too good for bad design. Fix this product!

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    • Written by from Astoria

    I bought the shuffle for my boyfriend for Christmas. As soon as I saw the charger/docking prong sticking up, I knew it was only a matter of time. It didn't quite seem to fit whenever we would connect it to the dock. He actually made it til June of the following year before breaking it while running errands all over the city with it in his pocket, with his phone, keys, wallet, gum, pens, you get the picture.. That being said, I notice several people who have written reviews left their chargers on the floor, near babies and dogs, etc. Like someone said earlier, if you just leave it on a flat surface, it would probably fare better. BUT it is designed to be a device with a certain degree of mobility, hence the wall charger part so... Considering it was my boyfriend's fault it broke, my gripe is: $29, SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! Fine when I bought the whole thing for $75 but the shuffle is now less than twice the dock. C'mon Apple, throw is a bone.

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    I like it

    • Written by from Groningen

    I don't know why everyone is complaining about the dock. As long as you keep it in one place, connected to the USB-port, there's nothing wrong with it. I have mine now for over a year and I never had any problems with the dock.

    Only thing is that the price is very high for just one for extra.

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    Here's What I Found When I Cut This Dock Right Down The Middle....

    • Written by

    I cut the dock in half. It has an electronic board inside. So there is more than meets the eye. Maybe, the dock design had to fit the small design of the shuffle. To keep everything small, durability was sacrificed

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    Point Taken

    • Written by from watauga

    Look, I'm sure if you keep reading these reviews you will come up with the same answer, but let me save you the time and hassle.
    The shuffle is amazing, has many light-wieght advantages and so on, overall we love the SHUFFLE. However, the only problem is the charge dock's fragile state. It breaks. Short and simple. It BREAKS, and for the price of $39.00 (30 for dock, 9 for shipping)
    it makes replacing it an unescissary and painful.
    Apple, We just ask for some type of return policy due to the fragile state of this peice of equipment.

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    So what the Shuffle is only worth 20 dollars?

    • Written by from Kailua Kona

    I really like the shuffle but the charging station needs work. I also broke the docking/charging station within weeks of purchase. I checked the online store and found that the shuffle I bought for 79.00 dollars is now 49.00 dollars. Then I searched for a replacement docking station and found the price was 29.00. My mathmatical powers of subtaction lead me to conclude the shuffle is only worth 20.00 dollars. What's up Apple? Please fix this problem so I can be happy with my shuffle again. Aloha

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    I think this item needs a price cut

    • Written by from Monticello

    My 6 year old lost her shuffle dock, so I decided to buy another one. Ironically, with the recent iPod Shuffle price cuts, you can get a new shuffle with a dock for $49, but if you want the dock alone it's $29. I can't believe the dock costs 60% of the price for a whole new shuffle. This dock should really be at $10-15.

    Apple, please adjust the price accordingly.

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    Shuffle WONDERFUL! Docking station... not so much.

    • Written by from Valdosta

    Let me add my voice to those who have already said it. The docking station is easily breakable. I went on a plane with it in my shoulder bag, got there, and the prong was bent just a little. Stopped working. I took it apart, resoldered the connections, and turned it into a cable without the docking station. Works great now! Why can't Apple just make it like this in the first place? At $30 for a replacement, you almost might as well buy a second one to get the replacement...

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    wat the

    • Written by

    i've had my ipod shuffle for about a year and then my tip broke off so now i can't charge it or anything and i don't think i'm gonna pay twenty nine bucks for a new one

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    I haven't had problems

    • Written by from Beverly Hills

    I haven't had any problems with this and I have had it for about a year. The dock and iPod shuffle itself work great. I can see how a lot of you are angry because the thing that connects to the iPod just sticks straight out and is very thin which will eventually cause it to break. I haven't traveled with it, it just sits on my desk for when I charge it so I haven't had problems. It is very pricey though, if your charger breaks, why should you have to pay $30 for a replacement? That's almost half of what the iPod shuffle costs! The most this product should be is $15, all it is is a piece of plastic with wiring and some metal, apple should be able to produce these without charging $30 for them...

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    • Written by

    omg ppl my ipod dock broke YESTERDAY and i got it 3 DAYZ AGO!!!!! i dont take it wit me nowhere and i leave it next to da pc....so how did it break, i ask?

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    iPod Dock

    • Written by from Toledo

    Yeah, it could be more substantial, but being as it is, I'm very careful with it. Be nice if it was made out of aluminum (cast).

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