• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Difficult to Use

    • Written by from Pikeville

    I found that the Ipod would often slip out of the armband slightly when running, causing the cord to disconnect. The volume and song selection was difficult to control, and the strap fit awkwardly over the arm. I usually would end up having to take the Ipod out of the case to switch songs. I eventually gave up altogether and decided to keep my Ipod in my pocket, which seemed to make a much better carrying case than the armband.

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    Good for women, HORRIBLE for MEN!!!

    • Written by

    I'm sure this thing would be great for a woman, but for us "Man-sized" men I have to strap it just above my elbow or to my forearm. Do NOT buy if you have larger biceps. A little awkward, that's all.

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    Don't buy with Nike+ System

    • Written by from Embrun

    If you're considering buying this and have the Nike + kit, don't bother. The adapter and Nano don't fit inside it and tearing apart a 40$ armband just isn't my idea of a fun time. Returned it to the store and am now looking for something new. Typical of Apple and Nike to come up with a joint product, but not have all the proper apparel for it...

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    Not for serious athletes

    • Written by from Palo Alto

    Who ever designed this armband clearly did not have athletic wear in mind. First, the small velcro circles do not allow you the flexibility you need to tighten and loosen the strap. A single strip of velco would have made much more sense. Secondly, the end of the strap does not stay securely against the arm band. As a result, it rubs against your skin and will catch on your clothing. Third, it does not support the nike+ sport kit, so you have to wear it upside down. Needless to say, this is a pain becasue you have to stop running, pull the player out of the armband and then change the settings. Lastly, the light grey color will get really dirty.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks Cute, Impractical

    • Written by from Portland

    Unfortunately, the small velcro circles used for keeping this amrband on do not do the job. The armband appears to only suit those who plan on low-impact workouts. Fashion over function.

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    • Written by from Virginia Beach


    over all it SUCKS

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    Thanks but no thanks

    • Written by from Menlo Park

    I thought this would be a great armband for jogging. Well, not if you sweat when you exercise. It sticks to your arm, you can't move it around at all without taking it nearly clear off. Additionally, although it is promoted as a wrist band as well, as a female with somewhat small bones, it's waaay too big to fit around my wrist. I'm going to hunt for something better.

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    We need a "clippy" armband.

    • Written by from Lewisville

    I finally went and got one of the new nanos because my old mini is starting to give way and I'm severely disappointed with this armband. Aside from the smell (and don't tell me how to clean it... products shouldn't smell like this no matter what. Simple.) I feel like the thing is going to break on me. It hardly fits around my maybe-slightly-larger-than-average-but-not-freakishly-huge bicep. With the aluminum case there's no reason not to provide strong, well working "clip" style accessories such as those that are available for the iPod mini. The design isn't just about appearance, there's a lot of functionality there that isn't being taken advantage of in this generation.

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    The WORST product you will ever buy

    • Written by

    First of all after one workout the thing stinks and then when you wash it the next time yo work out it stinks again. Another reson is that it does not fit many people i am not that small and it is always slipping off my arm. it also slips out easy because the top of it is not secure. I definetly do not feel comfetable w/ my ipod pod in it i think it will fall out.do Do not buy this!!!!!!

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    • Written by from Brooklyn

    This doesn't work for me at all. I'm small (5'1" 95lb) and maybe that's the problem, but it should be designed to fit all body sizes. It kept slipping and I had to stop exercising to strap it on again. I don't recommend this for anyone
    my size. Plus it's overpriced for really just some leatherette and velcro.

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    • Written by from Paradise

    My velcro has also already gone south, but that doesn't bother me nearly as much as the smell. Think really bad athletes foot. The material is definitely not made to use on skin. I use it at the gym and have to bleach it every week now and it only has an effect for about a half a workout. Apple rushed this to market and did not think FUNCTIONALITY. Time for a redesign.

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    Hey Apple.....

    • Written by

    The armband looks good sure enough and I love my nano....but it (the armband) sucks in the functionality department. During workouts, the velcro comes undone constantly and that's aggravating. Here's a clue for you. Think less velcro.....and more one size fits all elastic armband that you slide up your arm and stays in place for people of all arm sizes. Duh!

    And PS......give us an option for BLACK. The lighter colors get filthy when you sweat. Again...Duh!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Horrible - Not good for running

    • Written by from Rocky Mount

    If you like to be chafed, or like having a armband that smells real bad after a few workouts buy this one. Also the velcro spots make it tough to adjust to the right fit. The nano is great, but this arm band is not.

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    Does not cooperate with my arm

    • Written by from Cambridge

    I bought this shortly after buying my nano. It seems very impractical to me. The biggest problem is that my arm's overall circumference tends to get thicker as you go from the elbow to the shoulder. The uncomfortable result: the armband constantly slips down to my elbow joint, and loosely hangs there. I thought it would help to place the armband above my bicep, but that doesn't really work, because the shoulder muscle is above that point (so it's even thicker, and I think I'm proportioned pretty normally). The only other solution is to make the armband so tight that it's uncomfortable when the bicep is relaxed and nearly painful when flexed.

    There are other issues too. Such as the iPod being hard to see and use while in the armband. The Nano is bigger than it looks, and unless you have an exceptionally large arm, you're not going to want it to straddle the front of your bicep, yet that is the easiest location to manipulate it. The most comfortable position is to have it located closer to the back of your arm (tricep territory), but then you can't see the screen.

    Lastly, there are not many headphones that are a good length for the armband location. I have a pair of Sony earbuds that are nearly the perfect length for it--these headphones only have (approx) a 1 foot length, so normally you use the included extension. Leaving the extension wire at home, the length works really well with this armband, but these are the only headphones I've seen with so short a wire, most others would leave you with ample slack, probably at least 2 feet of slack between your arm and your head. That's a lot. Also, even though the 1 foot length is "ok" it would be better if it was about 2 inches longer, as I occasionally snag myself if I'm turning my head in the opposite direction of the nano and the wire catches itself the wrong way. I'm a little shorter than six feet, so maybe for a shorter person it would be perfect, but for someone six feet or taller, probably not so good.

    So far, my favorite way to listen to the nano is to use my earbuds (without the extension) with the nano placed in a shirt breast pocket. It's more centered, so I can freely look left and right without issue. And I don't have to turnicut my arm. It's also very easy to take the nano out and manipulate the controls, and quickly replace it. The lanyard looks like it would function similarly (without requiring a shirt with a breast pocket), but of course that forces you to use the Apple earbuds.

    In conclusion, I'd have to say the armband is more style than substance. I think it would be more useful to have the nano on my forearm (maybe make a special Space Ghost edition wristband), but that is clearly not the intended use of this product judging from its product photos and the lack of any kind of tangle-avoidance system for the headphone wire if it were to cross that divide.

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