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    • Written by from Calgary

    I recently purchased the Nike+ kit and am very disappointed that there is not a compatible armband for my 2nd generation Nano when I have the Nike+ attachment on. Shame on you Apple!

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    Sometimes an inconvinience

    • Written by from Katy

    Although this product is great, I have found it to be somewhat an incovinience. Working out is often a hassle because the iPod can slip out. Now, I'm not suggesting this happens every time, but once in a while, it does. I worry about my iPod breaking when it falls, but it hasn't yet. Although this IS an inconvinience, it has a great design and is very comfortable!

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    • Written by from Seattle

    It might be a good product for people who don't sweat alot, or don't use spray tan.
    I had put just a tad bit of spray tan on and it came off all over my armband. Now I have to explain to my friends how I got an the 'special edition' orange armband.
    The gist of it: Don't wear spray tan and sweat when wearing this armband. Also I think apple should design one with a protective cover for the screen because mine got really scratched when I went through some bushes.

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    Velcro Issues

    • Written by from Bedford

    My arm is in between the sizes provided by the velcro dots. It also seems that they wore out! I just ordered another kind of armband.

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    • Written by from Norwell

    I like using this and it can be pretty helpful when I run, but sometimes, it can start to fall out but you can notice it. But it's disgusting when you take it off and you can see your sweat in that one spot and you can see circles indented into your skin.

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    • Written by

    Please read before you damage or destroy your armband.

    As you may have seen here and in the box your armband came in, Apple does not provide info about the fabric content or care instructions for this armband. I have important info for you.

    My wife and I called Apple CS today to ask about care instructions for the armband and were told that the armband should NEVER be machine washed or immersed in water.

    Apple CS states that the armband may be SPOT CLEANED with a mild cleaner such as WOOLITE or a mild soap and water only.
    It should be AIR DRIED, never put into a clothes dryer.

    I hope this helps prolong the life of your armband and also helps the velcro work efficiently.

    Thanks and happy trails to you and your Nano!!!

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    This thing is shweet!!

    • Written by from Cheyenne

    I think that this armband is great!! It helps when i go running or worknout at the gym, and even when i am just hangin out at home!! I LOVE TO RUN (i am a state champion)so it helps me out a lot.... i would reccomend this product to any one with an ipod!!

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    Size matters!!

    • Written by from Filer

    I just got this armband, they need to make 2 sizes. It's too small to wrap around my bicep. I will just put it around my forearm until they make a bigger size. Other than that I think it's great.

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    • Written by from Dublin

    I agree with the majority of those that have had issues with the velcro dots - my arm circumference is between two dots on the strap, so if I pull it tighter I am left with chafing and broken skin on one occasion, and any looser it is slipping down my arm. Also agree re the earphones tangling and tugging on the ear itself.

    I've just recently become the proud owner of the Nike iPOD kit, which I absolutely love, but again the problem is that the Nano won't fit into the armband properly because of the receiver.

    Overall, it's better than holding it in your hand, but definitely needs some improvements.

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    Not compatible with Nike+ipod module.

    • Written by from Manhattan Beach

    It's a bummer and limits it's usefulness for the full apple experience. Velcro dots are sparse on armband. Otherwise, it's a cool armband.

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    IPOD nano armband

    • Written by from Angleton

    it works wonders!! i looove it! i lift weights, jog, and go the gym! and it fits perfect! oh and my ipod nano is awsome TO!!! i hope your equiptment is working wonders for you to!!

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    2nd gen nano ear plug holes don't match up

    • Written by from aurora

    The hole for the ear fones (on the armband) don't match up with the one on the nano. Its is slightly off, which when positioned to fit the earfone jack, makes it crooked. So, you need to modify it with a pair of scissors. Just cut off the little piece on the end. then it becomes a perfect fit! Untill apple comes up with a armband specifically for the 2nd gen nano (one that is meant to be worn upside down for shorter earfones, with better velco or a totally different system to secure it, and better colors/material; black would be nice) this is probably the best one out there and the coolest looking one!

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    "Okay" Armband

    • Written by

    I have used this armband everyday for the last year and I am noticing that the velcro comes loose at least three times per workout. I suppose nothing lasts for ever. And for the length of time I have owned this, I guess it's just time for retirement. :o)

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    • Written by from Decatur

    I will just list the possible problems you will have with this item. I do like the item however, and believe it is the best arm band on the market:
    - Strap comes undone while running so a lot of times it is aggravating to restrap the band while running.
    - gets dirty very easily.
    - I have had mine for four months and one of the velcro portions of the band has come undone.
    - Need to make different sizes I do not lift weights, and I am not big by any means, but this band is made for someone who weighs probably 120 lbs because I weigh around 160 and find the band to be small.

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    OK but pricey

    • Written by from Olive Branch

    It works just fine, but 30 bucks seems a bit steep for a simple piece of leather. The leather helps the wrap to not to get too gross when you sweat. And it does have a little give so it fits well on your arm. All in all, it's pretty good but I think about ten to fifteen dollars is a little more reasonable for something so simple.

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    Just ok

    • Written by from HOUSTON

    I do like the sleekness of the armband and that you can easily change songs. What I don't like is the velcro dot-closure. My arm circumference falls somewhere in between the measured velcro dots making the armband come open when I'm working out. It tends to slip and I have to stop to readjust. The armband for the mini-iPod worked much better for me.

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    • Written by from APO

    I have a hot pink armband (gift from hubby). Normally I'd go for a more muted color, but in retrospect, the hot pink color makes it easier to find in my bag. I've had it for about 10 months. The best thing about it is its simplicity: Nano pops in, earphone jacks in at the bottom, the scroller wheel is exposed, and it's less bulky than other models. There are however a couple of negative aspects: unless it's secured tightly (read: tourniquet), the potential to slip down your arm as you run is pretty good. If it's wrapped too tightly on bare skin, it can be very uncomfortable. The most comfortable position for me is to have the Nano towards the side or back of my upper arm... try changing your music on the fly that way! It's a decent product and it's the best one to fit my needs: lightweight, simple. Now if only it had reflective blinkers for the night runs...

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