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    Please read before you damage or destroy your armband.

    As you may have seen here and in the box your armband came in, Apple does not provide info about the fabric content or care instructions for this armband. I have important info for you.

    My wife and I called Apple CS today to ask about care instructions for the armband and were told that the armband should NEVER be machine washed or immersed in water.

    Apple CS states that the armband may be SPOT CLEANED with a mild cleaner such as WOOLITE or a mild soap and water only.
    It should be AIR DRIED, never put into a clothes dryer.

    I hope this helps prolong the life of your armband and also helps the velcro work efficiently.

    Thanks and happy trails to you and your Nano!!!

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    Hey Apple.....

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    The armband looks good sure enough and I love my nano....but it (the armband) sucks in the functionality department. During workouts, the velcro comes undone constantly and that's aggravating. Here's a clue for you. Think less velcro.....and more one size fits all elastic armband that you slide up your arm and stays in place for people of all arm sizes. Duh!

    And PS......give us an option for BLACK. The lighter colors get filthy when you sweat. Again...Duh!

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    Workable, But Not Ideal

    • Written by from Lake View Terrace

    Here are some negatives you really know about prior to purchasing this system:
    1) It is not compatible with the Nike+ running system. I had to cut a slot in mine to make room for the Nike+'s rf receiver.
    2) The ideal place to put the strap for running is the upper biceps. If your flexed biceps is more than about 15-1/2 inches it will not fit.
    3) In my case, placing the device on my upper arm resulted in totally unacceptable scraping against my latissimus area that I thought was only annoying, but which actual broke the skin after a long run.
    4) You can not see the display on the iPod when it is in this strap.

    1) It does hold the Nano securely.
    2) Works okay on the lower arm, but is annoying there for running. The motion of running pulls the wires too much and occasionally yanks the ear piece out.

    For mesomorphic long distance runners this is clearly not the way to go. Can be used with Nike+ only by cutting a slot in the sleeve, which is not acceptable. For casual and/or slender joggers who don't use Nike+ this could be a good solution.

    Apple needs to develop a Nano strap that goes where a wrist watch would go and holds the Nano at an angle such that the display is in the normal reading position when you hold it up. Such a configuration would also require some kind of cable tied down that would secure the ear piece wires to your upper arm or shoulders to avoid excessive wire-motion.

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    The specs. Apple doesn't give re: measurements, size, etc

    • Written by from Granbury

    Apple has scanty info on this site, especially when I read the conflicting customer reviews. I wanted to give you measurements and facts.
    So I headed out to the stores to inspect and buy gear. The various Apple brand Nano bands which look like this one are the same except for color variations. Now that it's out of the package and has been used in a couple of vigorous workouts, I thought I would give you the specs so you can make a more informed decision as to whether the armband will be too large, too small, or just right for YOUR arm, Goldilocks.
    Also, if you read about ALL the armbands for iPods, there is a similar, older Neoprene Apple model almost universally extremely disliked by users. The reviews concerned me about this one because they look similar. I thought maybe this model hadn't been around long enough to garner the hate yet, LOL. Here's my review on this model alone. Specs apply to all colors.
    Total length from metal fastener end to opposite Velcro end is 17.5 inches. No hedging on size. It is NOT designed to be stretchy.

    The width of the band is 1 1/2 inches.
    The length of the Nano holder on the end with the metal fastener is 4 inches.
    The entire surface is perforated as shown in the photo for ventilation except the Nano pocket.

    Just the facts: On the end opposite the metal fastener, there is a 1 and 3/4 inch long by 3/4 inch wide oblong strip of velcro which is the main piece to fasten the strap closed.
    The " dots" people have referred to are to assure that the band does not slip, since this is not a stretchy band. The first round piece of Velcro is located less than 1/2 inch from the main 1.75 inch oblong Velcro fastener.
    There are a total of 9 Velcro round pieces securely heat fused into the band material. I do not see any seaming or any loose edges at all on my new band or on any of the Velcro pieces.

    Each of the 9 round velcro fasteners measure 2.5 cm in diameter. The size falls between standard measurements on the US side of my tape measure.

    My overall impression- The band fit my medium sized arm very well during vigorous sustained exercise over 3 hours and did not slip at all. It is very comfortable and breathable. It is made exactly for the 2nd generation Nano. I can't see how it slips on anyone's arm unless the person is not securing the armband well, or bought one which was too small for a large arm to begin with, or has washed the armband incorrectly, because I am NOT sure this band can safely be put in a washer and dryer yet. No care info is provided with the band.
    I believe that a total Velcro undersurface would cause the armband to be much more rigid to the point of being hot and uncomfortable. I think the design was planned to mold to the arm with curvature, with sufficient Velcro, and with a major fastener as well. I can find no flaws with the Velcro fastener system. My ONLY concern is the fabric care. I will report back on this as soon as I have information from Apple Customer Service.

    My suggestion- Notice that Apple's description does say can be worn on arm OR wrist!!
    If your bicep measures larger than 16.5 inches, this probably won't be confortable on your bicep but probably can be very comfortably worn on your wrist. Just do it and get moving. You won't regret it!!
    You also won't regret pairing your Nano with Bose TriPort OE Headphones either, but that's another review for another day. :)
    Later.. I'm off for a workout upstairs in our gym.

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    Not for serious athletes

    • Written by from Palo Alto

    Who ever designed this armband clearly did not have athletic wear in mind. First, the small velcro circles do not allow you the flexibility you need to tighten and loosen the strap. A single strip of velco would have made much more sense. Secondly, the end of the strap does not stay securely against the arm band. As a result, it rubs against your skin and will catch on your clothing. Third, it does not support the nike+ sport kit, so you have to wear it upside down. Needless to say, this is a pain becasue you have to stop running, pull the player out of the armband and then change the settings. Lastly, the light grey color will get really dirty.

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    Does not cooperate with my arm

    • Written by from Cambridge

    I bought this shortly after buying my nano. It seems very impractical to me. The biggest problem is that my arm's overall circumference tends to get thicker as you go from the elbow to the shoulder. The uncomfortable result: the armband constantly slips down to my elbow joint, and loosely hangs there. I thought it would help to place the armband above my bicep, but that doesn't really work, because the shoulder muscle is above that point (so it's even thicker, and I think I'm proportioned pretty normally). The only other solution is to make the armband so tight that it's uncomfortable when the bicep is relaxed and nearly painful when flexed.

    There are other issues too. Such as the iPod being hard to see and use while in the armband. The Nano is bigger than it looks, and unless you have an exceptionally large arm, you're not going to want it to straddle the front of your bicep, yet that is the easiest location to manipulate it. The most comfortable position is to have it located closer to the back of your arm (tricep territory), but then you can't see the screen.

    Lastly, there are not many headphones that are a good length for the armband location. I have a pair of Sony earbuds that are nearly the perfect length for it--these headphones only have (approx) a 1 foot length, so normally you use the included extension. Leaving the extension wire at home, the length works really well with this armband, but these are the only headphones I've seen with so short a wire, most others would leave you with ample slack, probably at least 2 feet of slack between your arm and your head. That's a lot. Also, even though the 1 foot length is "ok" it would be better if it was about 2 inches longer, as I occasionally snag myself if I'm turning my head in the opposite direction of the nano and the wire catches itself the wrong way. I'm a little shorter than six feet, so maybe for a shorter person it would be perfect, but for someone six feet or taller, probably not so good.

    So far, my favorite way to listen to the nano is to use my earbuds (without the extension) with the nano placed in a shirt breast pocket. It's more centered, so I can freely look left and right without issue. And I don't have to turnicut my arm. It's also very easy to take the nano out and manipulate the controls, and quickly replace it. The lanyard looks like it would function similarly (without requiring a shirt with a breast pocket), but of course that forces you to use the Apple earbuds.

    In conclusion, I'd have to say the armband is more style than substance. I think it would be more useful to have the nano on my forearm (maybe make a special Space Ghost edition wristband), but that is clearly not the intended use of this product judging from its product photos and the lack of any kind of tangle-avoidance system for the headphone wire if it were to cross that divide.

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    I feel that the armband works great, but I do understand that not everyone is made like me. Im 115 pounds, 5' 7" and a student at a university. I run all the time to get all the stress in me out. I love it!! The Velcro has never became a problem in the 3 months that I have had it. I think that it is great!

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    Looks Cute, Impractical

    • Written by from Portland

    Unfortunately, the small velcro circles used for keeping this amrband on do not do the job. The armband appears to only suit those who plan on low-impact workouts. Fashion over function.

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    new nano doesn't fit armband

    • Written by from miami

    I guess I was expecting too much. I bought an armband when I bought my first nano about a year ago. The smell was a problem, but I just throw it in the wash with the clothes I worked out in. Well that nano gave up the ghost a few months ago and apple replaced it for me under warranty. Because the older nano was slightly bigger, the new nano easily slips out of the armband. I eventually put the nano in the "skin" I had, then fit it into the armband. Even then I had to cut the skin a little so the wheel was accessible. I'll be buying a new band after I do some research. Don't want to make another mistake.

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    This armband is as sleek and lightweight as the ipod itself! It looks great and is just extremely comfortable. Would highly recommend it!

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    Horrible - Not good for running

    • Written by from Rocky Mount

    If you like to be chafed, or like having a armband that smells real bad after a few workouts buy this one. Also the velcro spots make it tough to adjust to the right fit. The nano is great, but this arm band is not.

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    cool looks but poor design

    • Written by from Long Beach

    i think it looks really cool and it makes bringing my ipod to the gym really convenient. unfortunately, the velcro patches do not stick together very well after a few times of use.

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    Pretty good

    • Written by from Nampa

    This arm band is a pretty good product, and it has a wide range of sizes for different arms. I wear mine upside down compared to the picture so that I have a right side up view of my screen and to give the cord a more direct shot to my ears. I have never had any kind of problems with the nano not staying in the armband. As others have stated this isn't the armband if you have the Nike+ system, although it does fit but partially covers up the wheel (although the wheel is still accessible). If you put your songs on shuffle anyways you won't have a problem.

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    Fairly good product

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    Like every product, this has its pros and cons.

    Pros: Lightweight, little holes in the side make the armband much less hot, the ipod is easy to work while in the band, it comes in fun colors.

    Cons: my arm is too small for the band making the entire thing shift up and down, the earphone wire can get annoying.

    Overall, I think that this is a good product, I just wish that they would be careful with sizes. So, just beware if you have a particularly large or small arm.

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    Not good for exercise

    • Written by from Scottsdale

    Bought this product awhile ago. Like many of the other reviews have said, the velcro gets weak in about one month. Plus the neoprene starts to smell after awhile and no matter how much you wash it (or use bleach) the smell comes back as soon as it gets warm with body heat. (Kind of like receiver gloves in football). If you are NOT going to use this for exercise it would be fine. Also cannot use this with the Nike+ sensor. (I "modified" it with scissors).

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    • Written by from Dahlonega

    I use it in the gym, and when i run the strap doesn't stay secure around my arm, it slides down. Also, the cord from the headphones (earbuds) tangle like crazy. It also gets in the way lifting weights (free or machine). Also in order to get the band secure you have to put it so tight that it hurts when you flex otherwise it won't stay put. It is also hard to change the song or otherwise manipulate the ipod because it is on the side of your arm and you can't see it.

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    "Okay" Armband

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    I have used this armband everyday for the last year and I am noticing that the velcro comes loose at least three times per workout. I suppose nothing lasts for ever. And for the length of time I have owned this, I guess it's just time for retirement. :o)

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    • Written by from Keokuk

    This product is the best out there for active people. I can't tell you how many times I have dropped my iPod while I am running or even lifting. Don't try some other cheaper version. This is best money can buy. Go out and buy one.

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    OK Product

    • Written by from Houston

    I really think it could be upgraded... I run a lot and sometimes 3 out of 7 times it comes undone...needs more velcro or a heavy duty velcro. But other than that I really like it.

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    good case

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    for those of you who have this but say it smells and you cant get rid of the smell try soaking it in oxy clean. i did that with my football gloves and now they smell downy fresh and i play offensive gaurd so i sweat a lot.

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