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    • Written by from Coronado

    Everyone must remember, when your computer battery reaches 200 cycles then the life will start to decrease. When it hits 300 cycles, then your battery life will be diminished. Hence time to replace it. I've had my original batter for 2 years now without replacement. Keep it plugged in all the time and don't let it rack up battery cycles so quickly. You save money in the end.

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    Exercise your battery

    • Written by from Shoreham-by-Sea

    I have had my MacBook for well over three years and still going strong – well the battery is finally failing - about to get a replacement as I have fully expelled all it's might since I bought the MacBook. Now lasts about five minutes as soon as you disconnect the power cable. All batteries are consumables and they do not last forever but depending how you use them will depend on how long they will last.

    The battery will last for as long as possible if you exercise it. Fill the battery up, take the power out, let it run right down. Put the power in, fill the battery up, take the power out, let is run right down – just as you do with your mobile phones. Keeping the power connected only shortens the batteries life - if you don't exercise it, it will become tired and lazy.

    Don't keep the power cable in for long periods of time. Instead of turning it off, take the power out, put it into sleep mode overnight, then reattach the power and top up in the morning.

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    The battey case expanded/split open

    • Written by from Wheeling

    I've had my MacBook for little over 3 years. The battery for my MacBook has slowly expanded and bulged out from the bottom of the computer over the last half a year. I looked today and now it split along a seam the internal parts of the battery are now becoming exposed. Guess it is time to replace it. The battery itself still has great life but the case has itself has failed.

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    • Written by from plano

    yes, my battery too is currently dying. it's not been a year. i like my mac, but the battery is junk. only 1 of 3 times does it charge yet alone work without the port

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    Yes, the battery expands

    • Written by from HAMILTON

    Bought my Black 13" MacBook in August 2008. I love it. Three years almost, now, and it's still going strong. But I'm having the same problem many others are having: the battery is expanding and forcing its way out the bottom of my Mac. It seems to still be holding a charge fine, but for the sake of safety, and to prevent further damage, I'm going to put out for a new battery. Sigh. My wife, a Windows fan, is teasing me, "I thought Macs were perfect..." Alas, no.

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    Black Macbook Battery

    • Written by from Detroit

    My Macbook has went through literally 4 batteries within 8 months, this is very unprofessional apple. I believe that you should make the old batteries just like the new ones, long life spans, energy sufficient.

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    User friendly products, but you have to be friendly in some cases.

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    I have been using Macbook black since February, 2007. Never gave me simple headaches. Last two months were really hectic- screen frequently gone to black. Couldn't figure out the reason. Now i can guess that it was battery.

    I have been using A/C power, most of the times. kept it on for days. kept the sleep options never for my mac. Didn't calibrate the battery for years as it is prescribed to keep the battery full functional. My display started going black very frequently. When i tried to solve this issue, i found the battery facts. It actually linked with CMU.

    I tried the calibration first time yesterday. Before, it happened but not done by me. I think it might keep the battery function properly.

    I have read few reviews about the battery problems. I think if you read the instructions for calibrating your battery, you would know the frequent mistakes. Try to read the last three instructions properly. You should shut down when the battery indicates zero, or you can put it in sleep. The macbook battey contains a chip which contains necessary information, it is programmed to sleep in reserve, if it is drained totally, the information that chip were carrying might lost totally. And that is how the battery is dying before the time. This is what i have thought. I am not an expert in this.

    One more fact, i wanna add about purchasing the battery. each products have specific shelf life. Before purchasing any product, check the manufacturing date, rather than other dates- that is what we frequently skip.

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    Not too bad.

    • Written by from Lambertville

    I have had my computer for about 3 years now. Its a black macbook and I got it about 3 months after it was released. Its the original that came with it and it still lasts about 2 to 3 hours of regualar use, thats browsing the internet, watching youtube, and listening to music. I usually run my computer without the power cord until I really need it. Then I charge it. its worked pretty well. But today, it decided to just stop working, I can still use it but not without the power cord. I guess I just have to buy a new one. Im still happy that it lasted 3 years.

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    vacationers not insane.

    • Written by from London

    Though I don't think there's any suspicious reason for this happening but I too just got back from a 5 week trip to find my battery display saying "not charging" and that i need to replace it. I had also left it fully charged, shut down and untethered (if that's the term everyone is using for "unplugged") There must be a technical explanation for this. My book is; however unhealthy for the battery, almost always on and plugged in and on. It is as with most I've seen this predicament occur with about 3 yrs old.

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    Battery life

    • Written by from Palm Springs

    I've had my macbook since 2006. I'm on my second battery now (both apple products). My battery isn't charging and the power cord only lights up red. I've had the second battery only 1 1/2 years. It has 471 cycles on it. Seems average until I read the story about the person with over 1000 cycles. Sad to say, I'll have to buy a new battery.

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    rating upped from a one to a three this time

    • Written by from Carlton

    my mac book is now three years old........ how long is the average life expectancy for MAC BOOKs????? I'm hoping quite a bit longer. I am in the process of purchasing the 2nd replacement battery. First one last 13 months - 2nd 22 months. That is obviously an improvement. I have made more of an attempt to let it drain down so it looks like that did help. I guess the $130 every couple of years compensates for not having to deal with viruses, although I must confess that my husband's new PC with Vista has been better for that than his old one.

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    SOL for Vacationers

    • Written by from NORTH POTOMAC

    I just returned from a 3 week vacation and my battery died.... Apparently this is a common occurrence. Had since 2006 and 394 cycles, so not too shabby just dissappointing

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    The Battery Dropped Down After 1 Years.

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    I Purchase 13-inch MacBook (Black) 1 Years Ago, Now The Battery Dropped Down From The Bottom Of The MacBook.
    It's Look Like A Low Quality MacBook !

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