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    I Love It

    • Written by from Westfield

    I bought a second one because I need it for long trips. I love it. BTW. If you need to replace your old one tehn call apple and tell them that your battery isent working well. They will send you a free one but you have to send them your old one back or you will be charged.

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    Just as good in black....

    • Written by from Hopkins

    The black battery seems to work quite well. It is identical to the battery that comes with the black Macbook and seems to work just as well. Although not charged right out of the box, it takes a few hours of patience. By alternating the batteries, they last longer as well. Another Apple critique claimed that the batteries should be switched around every week. Seems to last around 2 to 3 hours. Maybe more depending upon your energy savings. I recommend this as quite essential.

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    My travel savior

    • Written by from brooklyn

    It's basically going to give you the same span of time your old battery would when brand new. It's a wonderful companion and easily makes watching DVD's on long trips an even longer pleasure, since you only get about 2-3 hours even with a dim screen. Since batteries start to die after so many charges and discharges, i like to keep track of which battery actually came with my macbook, so i labelled one so that when i'm not travelling, i wont constantly eat away at the life of the new battery, sparing it the faster death we all put upon our stock batteries.

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    Good Charge

    • Written by from Wintersville

    This battery lasts about 2.5-3 hours on a good brightness level and moderate internet use...a little shorter if you are using games. Grabbing a second one would make sense for note taking, etc., because of the relatively short life of one...but overall a good investment. Nice little perk: you can press the button on the back of the battery to see about how much juice is left.

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    No problems

    • Written by from Hockley

    I've been buying mac products for years and I have recently traded in my power book for a 2.16ghz mac bool. I've had it for over a year ad have had absolutely NO problems with it. My health is at 100% and it stills holds a charge (all apps closed) for about 6:30 hours with the screen on full brightness. I think the problem people have is that they never let their batteries run down. If you leave your mac plugged into the charger 24/7 then I have a question and a comment. #1, why didn't you buy a desktop?! #2, this hurts your battery and decreases it's lifetime and amount of charge. You need to let it run down to reserve battery every once in a while so it will remember what a full charge is.

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    great battery if used right

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    I have had my battery for 3 years and am just gettting a new one. On the other hand my brother has had his for 1 year and is just getting a new one. The key is you have to charge it untill it is full and the TAKE THE CHARGER OUT if you keep the charger in all the time the you kill you battery. You wait untill it gets to about 10 or 20 minutes of battery then you plug it in again. The battery is not suppost to last forever it last for 3 or 4 years.

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    2008 original battery showing end of life

    • Written by from newport beach

    I purchased this macbook in 2008 and still have the original battery - now 1316 cycles
    After reading the reviews on this site, I may consider replacing with an aftermarket battery. Apple got the original battery right (4+ years & 1300+ cycles), but I'm not so sure about the Apple replacement product after reading the recommendations when it becomes necessary.

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    • Written by from St. Paul

    Great product, identical to the original battery. Color is perfect, it also lasts almost just as long... It doesn't come charged though just to keep in mind to people...

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    Time to replace my battery

    • Written by from Moorpark

    My battery finally died after almost 3 years of constant use. I am not unhappy with the fact that it seams to have died without warning, I will simply replace it and use the wall adapter in the meantime. 129.00 for nearly 36 months of battery life is only about 3.60 per month, NOT TOO SHABBY! Still loving my MAC!!!

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    • Written by from Montreal

    It's a very nice thing to keep in the bag, also for long flights with out a plane charger.

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    Great Battery!

    • Written by from Midland

    My original battery that came with the macbook (late 2006) just now died on me. It went for 1,089 cycles, and the manufacturer's warranty is 300. Not too shabby!! Even up to the point where it no longer held a charge, it still would last a few hours which is excellent after 4 years of tough use.

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    1018 cycles

    • Written by from Bend

    I've had my macbook since 2008. The mac just started shutting down on it's own even when it was plugged into the power source. I called the apple store, even though it was out of warranty the guy still talked me through how to find out how many cycles it has been charged. It showed 1018 cycles-which it should really only get 500 cycles. I don't know...I think this is proof enough that these batteries/ computers are amazing. I would always unplug it when it's completely charged, I think that is what prolonged the life of the battery for the past 5 years...

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    Technology is only as good as the person using it

    • Written by from Chattanooga

    I have used a MacBook 13" in my classroom and personally for the last three years. This laptop surpasses any PC piece of junk I have ever had the displeasure of using. This laptop is used daily and I have never had any problems with the battery until now - almost 5 years after it was originally purchased by the school. It just simply won't hold a charge - as to be expected. I know a lot of people OVER-CHARGE their batteries (leave them plugged in for hours/days at a time). This will ultimately 'fry' the battery and limit its' life-span. I look forward to receiving my replacement battery and using it responsibly for the next 5 years. I wouldn't trade this five year old mac book for any brand of PC, even as obsolete as it will become within the next few years. Thanks.

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    • Written by from Winnipeg

    I love how there is a tester for juice right on it so you know how much power you have left, especially if you have multiples.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just starting to show its age.

    • Written by from mississauga

    I purchased my Black MacBook in 2008 and I have upgraded the ram and HD, and never had any problems with it. just recently my battery is starting to show its age. I only get two and a half hours of movie watching time on it and four and a half hours of web surfing. I use my computer for work and for personal every day and the power cord has never had any issues nor has the computer itself. I don't know how poorly everyone else treats their computer, but mine is still working like new.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Batteries are generally unpredictable...

    • Written by from Portland

    I'd like to say that the current batter I'm using is three years old (from the time I purchased my macbook in June 2006 until now) and I am very satisfied with its performance. I currently have about two hours of life on one charge (not great for battery standards but I would assume exceptional for a battery of this age). In purchasing a battery for a macbook, people don't have much of a choice and really, it's the luck of the draw.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    3 years old

    • Written by from Honolulu

    The original 3 year old battery on my black macbook still holds a great charge. Last flight I watched two full length movies and then looked at iPhoto pic's before the battery was drained. Once you go black, you never go back.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Ole Macintosh:))))

    • Written by from Lakeland

    I have had my 2007 Black Macbook since it came out:) - I am just now seeing a replace soon condition (which still means i have some time) on my original battery..MAN I LOVE MY MAC!

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    Very Good!

    • Written by from BLACK CREEK

    I have had the original battery in my Macbook. Ever since late 2007. And just recently it flashed saying that I will need to replace my battery soon! I'm very impressed with how well this battery lasted, and how well the computer itself is holding up!

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    A Beast!

    • Written by from Buffalo

    The battery is a beast, i've had it in my macbook for 5 years and only now it's holding about an hour and a half charge, and i abused the battery (constant charging, battery drain, improper charge cycles). Holds up as a great product as well as so many other Apple products.

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