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    I would just like to say....

    • Written by from MOUNT STERLING

    that the battery on my brand new macbook also died within 5 months of me buying the laptop. Now, I calibrated the thing just like the manual said, so no excuse there. And like everyone else, my battery died with no warning and no excuse. I think that when a company has this many people have the same complaint about a product, they should replace it or do a recall. And even if they don't read the reviews here, they know about it, as I know others have complained. I love my macbook, but it's battery is junk. Please, Apple, we would all appreciate some kind of response to this problem.

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    MacBook Battery Failure

    • Written by from BROKEN ARROW

    I love all my Apple gear (MacBook, iPod, iPhone, Airport Extreme, etc) except the battery in my MacBook. Like some others in this column, I am receiving my 3rd battery in 10 months. So far Apple is standing by their product (Service and Support have been the absolute best of any computer company on the planet), but it remains really inconvenient to have a battery just DIE after 4 months of use. I almost want to buy a spare battery, but I'm afraid to. It's reliability would probably be just as questionable. Then if they figure out what the problem is and fix it, I'd be stuck with 2 bad batteries. I wouldn't mind getting a spare if they weren't so undependable. Like I said, I love all my Apple gear and have plans to transition my office network to Apple exclusively, but these MacBook batteries are........ just plain junk.

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    These batteries are garbage

    • Written by from Iowa City

    WARNING: NEVER LET YOUR BATTERY GET TOO LOW. CALIBRATING IT COULD CAUSE IT TO DIE FOREVER. These batteries are really meant to be temporary power supports between charges and are not meant to be run down. I am now on my 3rd battery...these things are bad. But what can you do? The computer is worthless without a battery. However, Apple should be embarrassed. This is a ubiquitous problem which Apple has failed to properly address. I love apple products and will continue to buy, but their batteries are terrible.

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    There needs to be full disclosure

    • Written by from SANTA BARBARA

    How much money is Apple making from replacement batteries? Are they compensating for the losses because they finally got around to making a decent power supply (Magsafe) and we don't have to keep replacing those? My battery was fine for about 4 months, but now I can't trust it to endure more than 45 minutes.

    If I could I'd give it less than 1 star because it's not fair to the consumer when we are not informed that it won't be covered by the $300-plus warranty.

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    • Written by from Newport News

    I don't understand. I bought my black MacBook back in 2007 and finally had to get a new battery for it last November... and this new battery already needs to be replaced. How irritating.

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    Don't leave your Macbook unplugged in sleep mode for too long

    • Written by from Maple Ridge

    ...or you'll be buying a new battery. Seriously, it will kill your battery if you're gone for more than a few days and it runs dead. Mine was fine until I went away for ten days with my unplugged computer on sleep mode, and now it's shot. Forums out there have others complaining about the same issue. This is the Achilles heel of the Macbook!

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    Last about 6 months...

    • Written by from KATY

    I had to get a replacement battery for my MacBook. It was about 6 months before the battery would barely hold a charge. On a full charge, the battery would die after 2 hours. Now, the battery won't charge. Ridiculously expensive for such a shoddy battery.

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    That, Mr. Apple, is not consumable, it is broke.

    • Written by from Rockledge

    Macbook is great, love it. Battery is miserable. My perfectly good and hardly used 13 month old battery died a couple weeks out of warranty. Never had a laptop battery suddenly die before. Remember when batteries just faded away? Not any more, now we have electronics in there so it can break before it wears out.

    Apple told me that the battery is considered a consumable. Only, you know what, it didn't consume, it just plain broke. Consumable is like no ink left or brake pads wearing out, not when it instantly stops working.

    That, Mr. Apple, is not consumable, it is broke.

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    Terrible battery.. terrible product

    • Written by from Montreal

    My battery died suddenly.. One day it worked, the next my mac wouldn't run unless it was plugged in, and the OS wouldn't even recognize a battery was connected.

    You might as well buy a clone for half that price to replace it.. I doubt the clone battery could be any worse then this one.

    Shame on you apple.. my Dell PC battery lasted 3 years, and still gives me 3 hours of run time!! And the PC is abused/used 10 times more then that pretty little mac.

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    Horrible quality

    • Written by from Huntsville

    I purchased this battery a little over 6 months ago, it now holds a charge for at best 1 hour. I have done everything I was suppose to as far as calibration, but the quality of this replacement battery is extremely substandard for Apple. The battery also runs extremely hot, so beware if your one who likes to sit with your computer directly on your lap.

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    Piece of...

    • Written by from evans

    I love the MAC products and have been faithful since I got my first g4 with not one problem in my 8 years of owning it. got the macbook pro and 1 year, two weeks in - the battery died. No more warranty. I went to the shop to get it fixed - and the guy tells me these Macs aren't what they used to be. They're mass producing them in C-h-i-n-a and the product has gone to p-o-t so big Steve can make more money. I'm disappointed in Apple's reliability. It has gone down the tube. Dood, I might have to get a D-e-l-l!

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    Same ol' problem, but Apple's not listening

    • Written by from St. John's

    Like so many other loyal mac-fans, I am on my third battery for my present macbook. There doesn't seem to be a legitimate reason, given that I turn my computer off all the time and have already replaced it once. Literally over night it lost all ability to charge.

    I'm with many others who agree Apple should be looking into this problem to satisfy customer needs. Otherwise I'll think twice next time someone asks me if they should 'buy mac'.

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    Should I buy a third one ?

    • Written by from Amsterdam

    I bought a second battery as my original one was starting to become less efficient at holding a charge. Now after only a year or two this second one has given up the ghost. It holds about 30 minutes of charge, tops.

    My original battery that I stored according to instructions does not even charge anynore.
    At the price of this battery pack and its durability I´ll be looking somewhere else.

    I know rechargeable batteries do not live forever, but these ones wear down _way_ to fast.
    I also work on a Lenovo T400 and that battery is still doing more or less OK after 4 years of daily 8+ hour use.

    The Mackbook is a lovely machine, unfortunately its batery pack does not do it justice.

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    Need a 3rd battery

    • Written by from Markham

    Had to get rid of my second battery because it was expanding, which was actually a replacement for the original which also expanded. Hesitant to spend $160 on another battery for it just to expand in another 6 months.

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    • Written by from San Diego

    If purchasing a THIRD macbook battery wasn't necessary for work, I wouldn't do it. This is ridiculous.... a PC desktop lasts longer than ONE single MAC battery. That's crazy. I would rate it 0 stars if I could.

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    4th macbook battery within a year

    • Written by from Swords

    My THIRD macbook battery just died.
    Replacement after replacement. Why don't they do them properly? I've never had problems with the ibook batteries.

    I just LOVE the big X.

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    Total Disappointment

    • Written by from New York

    I can't believe Apple has not addressed this?

    My battery just died out of the blue and refuses to charge....what a disappointment!
    Now I have to shell out another $129 plus dollars? Not fair or right!
    I have older macs that are still alive and kicking!

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    Applecare doesn't know anytning about battery-life

    • Written by from Fort Lee

    My battery died overnight and because it exceeded the 300-cycle count. They claim that it is "consumed" and not defective. The applecare guy said that if it died with 299 cycles, it is a manufacture's defect but if it dies at 300 cycles, it is consumed. Now if I properly power cycle my battery, say every other day. That means I'm supposed to buy a new battery almost every year... Really? Then he had to balls to say, "I know people that buy battery's every year." What an a-hole. Never buying one of these again. Of course, by the way, none of this info is public according to him, and to top it off, they (spoke to 2 different techs) can't even agree on what constitutes a power cycle.

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    Bad product

    • Written by from Kalamazoo

    This battery is no good, it died after only a few months, and apple care wouldnt cover it, so I had to spend 130 dollars for a new one. Make better batteries Apple

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    Expansion problems

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    My first battery lasted almost 3 years. I replaced it just before warranty expired due to expansion that was lifting my macbook off the table. I thought the second one would last another 3 years or until I replaced the whole machine, but at just over a year it is worse than the first one. And because I was busy and not paying attention to the bottom of my case when the one-year warranty expired, I will have to shell out $130 for #3 which will probably do the same thing. Put your warranty date in your calendar!

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