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    Wow! So helpful, thanks again for the quality product!

    • Written by from Lenox

    I have never been subjected to such a terrible product before in my life. Please guard yourself against power failure and buy a desktop (or non-mac laptop). What is wrong with this terrbile terrible product?

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    Horrible half-life

    • Written by from Sacramento

    After a little over a year of owing a macbook, the battery is at ~35% capacity. Most of the time I followed the instructions that said to discharge and recharge the batter frequently, but this was not always possible, and my inability to follow these instructions at times was not responsible for the battery's poor performance.

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    Battery Stinks

    • Written by from New Haven

    I Bought my macbook about a year 1/2 ago now and My 2nd battery, just died yesterday! This stinks, make a better battery!

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    Battery is terrible

    • Written by from Verona

    My MacBook is about 18 months old now and the battery is absolutely terrible. It wouldn't be so bad if the battery gauge would tell me what I REALLY have left in terms of power. It's great when I'm sitting in class after 15 minutes and the battery life says "1:18" and it dies a minute later with no warning. Apple seriously needs to address this issue.

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    You can do better!

    • Written by from Louisville

    C'mon Mac. Somebody get Jobs on the phone and make the decision to fix this battery problem. I've switched my wife to Mac, my newsrooms to Mac and now we have a 10-month old ibook with a dead battery. I agree with the reviewer that described this as "unacceptable!"

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    Apple Batteries are the worst

    • Written by from Sherman Oaks

    Like everybody else here, my MacBook is just over a year old and I need a new battery. Come on Apple step up do the right thing and replace these bad batteries and make a better one.

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    Linux here I come...

    • Written by from Fort Collins

    Yeah, these batteries are the pits! Less than a year old and stone dead. Sudden death in a battery simply isn't acceptable at the rate it seems to be happening given all the other posts.

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    Bad Batteries

    • Written by from San Jose

    I just finished buying a new battery for my MacBook Pro, which is just a little over a year old because it was no longer holding a charge, and now one of the batteries on my MacBook which is less than a year old, is completely dead as well!!

    Not a great record so far on the battery side.

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    What happened?

    • Written by from Ottawa

    I've had my Macbook for just over a year. I love it but was puzzled when the battery stopped holding a charge. Now I read the other reviews I see this is a reoccuring problem. Apple - you need to fix this to make sure your customers come back to you for thier next computer!

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    very disappointed

    • Written by

    i switched from windows to a mac believing that mac is the best. i am correct for the most part except when it comes to this battery thing. in fact, i am typing this up as it barely happened about 10 minutes ago, the batter stops charging, now i gotta cough up $129 for a new battery. this is the first time ever happen to me in the past 7 years that i've owned laptops. my macbook is barely a year old.

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    • Written by from Los Angeles

    I love my macbook but the battery is just terrible. All of a sudden, it stopped charging all together and I've only had for a little over year, with minimal use. Apple should lower that $129 price tag for what the battery is REALLY worth....

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    $2,000 should get me a better battery

    • Written by from Larsen

    I've had my MacBook for a little over a year, and while I'm completely satisfied with the computer itself, the battery is terrible. It only held a charge for about 3 hours even with the backlight on the lowest visible setting. Now, it's completely useless and won't hold a charge at all. There is absolutely no reason why they couldn't have included a better battery, especially with the amount of money spent on this laptop. Apple, I love your computers but your batteries are substandard.

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    im done

    • Written by from Rochester Hills

    Even after a week after i recieved my mac i was already dissapointed about the battery life. Even if im just sitting on it doing nothing, the battery would drain in less than 2 hours. My last dell would usually last 4 or 5 no matter what i was doing.
    I'm having to use it in my college courses and it won't even last an entire lecture without dying out. So i had to buy another bettery to carry around and switch in the middle of class.

    apple needs to either get the picture and make a new campattable battery or deal with losing so many valuble customers.

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    Deficient in quality

    • Written by from Charlevoix

    My MacBook battery refuses to accept a charge although it is only 8 months old. Although I usually power the MacBook with ac, I also let the battery fully discharge once a month (or more frequently). I love the iPods, iPhone, iTV, etc., but I think Apple needs to remember that it started out as a computer company. The past 2 or 3 Macs I have bought definitely are not up to the quality level that I had gotten used to with Apple (I have been a Mac user since '88). This defective battery is a prime example.

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    • Written by from Neerlandia

    I bought my MacBook a year ago and did all the right things. Powered it up and then down, letting the battery die completely out and then powering it up again. All of a sudden, the battery simply quit. I had a Toshiba laptop for five years, gave it to my daughter and the battery is still running the computer for the same length of time it was when I bought it. I switched to Mac because I kept hearing about the quality of the product and for the most part I'm happy. Just having trouble choking down paying another $159.00 when I figure I paid for quality the first time around.

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    dead after not charging it for two weeks

    • Written by from Mountain View

    We just got back from traveling for two weeks and discovered that my wive's macbook no longer has a working battery. The macbook just shows an X and claims that no battery is available. This is the third major problem with this macbook: first the logic board was faulty and needed to be replaced, then the hard disk died and needed to be replace and now the battery is dead, too. Unfortunately, being about one month out of the one year warranty means that Apple did not help with the hard disk and is probably not helping with the battery either. Feels like Apple has been selling lemons.

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    battery may suck

    • Written by from Hancock

    i now have to buy one of these very very expensive batteries because I don't know why. My battery just stopped taking any charge, and my computer no longer recognized my battery on top of that. So now I have to buy another stupid expensive battery. Although, I do love my MacBook itself and in order to continue to love my MacBook, I need a battery that actually holds a charge. I hope this will be a good investment on my part. Make sure you have an extended warranty because these batteries tend to not hold up very well if you leave your computer on for extended periods of time.

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    Return of the 15-inch MBP curse?

    • Written by from Wildwood

    I was on my 2GHz Macbook running on battery. I had only run 26 cycles, and battery health was at 100%. Suddenly, when it claims I had over 75% battery left, it crashes into sleep mode. I couldn't turn it on unless I plugged it in. Then, upon restarting it, my battery health is now 10%. That's right, TEN. I hope this is not defective, because I purchased this MB 3-7-07. Apple, for goodness sake, stop using Sony to make your batteries!!!!

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    Yep, it's a battery

    • Written by from Concord

    Extends the life of my MacBook by 2-2.5 Hours. Really wish it included a separate charger so I could charge one while using the other.

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    the battery life is nowhere near 5 hours

    • Written by from Atlanta

    The battery lifes lasts merely 2 hours. I surf the internet massively and the battery dies like a 10 yrs old IBm thinkpad battery, 1:15 mins. Despite the battery life, this macbook does more w/ less. U get something, u lose something, i'm not complaining at all.

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