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    An Awfully Expensive "Subscription"

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    Might as well pile on... my battery started failing at about 12 months and has now gone completely dead at 16 months. And, yes, I conditioned the battery as required.

    Do I really have to pay Apple a $130 per year "subscription" for the privilege of using my Macbook as a laptop? That's crazy. That nerdy guy in the Apple commercials is starting to look pretty wise right about now.

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    Macbook battery

    • Written by from Ajax

    Obviously there is a problem with these batteries, Apple should be replacing them free of charge. I am one of the lucky ones and got a year out of mine.

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    1.5 years

    • Written by from Boston

    My battery lasted pretty long before it became utterly useless...1.5 years! Apple always marks up their prices so that they can make it seem like their products are worth more than they really are...

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    That sinking feeling

    • Written by from Lexington

    My first battery just died after almost exactly one year ago. After reading the other messages I wonder why I don't research things better before I buy. $130 a year is terrible.

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    My MacBook's battery died after about 5 months of use. Now I have to buy a $129.00 replacement? I think not. Goodbye for now, Apple.

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    rechargeable battery for mac book 13 in.

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    I was very dissapointed by the battery which lasted only 15 months, although I did every thing by the book. For such an expensive computer, one would think that Apple could make a better battery... and what a price for it!!!!

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    A great shame

    • Written by from Sao Paulo

    How can many mac owners have the same trouble concerning power related gear? Battery turning dead before 1 year and ramdon shutdows?

    After 10 months my battery is dead, shame on Apple, they certainly had to have a recall made for all first Macbook that were sold in 2006 and beggining of 2007.

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    Big Price for Short Life

    • Written by from San Francisco

    My Battery only lasted 12 months, what an expensive joke!
    I have never had this problem in the past and the fact that many of my friends are experiencing the same problem concerns me.

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    Batter dead after 5 months

    • Written by from Brick

    13" MacBook battery dead after 5 months. OK this is crazy. And its not covered under the 3 yr AppleCare I purchased. Even after following Apples instructions to let the battery drain fully and recharge fully. Again this is crazy who does this in the real world. I am very dissapointed in Apple. I now have to pay $130 for a new battery, which might not last again. Come on Apple get on it. This is a big problem. Fix it.

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    Should last longer....much longer

    • Written by from Waterford

    My wife and I both have MacBooks. Her Battery just died after 16 months of use. I've read that in order to keep them up they need to be fully drained and fully charged each and every time. Sorry, but that's not 'real life'. You buy a notebook to be portable, not to stay plugged into a wall all day. (I have a desktop for that)

    My work computer is standard issue Dell laptop and I abuse the heck out it with no battery problems after 4 years (on planes, in meetings etc.).

    I expected more from Apple. 16 months is unacceptable performance in my mind.

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    MacBook Battery NO Life Span

    • Written by from chagrin falls

    I bought a MacBook for my Dad. He hardly uses it, but is trying. It is 14 months old, the harddrive just died and the battery is dead. Drives go bad, got a new 120GB ($85) and a simple install, but...the battery is $130 and I wonder if it may have caused the problem???

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    • Written by from GRAND RAPIDS

    I have been going through this battery approx. every 6 weeks or so. They have even changed the logic board in my computer and it still doesn't seem to last more than 6 weeks at a time! This has been going on since I first got the computer! How can Apple not MAKE A NEW BATTERY ALREADY?! I wanted to give it zero stars but that is not possible so I had to give it one but it's really zero!!!

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    Pathetic Battery Life

    • Written by from ESCONDIDO

    I never thought I'd be disappointed with any of Apple's Products but, like countless others, my battery stopped charging after only a year of use. I can only use my MacBook if it is plugged into the wall. If for some reason the MagSafe Power Adapter is disconnected the computer shuts down automatically. Now I have to spend $129 +tax to get another rechargeable battery and if the next battery is as short-lasting as this one was then I'll have to plan on spending $129/year (about $10.75/month) until either Apple fixes this by extending the battery life or a third-party starts selling a longer lasting battery.

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    Another one bites the dust.

    • Written by from Greenville

    Like 95% of the folks on this review, I've had my MacBook for about a year and the battery went dead. I purchased the extended warranty but it doesn't cover the battery.:( I have an old Dell (bought it in 2001), and the battery still holds a charge. What's the deal? Not much of laptop if you lose the portability and have to keep it plugged in all the time. I don't care how good the rest of the product is. When it comes to battery life, this is a critical thing. 12 months or so is unacceptable and I'm a PC convert. Does Apple want me to go back?

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    Worst Battery Ever

    • Written by from Oviedo

    While I love my MacBook, I can't believe the utterly horrible battery that it uses. After 14 months, my battery suddenly died. It gave no signs of failure, it just suddenly stopped working. Apple seriously needs to fix this problem. I will not buy a future mac laptop unless they fix their battery issues. My last laptop was an HP and the battery lasted 3 years. If they can't make a battery that lasts longer, they need to reduce the price significantly. Paying over a hundred dollars every year to keep my laptop functional is ridiculous.

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    Worthless but pricey

    • Written by from Temple

    Less than 1 year of life on each of our 3 batteries. Hope the 4th time is a charm, but doubt it.

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    Sudden death right after warranty expired

    • Written by from Alexandria

    It seems like a common theme around here this battery dies around a year, and mine was no exception. I know, blah blah batteries die anyway, shouldn't expect miracles. But having owned three other laptops over the years, IBM, Toshiba and Dell, none of those batteries failed in less than 3 years and I would expect Apple to be able to at least match that kind of quality.

    It is unfortunate because I had an otherwise good experience with this, my first Mac, and was thinking about getting a Pro for work and pass this one onto the wife, now I am not so sure I would ever dare to buy another Macbook unless someone can tell me what's up with these batteries.

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    Rechargeable Battery for my white mac book

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    Today after almost a year my battery died incredible now I have to buy a new one because I dont have the invoice almost $130 for a new battery too expensive.
    I think this product should be given out for free to all customers with this kind of mac Now I know why not to buy an apple computer

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    Problem with my battery

    • Written by from Miami

    I have my mac less than a year, exactly 10 months, and my battery is dead. This issue disturbed me very much. How a Company like a APPLE make an product so bad? This really make me bad. I love mac but this thing really make me think if I get in the future another product from them.

    The battery for macbook is so bad!!!!

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    Plain bad

    • Written by from Utrecht

    I've had my Macbook and hence its battery for over a year. Suddenly the battery won't charge as normally. It charges at a painfully slow rate and I'm wondering whether it'll actually ever reach the 100% charge.
    This is unacceptable. A product should be built and designed to last for a reasonable amount of time and considering the price you pay for your Macbook, it should last for more than "over a year".
    I'm outraged.

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