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    not happy

    • Written by from Akron

    i've had my macbook for about a year now, and now the battery will not charge. I know it is not my charger's fault because my mom's charger acts the same way as mine does when i plugged it into my computer. I am now lucky to get a charge on my battery. I am not ready to throw out $129 for a new battery. I love my macbook, but the battery life needs to be improved. The battery life problem has rendered my laptop, a desktop computer and i can no longer take it to class with me, unless there is an outlet nearby.

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    • Written by from Issigeac

    I have had my MacBook for a year and the battery holds a charge for less than an hour.
    It has been getting progressively worse. Glad I checked out the site and found out that my problem is not unique. Now to find a battery.

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    I Couldn't Be Angrier

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    I bought my Mac Book in November of 2006 and by December of 2007 my first battery was dead. Then I purchased a NEW battery in January of 2008 and TODAY the thing won't charge. It didn't peter out, it just died, I can't charge it and I really have a hard time shelling out another $129 for a THIRD battery. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

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    Disappointing performance

    • Written by from Solana Beach

    I feel the need to echo the words of the majority of the other reviewers regarding the battery for the Macbook. After a year of use, I am lucky to be able to use my laptop for 10 minutes before my computer shuts down, because the battery won't hold a charge. It rather defeats the purpose of having a laptop!!! And yes, I also will be forced to purchase a new and very expensive battery. I am disappointed that Apple seems incapable or unwilling to provide a more durable battery. Reading the experiences of everyone else proves this problem is more than a minor inconvenience.

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    macbook battery

    • Written by

    I have had my macbook for a little over a year now.. and the battery is completly dead. I cannot run the computer without it being plugged in. I followed the proper instructions to callibrate the batter in the beginning and i always kept it with a full charge. There was no indication that the battery was even going. I went to turn it on one day after using it the previous night and it wouldnt turn on, i figured that the battery was just low so i plugged it in to charge it and there was just an x through the battery indicator? Other then the battery going I love my computer, it is great for what i use it for (music and internet) and i wouldnt go for a different one... i would just like a battery that lasts

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    Rechargeable battery for the MacBook

    • Written by from Brownsville

    First of all, I would like to say the MacBook that I purchased about a year or more ago I am pleased with the purchase. I like the versatility of the MacBook. Where I can change between a Microsoft environment to a MAC OS environment. THe downside is the battery. After about a year of use, the quality of the battery has suffered. The battery went from about 2 hours or more of medium use to about an hour of medium use. A rechargeable battery should not suffer after a year of medium use. At least that is my opinion. The other laptop computer I had before the Macbook, its rechargeable battery did not suffer in quality like this one did and I had the laptop for about four years before I purchase this laptop and I still have the original rechargeable battery that came with it!!! SO what is the problem with the Macbook rechargeable battery? I guess in order to save on the purchase of new batteries every year or so, I guess I have to completely run down the battery down, which I didn't with the other laptop and I need to run a calibration test on the rechargeable battery every month, which I didn't with the other laptop computer. I think what should be done is improve on the efficiency of the rechargeable battery instead of doing the necessary steps to keep the longevity of rechargeable battery intact. In closing, the rechargeable battery for the Macbook is a real disappointment!

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    • Written by from Morgantown

    I've had my Macbook for about a year & a half, and I've taken care to calibrate the battery like you're supposed to. However, for the past 3-4 months, I can't take my laptop anywhere without the power supply, because the battery lasts for (if I'm lucky) 20 minutes. My warranty is up, so now I have to spend $130 on a new battery. Two of my friends have had this same problem, as well.
    I'm usually a huge fan of Apple products, but this is ridiculous.

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    • Written by from Ottawa

    All I can say is that this battery is unreliable.
    Some people are happy with it. They get over 400 Cycles
    after 18 month and it still lasts for 2-3 hours.
    For other people, the battery is dead after a few month only.

    I am not among the lucky ones.
    Again, for me this battery is unreliable - pure lottery.
    Try your luck!

    I personally expect more from Apple! For lottery I use 6/49.

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    Quickly goes the way of the Dodo

    • Written by from Toronto

    This battery is great for the first few months and then starts dying like it's going out of style. I'm at the end of the life of my current one, and battery power only lasts me about an hour max before my computer fully shuts down. Overly expensive and totally not worth it-- I might as well just run off A/C power forever.

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    This battery is very poor!

    • Written by

    I am lucky if i get two hours out of the Macbook battery,it's so awful.
    I tried the recommendation of one reviewer here by lowering the brightness to one notch and you can't even see the screen as it goes black {so that review got a No use!}
    Whilst the Macbook is a Brilliant machine Apple are very much in the dark ages re:Quality battery life and this is a Great shame as it defeats the object of portability,i hope that this will be seriously reviewed with a future Macbook,it makes sense to have a good battery and this development is seriously late arriving .

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    Battery dead after 3 months!?!?

    • Written by from San Jose

    Ridiculous! My first Apple, got it in October, and nothing but problems. All my buddies in the high tech 100 million dollar club use Apple with "reportedly" no problems, and wouldn't you know....I get the lemon. The battery shows a charging sign but says it is not charging. I'm being sent one for free, but the Apple care plan was $249, battery is $129 hmmm? Who wins?

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    Mac Book Battery Life

    • Written by from geneseo

    This is my first Mac. My battery is completely dead and I've owned about one and a half years. I do not use the computer very much and allow the charge to drain and recharge as you normally would. In all my years of owning a PC I have never had a battery go dead on me. I probably will buy a PC the next time around. An it never held a charge longer the 2 hrs.

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    Dead after 14 months

    • Written by from Burr Ridge

    Of course it dies right when the warranty ends.

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    Should be under warranty!

    • Written by from JAY

    My friend's battery already died completely and was replaced, and mine's dropping at about 5% a month. If you want to know how far gone your battery is, there's a software called Coconut Battery to help you out, no I'm not affiliated with them, and really, you'll have noticed the battery dying faster and faster. This $159 CAN battery is a semiannual tax, just like the 3-year $300 CAN Applecare service, required to keep your computer alive.

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    dead in 8 months

    • Written by

    dead after 8 months.
    I had to go to the store to get a replacement (free but annoying)

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    Limited Power

    • Written by from ESCONDIDO

    My wife and I have had her computer for about a year now and the battery just went out. I agree with everyone else that gave it a 1 star. and why in the heck does the battery cost so darn much?! This is just ridiculous and I am running out of polite ways to say bad words. Apple needs to do something about this issue we are all having and they need to get us new batteries. I think they should have a one time replacement battery and if your battery dies within a year and a half, they give you one free of charge. Come on APPLE, lets get it together, I switched over to MAC for a reason, don't make me go back!

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    what is the deal

    • Written by

    i have had my laptop since may and the battery is now completely useless its kinda sad im a student and have to pay 300 dollars a term for my laptop and now the only time i can use the piece is if i have it plugged in and if im working and it becomes unplugged i lose all my work i dont think this is very fair and i cant afford a new one whats a girl to do

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    Completely dead in 6 month.

    • Written by from LOS ANGELES

    Bought a new macbook in May. Battery died in Nov. It does feel like annual subscription... and it costs 12% of the whole laptop.

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    Class Action!!!!

    • Written by

    since we are a lot the deceived by the macbook's battery i think we should file a class action against Apple... i have an ibook G4 for at least 3 years and the battery is perfect... the one in my Macbook shuts down when it pleases lets sue apple!!!

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    macbook battery-fix it please!

    • Written by from boston

    In reading the other reviews with the single star...clearly there is a problem, and it falls into our laps. Is this a sneaky way to extract more $ from we converted to the apple way? As I waste another how long on support hold,3rd time in 3 days trying to get a live body on the phone, hoping to get a replacement battery for my macbook, for free, as one of the other reviewers sugested.....now i m with support we will see what happens...come on mac get it together!

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