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    • Written by from Port Richey

    I have had my macbook for over 2 years now and this battery is great! I re-charge my battery about everyday, so you figure about 730 charges later this battery still holds a good 2 1/2 to 3 hour charge! I love it!!

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    its good and heavy longivity

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    yeh its really good for evey people those who are hard worker

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    Lots of Misinformation

    • Written by from Dallas

    I have owned my Macbook for over two years now, and the diagnostic on the battery still rests at 95% health. With a little bit of knowledge and attention, these can provide cycle after cycle of full recharge and long operating times.
    I have read a lot of reviews defaming the longevity of these batteries and booing Apple for not giving consumers another choice. I have also read misleading articles about how to best cycle or condition your batteries, and let me just say there is a lot of bad advice and misinformation out there.
    The solution to the majority of lithium ion battery problems, however, simply comes down to a few easy steps. First, it's ok to use the laptop while plugged in to a power source the majority of the time - I should know, I do - as long as you follow the charging and discharging suggestions. When you put the laptop on the power supply, try to make sure you let the battery come to a full charge. It's ok if you don't get to 100% every time, getting it there once every couple of days or so will solve many problems. Likewise, allow your battery to fully discharge every now and then. If you've never seen the "reserve power" warning, your not doing yourself any favors. Again, it's not necessary every time, but once a week at least will ensure the maximum capacity of you lithium ion cells. (26 months - 432 Cycles... and counting!)

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    Not So Bad: 3 Years and Counting!!

    • Written by from Arcata

    I bought my MacBook in Summer of 2006. I've always left the charger attached whenever I use my computer, only rarely do I disconnect to use freely. I'm still using the original battery and haven't had any real problems, but think I'll need to be replacing soon. When I disconnect power drains fairly quickly, and when the status bar reads near 30% it dies suddenly. When I reconnect it reads 1%/2%... other than that we're still chuggin'.

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    Great battery

    • Written by from Wolfeboro Falls

    My battery has been going strong for 2 YEARS! I am finally having to buy a new one now, this is an awesome battery.

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    Great Battery

    • Written by from Centreville

    I've had my macbook for over three years now. I will be ordering my first replacement battery soon. There's still a bit of juice left, my computer will last about an hour when fully charged. I've always let my battery die completely before charging it and then I would charge if fully before unplugging it. I do this will all my electronics ( phone, iTouch ) and I've never had a battery problem.

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    I would say Waow

    • Written by from Umea

    655 load cycles, 34 months old, calibrated a few times and still 100%... no PC-laptop what i know last that long, my girlfriends Acer is under 1year and is scrap already.
    Though a few battries seams to be bad and don't even last for a year, let them be replaced so that they can enjoy Macbooks great long last power.

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    These batteries last a long time!

    • Written by from DANBURY

    I am currently on my 2nd MacBook battery and am at 573 charge cycles already. I still get 2-3 hours of battery time, even though the condition of the battery is only 'Fair.' When this battery was new, it lasted 6-7 hours. I will replace it again and hope I can get 6-7 hours on the new one. In order to get this kind of life from the batteries, though, it's important to charge and drain fully & calibrate once in a while (which I NEVER did!).

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    Necessity for your Mac!

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    This is a necessity. If you don't want to be to connected to your power source all the time (making your notebook, a desktop), this battery is for you. 360 cycles or good for a year, that works for me! I definitely don't want my MacBook to become a very tiny desktop. So I got this battery! With about 5 hours of battery life- who can go wrong!

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    Great Battery!

    • Written by from LITTLE ROCK

    I use my macbook as my primary work computer. I purchased by macbook 18 months ago. I'm still using the original battery. Each day I use the laptop until the battery is almost completely drained (less than 8 minutes left). On average I recharge the battery 2-3 times a day. I have over 872 cycles on the battery (which is extreme). It still holds a charge for more than 4 hours. This will change if I'm watching a dvd or listening to a cd. But, this is far far better than any of the Dell batteries which I exhausted in less than a year.

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    Worth it

    • Written by from Evans

    After 523 cycles and 2.5 years of usage I still have 100% of my battery's life in tact. If you properly charge your battery and cycle it at least once a month you can get years out of your battery. I hate reviews saying the battery lasts only a year and a few days so that you have to buy a new one because it isn't covered under warranty anymore. Use it correctly and you will see that you can get more than two years of life.

    I used coconut battery to get these stats.

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    Macbook Battery

    • Written by from amawalk

    I don't understand why everyone hates these batteries. I have the first generation macbook and have owned it since Sept 2006, dropped it from my top bunk dorm room bed countless times, and STILL on the original battery. My battery needs replacement now because after almost 3 years, I am at 50% capacity. Charge it fully, (till the green light comes on) unplug it so you don't overcharge it, and run the battery till the computer shuts off. I have over 520 cycles on my battery. Thats pretty good for a battery thats almost 3 years old. Also the new macbook pro is rated at 1000 life cycles so having my battery now last more than half that life is more than what i can ask for. Use it right and it will last you.

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    Deserves 10 Stars

    • Written by from Superior

    I don't know how anyone can complain with this battery. I don't know of many (if any) PCs that have this kind of battery life and longevity. This battery gives me anywhere from 3-6 hours of life depending on my configurations. Not only that, but I've used my Mac daily for over a year and the battery is still running strong. Definitely a great buy. I recommend this battery to everyone

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    How can you complain?

    • Written by from Albuquerque

    I have had a macbook for more than 3 years now and my battery just now crashed. I use my computer every day and its plugged in most of the time. I think its very much so worth it to spend the $130. (i dont work for mac, im just a happy customer)

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    Apparently People Don't Know How to Use a Lithium Ion Battery.

    • Written by from Denver

    Just like most cellphone batteries, this is a lithium ion battery, something that — if you've ever taken chemistry you would know — is one of the most powerful chemical combinations for a battery.

    However, like all batteries it has a power input capacity that when over filled will either melt the battery, or cause it to die over time. That is the same case with this one, so in order to maintain its life and keep it healthy, you have to use all that power you've been flowing into it.

    So if your battery is becoming useless very quickly, it's because you aren't using it for a battery, you're using it as a liaison between charger and laptop, so buy a desktop if you want something stationary.

    Laptops were designed to be mobile. So use them that way.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from lightwater

    battery still holds >100% of capacity (5044mah) after 482 cycles on my C2D macbook, great product, although most of that is from me looking after my batters very well.

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    537 Cycles with 98% Health!!!

    • Written by from Marianna

    I have been reading all of the negative comments on the macbook battery, but mine has performed very well. I have only had my macbook for 19 months, but my cycles count is 537 because I never turn my computer off. After having a full charge, I never plug it back in once I disconnect the power cord until the battery is almost dead. Often I even run it down to the point that the screen shuts off. I always let the computer fully charge before I unplug it if possible. If I do have to unplug before a full charge, I let it run all the way down again before I plug it back in.

    Battery Information:

    Battery Installed: Yes
    First low level warning: No
    Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 4940
    Remaining Capacity (mAh): 4924
    Amperage (mA): -1385
    Voltage (mV): 12313
    Cycle Count: 537

    Hardware Overview:

    Model Name: MacBook
    Model Identifier: MacBook2,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz

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    Best Battery Ever

    • Written by

    I never had any battery life like i have on my macbook... In Brazil it used to be hard to find any apple products but I rencently got this mac and im loving its battery life. Thank you apple for this unique battery.

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    After 15 months and 362 load-cycles it has higher capacity!

    • Written by from Gryfino

    Battery on my MacBook 2,16 has 5259 mAh vs 5020mAh 15 months ago, and 100% health. I'm very satisfied with the battery.
    It's really hard to believe that so many people have problems with it. Maybe you don't use it properly? 80% of time I work on battery and only 20% on power adapter, during the night it's plugged to adapter. I don't see any drama coming. Still, I'm getting 5hrs of casual usage with AirPort ON

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    It's better than expected.

    • Written by from Edmond

    I have had my MacBook for almost 4 years and my battery just died today. I suppose I just got a really excellent battery since I have heard of other people's batteries dying after just one year. I've been pleased with my portable, and I'm not complaining about having to buy a new one. This is a wonderful computer and it doesn't deserve anything under 5 stars.

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