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    Misery Loves Company

    • Written by from Still River

    One day I literally turn on the computer and it is dead. I was in disbelief that the battery could fail after just a few months of ownership (13 to be exact). I thought this was a major malfunction of the computer. My work PC laptop never had this problem. The only good thing is that I found this forum and know I am definitely not alone. I do hope Apple does something about this b/c this is the first time I have ever been SO very disappointed by a Mac product.

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    poor charging capabilities over time.

    • Written by from Chestermere

    I bought my macbook last year in Aug after always using PCs. Love my macbook and would never go back however I find it absurd that my battery is dead after 13 months. And when i say dead, i mean it will not hold a charge at all!

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    Apple always comes up short n batteries

    • Written by from Palm springs

    Ive been a loyal Apple enthusiast since 1984. Owned the first Mac when it was only available to universities. Their form factors and designs are sexy brilliant and interfaces are intuitive.

    Power, however, has always come up short, Whether it be the ipod, the iphone, and now the MacBook. I ve had mine for just about two years and the battery flat out failed -- and Im a very casual user, who often times takes the battery out to spare battery life while using AC power.

    My brother's family has 3 macs -- all 3 batteries failed just after the first year.

    Not sure why Im writing a review. Its not like you have a choice in power sources. Perhaps Apple is reading these posts and will realize they kep having practices that alienate their loyal customer base.

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    Sub-standard product at premium price.

    • Written by from Manitowoc

    Apple, a name which typically means best of class. God knows I love their products. So I have to wonder what they had on their mind when they chose this battery for their MacBook. What a dissappointment. I feel as though I have bought an Astin-Martin with a Ray-O-Vac battery. Apple, do us a favor, pay attention! Please don't sell sub-standard products, be it a battery or a cable. The worst part of all this is that I am forced to replace one sub-standard battery for another, most unfortunately to the tune of $130 dollars! Have some dignity, at least sell this "battery" at a low cost!

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    MacBook Battery Problem

    • Written by from SACRAMENTO

    SAY GOOD BY TO APPLE PRODUCTS FOREVER....I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER APPLE PRODUCT I WILL BE A SWITCHING TO A PC. I bought a Macbook back in DEC 2007 the first battery died after 4 months of use. It was still under warranty and the battery was replaced. The second battery lasted for about 6 months and was also replaced under the warranty period. My 3rd battery is now dead and apple will not replace it, they are wanting me to buy a new battery. Is Apple really that ignorant that they do not know there is a problem with their batteries.

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    Two down, third to purchase

    • Written by from Peoria

    I purchased my MacBook in November, 2007. The first battery stopped charging in November, 2008 and Apple replaced it as it was just at the warranty timeframe. Now it's August, 2009, and I am currently typing this review with 36% battery power and the adapter plugged in. Guess what ... it's not charging. That's two batteries in less than two years. I love you, Apple, just not your battery.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from APO

    I've bought the battery three times in three years? the quality is so poor and I could have bought a brand new laptop in the same amount that I paid for three batteries and two magsafe adapters

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    Battery needs to be replaced in less than a year

    • Written by from Cairo

    I'm very disappointed with the battery. It's been less than a year since I bought my laptop and out of nowhere my battery won't charge any more and I have to replace it.. Interestingly enough I seem to be reading many similar complaints.. It's very frustrating because I take very good care of my laptop and there's absolutely no way to resolve the issue other than getting a new battery, not that there's any guarantee that it won't crash either

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    Was awesome for 11months and 25 days and went dead all of a sudden

    • Written by from chennai

    i got this macbook from michigan avenue in chicago last august . the laptop was awesome .. no issues what so ever . i even upped the RAM to 4gigs but a disaster yday when the battery went dead suddenly . It wont charge . Took it to support center and got it replaced for free. But i was planning to take this on a international trip. thank you apple. i will rather carry a sony vaio

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    This is ridiculous.

    • Written by from Danville

    My first battery went dead in under one year. It was still under warranty and was replaced for free. That battery lasted 3 months. THIS IS RIDICULOUS I will never buy an Apple computer again.

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    Bad Battery

    • Written by from Shaker Heights

    I was happy with my mac products but I was very disappointed when my battery died after only a year of use. I have always took good care of my battery, it was working as new and suddenly from 3 hs of energy I got 0s ... battery totally dead ?!

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    Very Disappointed

    • Written by

    This is my first MAC and I can't say that I am impressed. The computer is great but the battery has been a disaster. I have hardly used my MAC and on a recent business trip went to turn it on and the battery was completely dead. I have had a dell for three years and still get two hours out of the battery. Guys you need to sort this out.

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    Expanded battery

    • Written by from Ithaca

    I hope that Apple reads these reviews, and fixes the expanded battery issue. The exact thing happened to my macbook, in under a year. Now, because of the magnetic power cord, I am forced to duct-tape my cord into my computer to make sure that my laptop doesn't turn off if someone trips over the cord. Very annoying, and it happened directly after the warranty expired.

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    Second battery lasted 3 months and 11 cycles!

    • Written by from Raleigh

    These batteries are horrible. My wife's MacBook battery died suddenly just over the one year mark. Thankfully Apple realized there was a problem with these batteries and extended the warranty. The replacement battery lasted 3 months and 11 cycles. This product is a joke.

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    My Battery Expanded too!!

    • Written by from Beverly Hills

    I thought my computer was broken because the track pad and keyboard was going whack! Then I looked on the bottom and the battery looked pregnant. Apple you should replace these for free or face a possible suit.

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    Battery is poor quality

    • Written by from bell buckle

    This battery will last, maybe, a year. I have read so many other reviews it is rediculus. Mine barely lasted past the warranty. This is a hit and miss item, maybe you will get one that lasts or maybe you will get one that will barely last past 6 months. I can't believe apple hasn't addressed this yet, why put such a poor quality battery battery in such a good computer? Lucky for apple you have to buy their battery. Good luck.

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    Dead after 13 months

    • Written by from San Francisco

    Wow... this is the worse battery life of any laptop I have owned.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Total garbage!

    • Written by from Hickory Creek

    After about 11 months of use, my battery will not work anymore. I payed $1399 for a Macbook, and my battery won't even function.I sent it in through AppleCare, and their exact words were,
    "Our analysis has determined that although your battery no longer has the capacity to function at a level necessary for the optimum operation of your unit, it is not defective."
    de·fec·tive: imperfect in form or function : faulty

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    die young

    • Written by from IRVINE

    I have 2 MacBooks because I'm an avid apple fan. However, I am very disappointed in this product. Both of my batteries died little after a year. Now I have to buy 2 more. Hope you have better luck with yours.

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    Not a quality product

    • Written by from Chicago

    My battery just died after 18 months. Had laptops for the past 15 years and this is the first time a battery abruptly dies on me. I'm used to slow declining performance, but not failure without notice. Unfortunately there's no choice but to buy from Apple. I miss my Thinkpad.

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