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    • Written by from South Pasadena

    i bought my macbook last february or march. i have had 410 charges and it can hold around 2-3 hours of battery life. when i just bought my macbook it was able to hold around 5 hours or more. i think i might have to get another one soon though...

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    956 Cycles and counting

    • Written by from Orem

    For those of you that don't know how to use a battery I have received 956 cycles on this battery over a three year period. First of all, to get the most out of your battery you need to charge the battery then unplug it. After the battery goes down to 10 % remaining then you plug it in. Second of all don't just keep it plugged in to the charger, it is a battery. Great battery if used correctly.

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    Great product, use wisely!

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Its a great product but you need to know how to charge it. Its like any other thing that requires charging, if you over do it it messes it up. Just charge it fully and let in drain, but not completely, and while you use your laptop do not have it plugged in! thats why things get damaged!!

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    • Written by from Collingwood

    If the battery is used as it should be, it works perfectly. It is when it is not used appropriately that the life of the battery is diminished. I have had my original battery for 3 years, it was not until this time that the battery needed to be changed. The average life of the battery is 300 cycle count. Currently mine is at 900 and it is only just starting to be decreased, that is, the battery only lasts for 2-2.5 hrs.

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    722 and just ran out!

    • Written by from Buda

    I've had laptops for years and this is the longest I've gone without replacing my battery. I have had consistently longer use time and, though it's fairly heavy and big, I wouldn't trade it for quality and battery life that I received. Apple just keeps getting it better and better.

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    Pretty darned amazing.

    • Written by from Saugus

    My first battery lasted about a year before it wouldn't hold a charge, but I've had my current one for three years and I'm on 1040 charge cycles and 84%. That sound insane, but just two weeks ago I was still on 98%. I guess I'm finally headed towards a new battery again, but this one has served me amazingly well.

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    606 Charges and still going

    • Written by from Hialeah

    After 606 Charge Cycles my battery last only 3 hours. the health is at 97% but the battery drains fast looking to get a new one soon

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    Best Laptop Battery I've Ever Used

    • Written by from Kirtland

    I have my original MacBook battery and it has gone through 581 cycles and is still at 99% health. I have noticed maybe only slight drops in battery life over the 3 years I have owned it. I don't know what the heck these people do to their batteries that only get a few hours after only owning it for a few years. My battery can last 5 hours if I turn of airport and turn the brightness down and only do small tasks (like not watching movies or games). It goes to show that with proper maintenance this battery will last a very long time. Just don't be an idiot, use it until it's dying, then plug it in, let it charge up and don't leave it plugged in all the time fully charged. Not that hard...

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    313 full cycles and still gives me around 1 hour (2-3 apps running at once)

    • Written by from bellevue

    time to get a new one. Im surprised it has lasted this much, honestly, compare it to ANY other laptop battery life in the market and you really do get what you pay for. 3 years and the machine still works great too, that makes me and my wallet happy :)

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    Apple Battery is my choice

    • Written by from Charlotte

    My MacBook is now 4.5 years old and I am on my 3rd OS because I chose to upgrade. Yes, I replaced the hard drive but only for more capacity, I also upgraded the RAM. My battery is only now starting to have issues.
    I've read the reviews on off brand and I for one plan to go with Apple endorsed. If the off brand has a review they all mention poor fit and some even complain of them falling apart. I use my computer a fair amount 4-8 hours a day. I stream video run multiple apps and even multi OS (I can't do my timesheet without Windows) though I moved that into VirtualBox. I need the battery to be fully reliable not a poor fit and falling apart.

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    Battery Life

    • Written by from San Juan

    The best way to make your battery last is to never turn off your computer. I had mine for 3 year now and I have never turn off my MacBook. Needless to say battery works just fine. From time to time let it drain completly.

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    Great product

    • Written by from Overland Park

    My battery just died after three years of regular use. I'm super happy with how long the battery lasted and am off to the store to buy a new one. I would definitely pay the extra money for an Apple-endorsed battery. Other batteries sold elsewhere are not of the best quality or fit for the Macbook.

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    Not bad for me...

    • Written by from Lake Worth

    I use my MacBook 8-10 hours a day between work and college. I have had the computer since Oct 2006 and I just got a new battery for Christmas. My old one still worked, was able to get 2.5-3 hours out of a full charge with the brightness on high and always 10+ programs open. I do only leave it plugged in until it's fully charged and then use it completely until the battery is almost dead before plugging it back in. But since I use the computer so much in a day, I decided to ask for a new one from Santa.

    Gave 5 out of 5 stars because it's been no trouble for me. With as much as I use my computer, I'm surprised the battery didn't give out sooner. Love my MacBook, and won't ever go back to a PC.

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    • Written by from Edmonton

    I have had mine for almost 3 years now, using it in university all day everyday and at work in the summers. I always have charged mine fully and let it run almost empty (like you're supposed to) and I still can squeeze 5 hours out of my macbook. Usually I can easily get 4 hours running safari and word and powerpoint. I have even updated my drive from 60GB to 500GB and RAM from 0.5GB to 2GB and I still get great battery life. I'll replace it when this trend peters out, but it's still going strong so what the hey?

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    Going strong

    • Written by from Kansas City

    After reading these reviews I had to give it 5 stars. I got on the apple store site to see what kind of improved performance I could get by getting a new battery, as mine is 2 and a half years old. It currently gives me 4 hours of daily use with the display backlight at lower settings. I use my macbook 13" for college and can't live without it. I think I'll put off the purchase until mine is under 3 hours.

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    Battery is AMAZING!

    • Written by from Freeburg

    I don't know what macbook you guys are talking about, but I've had my battery in my MacBook since 2007 and I get 7+ hours battery life with constant open usage. This battery lasts forever!

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    i can't believe it

    • Written by from San Diego

    i have had my 13' mac since april 07 and up on to this day this mac is great. the battery still gives me 4 hours at least. i have a 500gb hard drive and 4 gigs of ram , so far i havent found any down fall aside from the white hand rest getting dirty often. i recommend it to everyone.

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    Impressive durability

    • Written by from East Lansing

    I go to MSU and always take my macbook around campus with me. I've had the macbook for 2 years now and the original battery still gets me an hour and a half with WiFi being on. Not too shabby considering how much I "abuse" the battery by leaving it to charge over night and using the computer while plugged into the wall. Also, $130 for a battery is cheap. My dad just had to replace his 3 month old Sony battery, which was $450!

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    • Written by from Port Richey

    I have had my macbook for over 2 years now and this battery is great! I re-charge my battery about everyday, so you figure about 730 charges later this battery still holds a good 2 1/2 to 3 hour charge! I love it!!

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    its good and heavy longivity

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    yeh its really good for evey people those who are hard worker

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