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    Don't last very long.

    • Written by from Winnipeg

    After reading some of these reviews I almost feel lucky.
    My battery lasted nearly 2 years before it died. One day I went to turn on the computer and it was dead. I plugged it in and it says there is no battery. I either get an X or it says "Not Charging". I have Apple Care, but it doesn't cover the battery so here I am getting a new one. I love my Macbook, but I really wish Apple would step up on this one.

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    • Written by from Richmond Hill

    After 2 years with this computer and rarely using the battery "improperly" (i.e. I generally allowed it to drain all the way when used away from home) it now loses charge WHILE being plugged in. All the time.

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    great computer - short battery life

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    I love my Apple MacBook but I am quite disappointed that after only ten months my battery has died. The battery indicator shows that it is fully charged; however, I can no longer run the computer on battery power. Very weird. Hopefully the Apple Store will be able to help solve this issue.

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    30 mins....

    • Written by from Amarillo

    My battery has only 291 cycles and it lasts 30 mins at the most! And It started to get worse just right after the warranty expired.

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    I can't believe it!

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    Previously, I owned an HP and after 3 years my battery died on me. The computer was a scholarship I had won; I was angry with the idea that I needed a new battery- it was about $95-. I bought myself a MAC thinking that if you buy the best you get the best. Boy was I wrong 1 year and 6 months later- my battery died on me yesterday. I took it to Apple Store and they've informed me my computer needs a transplant! The HP lasted a lot longer than the MAC- sad or what?

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    I love Apple products, don't get me wrong. But this is just ridiculous. Right around one year to 13 months, RIGHT AFTER THE WARRANTY ENDED, I turned on my MacBook one day, and there was a little "x" on the battery image. It said that there was "No Battery Available". After I just saved up $1100 to buy this laptop just over a year ago, now they're telling me I need to buy another $130 battery? Come on Apple, this is your fault, not mine. I take such great care over my things, I would obviously never damage anything purposely that I paid $1100 dollars for.

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    =/ good while it lasts

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    i had this battery for a year and it slowly started getting worse and worse one day it just stoppped working without the power adaptor. apple is great in general but this product isnt good at all

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    • Written by from Killarney

    I've had mine for 2 years now got her when they were first out had to have motherboard replaced and now battery only lasts 50% but computer tells 1.50mins but cuts once 50-44% reminds and refuses to go back on till plugged in.
    I'm not sure but seems to me that the battery is defective. I've just 183 cycles and doing the whole take out battery for and hold power for 5 secs didn't do much for long.

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    Severely disappointed...

    • Written by from Santa Rosa Valley

    While I'm an avid promoter of Apple products, it's hard to convince people that Mac is the way to go when I can't even transport my MacBook around since the battery is broken and requires constant access to the charger (which is slowly breaking as well, might I add). It just crapped out one day without any kind of warning, and as if I wasn't disappointed enough by it's spontaneous destruction, I was baffled to see the price of this product -- how do you expect me to afford this? Just because it's a defective product, does that mean I should have to buy a replacement at this ridiculous price? Come on Apple, make it easy on me -- I don't want to stop loving your products.

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    Someone tell me what to do

    • Written by from BAY HARBOR ISLANDS

    I bought my MacBook 2 years ago and i having problems with the battery since the last 6 months, but now i can hardly use it unplugged no longer than 30 sec.
    should i buy a new battery and expect to same or should i use my portable as a desktop?
    PC's have the same problem?

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    my rechargeable battery does not work

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    I have buy a 13-inch macbook (white) in last May. It did not work the day before yesterday when I found that I can not turn on the computer without using AC adapter, and the machine could not find rechargeable battery when using AC adapter, and of course the battery can be charged up.
    I have read the news that the consumers can get a new battery when their battery has problems like I described above. Ok, I have one question that whether I can replace one new rechargeable battery for free?

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    I am rather disappointed...

    • Written by from Fairburn

    I must confess, this new Macbook of mine is only my first ever Macbook product. I saved for it, in the face of opposition of my wife, who didn't think we needed a new laptop, bought it in December of 2007, and I have been very happy with it...except for this suddenly non-functioning battery of mine!!! All of a sudden, it goes from keeping a charge for at least 2½ hours, to only barely over one hour, and then it loses its charge in less that 45 minutes!!! The trouble with me now is that I do not have any of the papers that would allow me to claim my warranty. I believe I had registered this product, so hopefully I can claim for the warranty that way, because it is impossible to understand why such a successful and artistically inclined company, whose very ethos is built on producing and offering quality, would offer a battery of this low quality. It should not begin to fail in such a short space of time.

    I will have to find out from the Discussion Boards if anyone else has experienced what I have experienced with this battery. I am loathe to purchase another one, and in fact will have to do so clandestinely, so as not to let my friends who have seen me with this machine know what problems I have had with it.

    ...disgruntled Apple Fanboy.

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    Ok until it dies

    • Written by from Gainesville

    Mine was fine until about one month after the year's warranty when it suddenly went dead without warning. In my opinion, this is defective! I never had this problem with my previous lap top. Before that its performance was fine but long performance was not my main requirement, portability was. My son bought a new black MacBook and his battery died in less than 6 months. What is Apple doing to fix this problem? It is fine to replace the battery free of charge the first year but what about someone like me whose battery fails at 13 months or someone whose battery fails for the second time at 14 months. Are you listening, Apple? You are usually very good at responding to user complaints.

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    • Written by from Santa Fe

    I have to add my two cents to the overwhelming pool of people disappointed with their macbook's battery. I love the computer, however, the poor battery life after just a year of use has effectively rendered it a desktop rather than a laptop. It's completely immobile now. If my computer's in a good mood, I may have 10 minutes of battery life without power. That's just sad. There ought to be a recall on these things.

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    • Written by from East Northport

    I have had my macbook for just a little over a year now, I use it at school all the time and the battery is already dead, not to mention that my hard drive crashed during finals last year. Very dissapointed in mac product. Have to use my laptop with the charger plugged in,

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    Bad Battery!!!!!

    • Written by from Fresno

    When I first received my MAC I was happy to see that the batter is suppose to last up to six hours under normal use. At first, the battery was working as stated. Now, after only 3 months, I get like 2, maybe 3 hours of battery life. I have done what is suggest, charging completely then discharge completely before charging again. Well, that don't work. I look around for an extended life battery, guess what, there isn't one. I am disappointed. I have a PC that gets a battery life of 9 hours on an extended battery, why can't Apple come up with one!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Mac Book Battery Life reply

    • Written by from middlebury

    This is a reply to RR who wrote a review titled Mac Book Battery Life. I too have owned my MacBook for about a year and a half. The Batteries are a definite downfall of this product. The computer works great but the battery life stinks, even if i turn my screen brightness down to one. Im looking into buying a new battery but i really wonder if i should seeing as in a year ill be buying another and the same thing a year later. Plain and simple the computer is great the battery is not.

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    18 months battery, 20 minutes autonomy

    • Written by from brooklyn

    I buy Macs since forever, owned only one PC, 4 macs so far and will keep doing it. It's not my first laptop, so of course I know how to charge it the first time to get the best of it. However, my battery last between 20 to 40 minutes now.I am buying I new one, I will be happy to get a computer I can carry around again. One thing, I do actually work with my macbook, so it's on almost 16 hours a day every day. I don't think I can be really mad at it, I got my money worth. And I don't get the apple care because I don't believe in it.

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    Love my MacBook ... oops, what happened to the battery?

    • Written by from Pasadena

    Having same experience as everyone else here. Battery worked great for over a year, machine spent 90% of its life sitting on my desk plugged into the wall. 45 cycles registered on the battery, and I barely got an hour of Microsoft Word use out of it today on battery power. That's not right! Plus iStat reports it at 21% health, but its accuracy is dubious. MacBook is ~16 months old.

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    Poor battery life- demand a new one free!

    • Written by

    After 12 months of owning my MacBook the battery went dead- one of the corners was yellowing and looked defective. Demanded a new battery at my local Apple Store and the Genius Bar rep gave it to me! 2 stars for giving me a free one, but really poor battery design that should be fixed. ALL MacBook owners should be re-issued new batteries at no expense.

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