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    Sneak Attack...of FAILURE

    • Written by from Westerville

    I am just beginning my junior year of college and purchased my 13" macbook just before my freshman year so I have owned this computer a little less than two years. I follow the instructions concerning fully charging/depleting the battery and just last week my battery held a full 2.5-3 hour charge. Now, after letting my battery run itself out last night it is in a complete state of uselessness.

    The alert next to my battery says "(Not Charging)" "Replace Battery Now" and I can run off of nothing but wall power. As a student I cannot take my laptop to classes or use it in a professional setting without a charger (for which there is not always an outlet).

    This warning is not so much for the battery as the Macbook itself. Because while I don't like what has happened, we cannot help purchasing another of these batteries because that is what's compatible with our laptops.

    However, any purchasing an already expensive Macbook be cautioned! You will have to replace the battery...SOON! Great while it lasts...which isn't very long.

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    Bad batteries

    • Written by from Lacey

    I have owned two Macbooks for the last 2 years, and the batteries have died in both of them. No warning (gradual weakening), just death. The batteries refuse to charge, and even when plugged in, the batteries seem to drain sometimes. I have always been impressed with the quality of Apple products, but the batteries they use for their Macbooks are terrible. The icing on the cake is how expensive the batteries are too... 130.00 dollars for something that won't even go 18 months?

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    Very Unhappy with this product

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    This product is insanely expensive for what it ends up being....after a year of use the original battery wouldn't give me more that 20-35 min so i resorted to having it plugged all the time.
    Alas, it did what I've heard about for a while...it warped for the heat and, cant even have it in its slot since it affects the performence of the machine ( e.g. the mouse and touchpad dont work at all) Booooooooo Apple on this one. Big Fail on quality!!!!!

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    Very Unpleased Mac Customer

    • Written by from Scott City

    I've had my mac for a little over a year and I am having to replace the battery already. And after a year my warranty had ended so now I cant get it fixed or replaced, I am having to pay $134.45 for a new battery. My brother has the same computer and has had it for 3 years now and has never had a problem. I find it a little ridiculous that I have to pay so much for a battery that obviously isn't working for anyone else but for some reason works for others.

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    Warped from the heat...

    • Written by from Simi Valley

    Really not happy with this battery. It has never lasted more than 3 hours, even when new, and it is now (2 years in) TOTALLY warped from the heat. Really poor product and a really expensive replacement! Boooooo Apple!

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    New battery after only a year and a half.

    • Written by from Aurora

    I am having to replace my battery in my laptop that isn't even a 18 months old. I don't even use this for work, so I'm only on it 3-4 hours a week. I bought this laptop to replace my Dell. That battery lasted for more than 4 years with even more use since I used it though school.

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    It is very sensitive

    • Written by from Ottawa

    If you let it discharge and do not use it for a week or two it may never charge -- read the forums.

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    • Written by from bronx

    I purchased my first apple laptop in 2000 about a year later it needed a new charger you would think i learned my lesson i purchased another one last september and here i am purchasing a new battery and and a new charger the sales person tells me this is a common problem if so they should really consider lowering their prices on the their chargers.

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    Two batteries in two years

    • Written by from Nixa

    I've had my Mac for a little over two years and this is the second time my battery has quit on me. Two batteries in two years is pretty sad.

    The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is because when it is working, I can go five or six hours on a charge. That's better than any laptop I've had in the past.

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    Dead in < 2 years

    • Written by from Mountain view

    Cons: My battery no longer holds a charge, and I've had the laptop for only 21 months. Shelling out for a new one is painful, and I did not expect to do so this soon.

    Pros: When the battery did hold a charge, it would run for at least 2 hours (4+ in the beginning of its life), and stay several days on standby.

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    dead after only 50 cycles

    • Written by from ASHLAND

    Pretty sad. I use my macbook only to travel. Got it out today and no battery charge, and it won't recharge at all. I got it 3 years ago and now it looks like I need a new battery. That is very disappointing. Major computer let down for me. B y the looks of these reviews, the battery itself has some major flaws. Are there any options? Another manufacturer???

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    Battery not recognized

    • Written by from georgetown

    after leaving my macbook asleep for a week and i forgot to power down, it will no longer accept a charge, i follow the support to get it out of low charge and nothing, this is the second time this has happened, my lat battery i got on recall was replaced just over a year ago, since the apple store is about 1 hour away its probably just going to be easier to pay the 150$ for a new one, not satisfied at all!

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    MacBook 13" White battery issues

    • Written by from Round Lake

    I've had a white 13" MacBook for about 3.5 years and all of a sudden the battery doesn't last for 5 minutes. Apple prides itself with good solid products. I like the Mac but they surely need to fix this battery issue. Its tough having to shell out $130 for a new battery every 3 years. My 5 year old Sony laptop still gives me 3 hours of battery time!!!
    C'mon Apple!

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    • Written by from Lynchburg

    I have had my MacBook for 3 1/2 years and this will be my third battery. I think it's ridiculous that not only do they die so quickly, but they also don't have much of a life to begin with. I also have a mini PC for note taking and that battery lasts 7 hours. There is no comparison. I love my Mac but the battery does not live up to its name.

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    poor power :(

    • Written by

    after using it for two years now, the only problem that I've encounter is its power,out of nowhere, it's power suddenly failed.. i cant use it without charging it from the time i start until the end.. so i guess, i really need to buy a new battery and i hope this ones last

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    140 Cycles and not charging

    • Written by from Surrey

    Love my MacBook & have had it for just over a year but suddenly the battery is completely dead & not charging. It has gone through 140 cycles. Have tried all the recommended Apple fixes but to no avail. Guess I'm off to the Apple Store tomorrow for a new battery.

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    Mediocre Battery

    • Written by from Windsor

    I think my mac book is a terrific product. However, the battery life is not optimal....got about 14 months out of mine. Additionally, the plastic case has been splintering away and i had to buy a uniea hard case to keep it together. Fix this Apple folks.

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    My battery expanded

    • Written by

    I got my MacBook in 2006, and have been using it with the same battery ever since. I'd always leave it charging, and after some time I realized that my battery had actually expanded. So now when I clip it into my MacBook, the base of the laptop is not flat - the battery sticks out like a bloated thumb. Not to mention with the battery in the area next to the touchpad becomes super sensitive - touching it is like clicking the mouse.

    So I guess I have to get a new one.

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    • Written by from Norman

    I have had this battery for 1 year almost exactly. The darn thing has already crapped out!! Now, I have to buy a new one.

    One good thing is how long the battery lasts without having to be recharged though.
    ...but one year??

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    battery doesn't last long enough.

    • Written by from wheatley

    I love my macbook and it stays charged ok i guess, not impressive but not disappointing, what is disappointing however is that I have to replace the battery every 8-10 months, I think if you purchase a rechargeable battery it should be just that and not become a disposable battery that just recharges a few times. I wouldn't be upset if it wasnt costing me 140 bucks every year.

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