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    Just adding my two cents

    • Written by from CHICAGO

    I have been reading all the reviews and I have been having the same problem as others. I have had my mac since 2008 and really haven't had much problems. I had one problem in 2009 where my screen wouldn't work but Apple fixed it for free. I now have the battery problem, where there's an X in the battery and it has to remain plugged in all the time or it won't work. That was a year ago. It didn't bother me much until my new boss told me I have to bring my own laptop to work. Now I must purchase a new battery and I am not happy about spending $130 on it! C'mon Apple, help your loyal customers out!

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    Really short life span

    • Written by from Atco

    My first battery (that came installed in the Macbook 13in from late 2008) lasted me just over four years. I bought a new one and had to replace the wall adapter as well back in February or March 2013. I has been just 11 months now and the battery is already saying 'replace now.' A charge lasts me only about an hour and a half if I have my Macbook unplugged and running on the battery only.
    For $130 the battery should be a lot better than it is, though I am glad that Apple offers free shipping.

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    Replacement again

    • Written by from St-Charles-Borromee

    It's been six years since I bought my Macbook 1.1, good laptop except for the battery. Today I have to buy my 3rd battery replacement. Four batteries in six years is not a good ratio at all.

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    Genius Bar says bulging battery normal sign of wear

    • Written by from Greenville

    I have an early 2009 MacBook. When I took the alarmingly bulging battery into the Genius Bar I was told this was normal and that the bulging is a "safety feature" to prevent explosion. I was then sold a $130 replacement. How is this not a defect?

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    Swelling a big problem

    • Written by from Austin

    Swelling happened suddenly with no warning. Cracked the case of my macbook. Went to Apple store, and the genius told me it was normal for batteries to swell after they died. He also said he had never seen a bloated battery crack frame. Looking at the reviews online, I don't think he was entirely honest with me.

    I do think it's sad that unless you can watch your battery on an hourly/daily basis it can mess up your computer. Apple needs to fix this before they can earn more stars.

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    Swelling Battery!!

    • Written by from San Clemente

    Off to buy yet another battery, after spending a lot of money to replace another case for my macbook. So bummed, the battery swells and disables my track pad. Guess this is a known problem, yet no solution?! Very frustrating and disappointing Apple!

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    Swelling battery

    • Written by from Pleasanton

    I noticed the white plastic cover coming loose from my MacBook. I thought it was from carrying it around in my backpack. After reading reviews here about swelling batteries I looked at mine and discovered the cover was coming off because the swelled battery was popping the cover off. And as other have pointed out, now it doesn't sit flat on a table anymore. Mine is a 2009 MacBook 13". Pretty disappointing actually ...

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    Watch out for swelling problems.

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    My first MacBook battery swelled to the point where it rendered the trackpad inoperable and my MacBook would not sit flat on a table. After two years and less than 100 charge cycles, I had to get a replacement. I'm currently on a replacement battery and I can report that it seems to be holding up well, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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    • Written by from West Melbourne

    My original 13-inch MacBook battery lasted 3 years and a 3 months.

    I bought a replacement and expected it to last about the same.

    The replacement lasted one year and two months (just beyond the warranty).

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    Lasted 3 years, but falling apart?!

    • Written by from El Cerrito

    This is ridiculous, Apple. I've replaced the charger 6 times, and now the battery is swelling to the point that the plastic cover is being pushed out of the computer?! I have to buy a new one because I can't stand this anymore/it's uneven when placed on tables/it's potentially dangerous, but it's a little ridiculous that I have to pay this much money for a new battery. Just ridiculous.

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    Rechargeable Battery- Be aware

    • Written by from TALLAHASSEE

    I had this computer for 2 and half years. Over the years the battery would hold less and less, but never had a problem since I left the laptop unused for 10 days. Even thought the computer was charged and the charger not plugged in, at my return from my vacation the battery would not hold the charge, not even for a second. The charger gives me the green light, but the battery just does not hold. After reading some of the reviews, noticing that a lot of people had the same problems I wish I would have known better. I suggest anybody to read reviews on how to take care of their battery, or that Apple would warn their consumers. I also agree with other people about the high cost of the battery. Overall, in my experience PC laptops last much longer. When my battery died, my mouse pad broke too. That NEVER happened with my PC.

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    Life of battery....

    • Written by from Hurricane

    This battery is HORRIBLE!! The one that came with the computer needed replacing in the first 6 months of having the MacBook. This one is less than 2 months old and won't hold a charge even 2 hours. LOVE the computer, the battery, for the price, should be FAR better considering it's an Apple product.

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    Don't let it fully drained for a day

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    It happened to me also.
    I left my MacBook in sleep mode when it was fully drained. I didn't charge it for a day.
    When I came back home, I noticed that it said "Replacement Needed"

    It's not due to its age. The lithium ion or polymer ( Isn't it lithium ion? ) batteries don't have memory effect as NiCd batteries. So, I think it is due to a chip on the battery. As far as I know every battery has chips on it to monitor charge level, temperature, etc. It seems to me that the chip is somehow malfunctioning if the battery is left drained for a day or two.

    Also, I can't understand its high price tag.

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    The worst reason to have a problem...

    • Written by from Smithtown

    I've had my battery for three years now and it has worked perfectly. I've waited until its fully dead before charging it, and keep my backlight lower to get good life out of it. And then one day, after not using my computer for two or three days, I pug it in and turn it on only to realize that it will not hold a charge. Apparently, when you don't charge/use your battery for more than 48 hours, it dies completely. As in useless. Dead. It's seriously irritating. I wish someone would have told me about this flaw sometime sooner because now I'm out 130 bucks.

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    Don't let it sit! Design flaw...

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Left macbook behind for vacation. Returned three weeks later. Battery had died and will not charge anymore. Found out I should have taken it out before leaving. Didn't happen with my PC laptop...ups!

    $130 for an Apple product is a good hit. Get your credit card ready. Meanwhile enjoy reading the five star reviews on this item...

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    Another disappointed battery user

    • Written by from DALLAS

    It may be that faulty MacBook design encourages batteries to discharge rapidly, as someone suggests. But I've a MacBook battery that's been sitting on a shelf under no drain at all for a couple months, and now it’s totally flat and incapable of being recharged. The computer doesn't even acknowledge that a battery is installed.

    My practice has been to charge the battery in the computer, then remove it and operate on mains power until I need to travel. This has worked fine, till today, when I reinstalled this battery and found that it's apparently lost a full charge just from experiencing no load at all for several weeks. This battery had been recharged probably fewer than 20 times -- nowhere near 1,000 times, as I believe someone reported is an estimate of what its lifetime should be.

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    Love Apple, Hate this battery

    • Written by from NEW YORK

    Really. Cant' you guys come up with something better? I drain it completely and try to never charge it overnight, just enough to fully recharge. I still only get about four hours out of this thing that cost a small fortune. These batteries should go for 8 hours minimum.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not Satisfied.

    • Written by from San Diego

    It is still better than most PC laptop batteries, but nowhere near as good as the original battery I received with my Macbook about 4 years ago. Something is definitely different about the quality of the battery.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    LOve the macbook, hate the battery...

    • Written by from Culver City

    I have had my Macbook for over two years now. The battery on a flight to Florida, just expanded like it had a balloon in it, which from what I read is common. I cannot believe it is going to cost $129.00+ tax to replace it, and this is a known issue. Maybe my Applecare is still good. I did not have any issue with the time the battery lasted, it all depends on your brightness settings and such.

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    Defeats purpose of a Labtop

    • Written by from San Jose

    I love my macbook, but the battery only lasted me for 2 years. And with such an expensive computer I expected more. The battery only lasted a couple hours unplugged, which defeats the purpose of having a lab top, A.K.A. portable computer. I'm very disappointed in apple.

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