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    Downfall of a great computer

    • Written by from Asheboro

    I bought two MacBooks, mine a late 2006 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo bought new from the apple store and a second one for my mother for a Christmas gift. Hers was a 2007 model with the same specs. They have both been great computers other than the batteries. First my mother's battery started to bulge. It had gotten so bad by the time she told me about it that it ruined the track pad button and it had to be replaced along with the battery. I replaced hers with a NewerTech aftermarket battery primarily because the Apple OEM battery was on backorder at the time. I purchased a replacement top case from eBay and replaced it myself.

    Not long after this mine started to swell also so I replaced it with a genuine Apple part and did so before it had a chance to damage the computer. It is important to note that both batteries still held a great charge when they failed from swelling. A couple of years go by and my mom's NewerTech battery started to swell just like the factory battery did. I ordered another replacement from the Apple store and it is doing fine. Now my battery which appears fine says "Service Battery" and discharges at a rapid pace (about 45 minutes per charge). I don't know what the problem is with these batteries but there is definitely a problem. I purchased a new MacBook Pro with Retina display earlier this week. I don't know what I will do about the MacBook battery but I suppose I will continue to use it until it swells or dies.

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    Poor quality battery, Short lifespan

    • Written by from Brentwood

    My experience is similar to that of many others on this forum. The battery that came with my late 2007 Macbook (model 3,1) lasted a solid 4 years, at which time I replaced it because it started to bulge and affect the use of my Trackpad. My first replacement purchased in April 2012 died after 3 months, and the second replacement, covered under warranty, has died after 1 year. Today, the Mac Genius offered a replacement for $130, but after the experience of having 2 batteries die so quickly, I will forgo the purchase of another Apple battery and look for a more reliable 3rd party alternative.

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    • Written by from Denmead

    This battery hasn't lasted long at all, my first one lasted about 4 years, and this one has lasted 5 months!

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    • Written by from Clinton

    The battery didn't last long and it swelled so much it protrudes about an 1/8" in the center.

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    Terrible at best

    • Written by from Kingsport

    I purchased one of these to replace my original battery for my MacBook. One year later it died again. These things will drain your wallet. If your battery dies just get a new computer... or if you really like donating to Apple then keep buying these batteries.

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    Short life span

    • Written by from Aurora

    After only 162 cycles, the battery only holds 1/3 the charging capacity, even after several attempts to calibrate it. Very disappointing to say the least. The replacement batteries are not of the same quality as the original!

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    • Written by from Chino

    Stock battery with purchase of my Macbook died on the 100th charge cycle...and so I finally purchased a brand new one from the apple store just a few days ago and it's dead on the 4th charge and is not charging..........ridiculous.

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    2nd Battery Swollen

    • Written by from Indore

    I have a macbook, my factory battery got swollen 6 months out of warranty period. I bought a new one and today even that has swollen. Definitely an issue with either the batteries or the laptop itself. I have other Apple laptops in the family, none have had this issue.

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    Yet another battery

    • Written by from Fort Wainwright

    My macbook goes through about 1 battery per year. This is HORRIBLE! I wish apple would recall the batteries or the computer, which ever is the source of the problem. I am a loyal apple customer, but I have had to replace my battery on this one macbook at least 5 times. EEEKK! Thats a major expense on an already expensive computer.

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    • Written by from Brooklyn

    Like many others....2nd battery swollen, low number of cycles, track pad acting up, an explanation that this is supposed to happen, and the option to pay $99. Very disappointed.

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    • Written by from California

    The battery at first last 4 years than I got a new battery it only holds its charge for 1:30 minutes

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    bad battery

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    I've been reading good reviews and bad reviews. I would have to say that the battery life is super short and it is not worth the money. I've read all the instructions on how to take care my macbook including the part about battery. The battery is drained out just like Apple drained my money to buy their battery that doesn't even have a 1 year life expectancy. TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED.

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    Battery bulge after 71 cycles

    • Written by from Healdsburg

    The idea that the "bulging" battery issue is for depleted batteries etc is BS... my current battery has decided to literally split its seams after 71 cycles. The fact that apple doesn't replace these is definitely an extremely sore point with this customer.

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    Battery Swelling loss of trackpad functions

    • Written by from Vadodara

    Since, the past month, I have been facing issues with my Mac hanging suddenly, the battery though fully charged shows low charge and the screen turns blank. The base of my 13 inch Mc Book White has started to bulge and I have lost click functions on my track pad. I have regularly calibrated the battery and this issue disappoints me. I recently had to replace my Mag safe adapter and now the battery is giving trouble. I feel it was not worth investing in the Mac.

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    2 Batteries Swollen and won't fit in machine!

    • Written by from Toronto

    I purchased a Macbook for my wife a few years ago and about a year and a half ago the battery started to swell to the point that it wouldn't fit into the machine. I went to a local authorized apple repair shop and the guy told me that he'd seen this before and that all I could do was buy a new one because it was past the warrantee stage. Bought one and a year and a half later the same thing! Brutal! Seriously consider either not buying one or checking if there's some sort of extended warrantee on it if you really need one.

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    Swelling battery = Fire Hazard?!?!

    • Written by from Sellersburg

    Judging byt the amount of people I have talked to about this,it seems that about 3/5 of these batteries will (at some point) swell and cause the cover to come off.I'm not sure why apple isn't replacing this themselves instead of having the customer drop 130 for another battery that will either,
    A) do the same thing
    B) not nearly last as long.
    very let down by this battery and apple.

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    extremely poor life

    • Written by from Cochrane

    My macbook now says that I have to change the battery and it won't charge. Checking the system profiler, I've had 63 cycles. That's $2 a charge. So now I'm forced to purchase a new batter for $129.

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    makes me strongly question mac quality

    • Written by from Hancock

    My first battery died after 309 cycle counts. I was a student at the time and using it unplugged almost every day on campus I hit 309 cycles after having it just over a year. Tech support said the batteries are only designed for 300 cycle counts. 300?! And the support specialist continued to tell me that 300 counts in a year is "extremely heavy use". Heavy use? For a student using it every day on campus and in class that equates to a year! The $130 price tag is completely ridiculous as well, when almost any other computer battery on the market is ~$50. And also the fact that it died after 309 cycles? That's not a huge margin.

    My second battery, I was very cautious with. I always plugged it in, and I also graduated and used it less since I had a work computer. After a couple years I'm at about 200 cycle counts. However, I have found that it has started swelling which I discovered when my track pad stopped working. I realized the swelling battery was pressing on the pad from the underside rendering the track pad non-functional (or randomly engaging in a continual selected state which caused more trouble than it not working at all). I have also heard that a swelling battery could be a fire hazard.

    You would think you could take a battery out and run a laptop off wall power alone, right? Not with this mac. I do so and within a few minutes of use the screen goes black and/or the computer shuts down. Apparently under normal use the computer uses the battery as a backup when it can't get enough power. When it doesn't have the battery as a reserve it shuts down.

    I refuse to spend another $130 on another low quality battery and I am seriously considering giving up macs all together. (Other issues have included a disintegrating keyboard, peeling/cracking plastic around the keyboard and screen, airport card malfunction, a broken wall charger and now a second battery going prematurely.)

    I'm starting to think that apple is coasting on a reputation and not backing it up with quality products.

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    • Written by from Scarborough

    The original macbook battery is bad. The battery is deforming after 3 years, it ruined my plastic cover on my macbook and I can't click my mouse.
    I calibrate the battery 3 times a year thinking calibrating may extends my battery life but it does not. I don't have any problem with the maximum charging capacity, it is still 3 hours and 15 mins. It is just deforming and it gets so hot. I may think it will blow up one day.

    My wife's Acer laptop battery is better in quality, I bought her a laptop 3 years ago, the battery still holds the charge and it is not deforming.

    My next battery will not be from Apple, 3rd party battery is far less cheaper and longer warranty.

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    how can it fail soo many times?

    • Written by from Nepean

    4 years I have had my mac book, and had to replace it 3 times - looking at having to replace it AGAIN. What's with that?

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