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    Should last longer....much longer

    • Written by from Waterford

    My wife and I both have MacBooks. Her Battery just died after 16 months of use. I've read that in order to keep them up they need to be fully drained and fully charged each and every time. Sorry, but that's not 'real life'. You buy a notebook to be portable, not to stay plugged into a wall all day. (I have a desktop for that)

    My work computer is standard issue Dell laptop and I abuse the heck out it with no battery problems after 4 years (on planes, in meetings etc.).

    I expected more from Apple. 16 months is unacceptable performance in my mind.

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    13 Month Problem

    • Written by

    at 13 months the battery died completely. this is not a case of the battery holding less of a charge. one day i picked it up and it said there is no battery installed. this is extremely frustrating.

    judging by the other reviews, this is a very common problem. for apple to continue to produce and sell such faulty products, i must start to question the companies integrity.

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    • Written by from Morgantown

    I've had my Macbook for about a year & a half, and I've taken care to calibrate the battery like you're supposed to. However, for the past 3-4 months, I can't take my laptop anywhere without the power supply, because the battery lasts for (if I'm lucky) 20 minutes. My warranty is up, so now I have to spend $130 on a new battery. Two of my friends have had this same problem, as well.
    I'm usually a huge fan of Apple products, but this is ridiculous.

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    • Written by

    I got my Macbook 13'' in november 2006, about 5 months later the battery stopped working completely. It is now recognized on the toolbar as a giant x and no matter what i try it still won't charge. I've checked the mac help/troubleshooting but nothing works. Now I'm stuck with a all the time plugged-in laptop, (sort of defeats the purpose of a laptop) and always end up moving too fast and the cable comes out and the computer shuts down. I also cannot believe the price of a new battery! I love mac but if I'm going to be spending 129$ every 4-5 months to replace the battery might as well get a Dell !

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    Batter dead after 5 months

    • Written by from Brick

    13" MacBook battery dead after 5 months. OK this is crazy. And its not covered under the 3 yr AppleCare I purchased. Even after following Apples instructions to let the battery drain fully and recharge fully. Again this is crazy who does this in the real world. I am very dissapointed in Apple. I now have to pay $130 for a new battery, which might not last again. Come on Apple get on it. This is a big problem. Fix it.

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    Apple always comes up short n batteries

    • Written by from Palm springs

    Ive been a loyal Apple enthusiast since 1984. Owned the first Mac when it was only available to universities. Their form factors and designs are sexy brilliant and interfaces are intuitive.

    Power, however, has always come up short, Whether it be the ipod, the iphone, and now the MacBook. I ve had mine for just about two years and the battery flat out failed -- and Im a very casual user, who often times takes the battery out to spare battery life while using AC power.

    My brother's family has 3 macs -- all 3 batteries failed just after the first year.

    Not sure why Im writing a review. Its not like you have a choice in power sources. Perhaps Apple is reading these posts and will realize they kep having practices that alienate their loyal customer base.

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    Total garbage!

    • Written by from Hickory Creek

    After about 11 months of use, my battery will not work anymore. I payed $1399 for a Macbook, and my battery won't even function.I sent it in through AppleCare, and their exact words were,
    "Our analysis has determined that although your battery no longer has the capacity to function at a level necessary for the optimum operation of your unit, it is not defective."
    de·fec·tive: imperfect in form or function : faulty

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    Keep it plugged in it will die

    • Written by from new york

    I'm about to be on my third battery now in three years. It's incomprehensible that apple could have overlooked such a simple circuitry solution as bypassing the battery from ac power once it has fully charged or furnishing an option in the power profile to "cycle" the battery if the user should choose to leave it plugged in all the time. In any event all Mac buyers should be alerted to the fact that if you leave your computer plugged in at all times the battery will be gone in one year or less, especially those purchasing replacement batteries. Very bad business Apple Computer. I thought you were better than that.

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    Battery bulge after 71 cycles

    • Written by from Healdsburg

    The idea that the "bulging" battery issue is for depleted batteries etc is BS... my current battery has decided to literally split its seams after 71 cycles. The fact that apple doesn't replace these is definitely an extremely sore point with this customer.

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    2nd Battery Swollen

    • Written by from Indore

    I have a macbook, my factory battery got swollen 6 months out of warranty period. I bought a new one and today even that has swollen. Definitely an issue with either the batteries or the laptop itself. I have other Apple laptops in the family, none have had this issue.

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    • Written by from oceanside

    In less than year battery stopped working unless plugged in. If I wanted to be plugged in all the time I would have bought a desktop. I thought APPLE was supposed to be superior to PC, but in regards to this battery I am VERY disappointed. It is so expensive to replace this battery for less than 1 year of use! THUMBS DOWN!

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    makes me strongly question mac quality

    • Written by from Hancock

    My first battery died after 309 cycle counts. I was a student at the time and using it unplugged almost every day on campus I hit 309 cycles after having it just over a year. Tech support said the batteries are only designed for 300 cycle counts. 300?! And the support specialist continued to tell me that 300 counts in a year is "extremely heavy use". Heavy use? For a student using it every day on campus and in class that equates to a year! The $130 price tag is completely ridiculous as well, when almost any other computer battery on the market is ~$50. And also the fact that it died after 309 cycles? That's not a huge margin.

    My second battery, I was very cautious with. I always plugged it in, and I also graduated and used it less since I had a work computer. After a couple years I'm at about 200 cycle counts. However, I have found that it has started swelling which I discovered when my track pad stopped working. I realized the swelling battery was pressing on the pad from the underside rendering the track pad non-functional (or randomly engaging in a continual selected state which caused more trouble than it not working at all). I have also heard that a swelling battery could be a fire hazard.

    You would think you could take a battery out and run a laptop off wall power alone, right? Not with this mac. I do so and within a few minutes of use the screen goes black and/or the computer shuts down. Apparently under normal use the computer uses the battery as a backup when it can't get enough power. When it doesn't have the battery as a reserve it shuts down.

    I refuse to spend another $130 on another low quality battery and I am seriously considering giving up macs all together. (Other issues have included a disintegrating keyboard, peeling/cracking plastic around the keyboard and screen, airport card malfunction, a broken wall charger and now a second battery going prematurely.)

    I'm starting to think that apple is coasting on a reputation and not backing it up with quality products.

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    Beyond disappointed

    • Written by from Brighton

    My first Mac was a G4 Powerbook, whose battery lasted four years. That was the computer that sold me on Apple quality.

    I bought a Macbook just over three years ago, and today, the second battery I've had for it just died. No gradual decline in life signaling I'd better take care of this problem soon. I powered up this morning, it showed a full charge, but said I had only 9 minutes of battery life left.

    And no, I do not leave it plugged in all the time. After my first battery died, I made sure to educate myself on how to best maintain battery life. Unfortunately, none of those tips seem to matter with this battery. This will make it 3 batteries in 3 years of ownership. That's not right.

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    • Written by from Chino

    Stock battery with purchase of my Macbook died on the 100th charge cycle...and so I finally purchased a brand new one from the apple store just a few days ago and it's dead on the 4th charge and is not charging..........ridiculous.

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    die young

    • Written by from IRVINE

    I have 2 MacBooks because I'm an avid apple fan. However, I am very disappointed in this product. Both of my batteries died little after a year. Now I have to buy 2 more. Hope you have better luck with yours.

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    Not a quality product

    • Written by from Chicago

    My battery just died after 18 months. Had laptops for the past 15 years and this is the first time a battery abruptly dies on me. I'm used to slow declining performance, but not failure without notice. Unfortunately there's no choice but to buy from Apple. I miss my Thinkpad.

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    2 Batteries Swollen and won't fit in machine!

    • Written by from Toronto

    I purchased a Macbook for my wife a few years ago and about a year and a half ago the battery started to swell to the point that it wouldn't fit into the machine. I went to a local authorized apple repair shop and the guy told me that he'd seen this before and that all I could do was buy a new one because it was past the warrantee stage. Bought one and a year and a half later the same thing! Brutal! Seriously consider either not buying one or checking if there's some sort of extended warrantee on it if you really need one.

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    Battery life is a joke

    • Written by from Tipperary Town

    My battery died after i had my laptop about 19 months. I use it quite regularly as a student so i was quite disappointed that it died so quickly. I followed the instructions about full powerups and drains to the tee.

    While i can understand why a battery used quite a lot will die earlier I cant understand the price. These laptops are quite expensive as it is and as I already mentioned I am a student so it really is an expenditure I cant afford.

    Hopefully when I save the money to buy a new battery- €140, the new one will last me the next two years while I finish my course.

    Very unhappy. The support guy at Apple was very helpful but this very short battery life is a serious flaw that needs looking into as judging by these reviews it's a very common problem

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    • Written by from Brooklyn

    Like many others....2nd battery swollen, low number of cycles, track pad acting up, an explanation that this is supposed to happen, and the option to pay $99. Very disappointed.

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    Battery Swelling loss of trackpad functions

    • Written by from Vadodara

    Since, the past month, I have been facing issues with my Mac hanging suddenly, the battery though fully charged shows low charge and the screen turns blank. The base of my 13 inch Mc Book White has started to bulge and I have lost click functions on my track pad. I have regularly calibrated the battery and this issue disappoints me. I recently had to replace my Mag safe adapter and now the battery is giving trouble. I feel it was not worth investing in the Mac.

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