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    defective battery

    • Written by from Middletown

    Well, those who write negative reviews have some truth, although the swelling took some time, say 4 years, starting in 2008, to finally not let the macbook seal up, there are defects. I was disappointed that this could happen in spite of using the battery separate from the power source, running the battery down as instructed, not dropping the laptop on the floor, and so forth. Though when you consider the overall cost of the computer, 120 for four years when you got the computer for more than 5 times this price isn't the worst of your problems. Still of all the aspects of an actual macbook, the battery is perhaps the worst part, even though the computer, it's hardware, and the operating system, have worked like a charm for me for the past 4 years.

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    Battery Life

    • Written by from Upper Marlboro

    I just bought a new battery last year after my previous one died out (which I had for 3 years by the way), now I have to buy a new one after only ONE year because it's doing the same thing. I'm not understanding how I have to buy a new battery after only having it for a year. Apple please do better.

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    swelling battery

    • Written by from Sanford

    I thought it was just a poor fit. I don't use trackpad much but when it stopped working I found it had to be replace because the battery had swollen so bably. Was also told this was a potential fire problem. Have been using w/o battery but finally decide to replace with travel coming up.

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    totally disappointed from this battery

    • Written by from San Francisco

    ive got my macbook(that i love him so much) before 3 years ago.. & in the last year its gonna crazy the battery just fall apart all the plastic in the battery just going out .. & then half of my keyboard stop working.
    so im waiting 4 new macbook pros line to replace it .

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    Suddenly deformed itself to death after 3+ years

    • Written by from Yreka

    My battery was still working well until the past week, when it suddenly deformed itself to the no-longer-functional point and has practically come apart. Of course my warranty expired about 3 months ago, so I guess I have no alternative to getting another one.

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    Mac Book Battery

    • Written by from BLAIRSVILLE

    I've had my Mac Book for 4 years and this will be my third battery. I take great care in never leaving it plugged in beyond the actual charging (green) time and to drain it completely before re-charging. When the battery is new, I find that it does last for several hours at first but quickly has less and less charge time before having to re-charge. I have spent a fortune on this computer with new (2) chargers and (3) batteries and had to upgrade to Snow Leopard to even be able to access some of the newer things/software. But, I think that is just the nature of the beast. We can't live without them (not conveniently anyway) and we can't live with the high cost of keeping one around! Otherwise, I like my MAC.

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    People! Read this Apple link

    • Written by from Chermside

    Judging by the general tenor of the negative comments here, more people need to know about the general and excellent Apple Lithium-ion battery discussion at 'apple com batteries', and the more specific Mac models battery info knowledge base article at 'apple com / kb / ht1490 (replace the spaces with dots to use.)

    Both pages good stuff, even for this old radio tech, and clearly presented.

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    • Written by from New York

    Like another reviewer said, DO NOT LEAVE YOU LAPTOP IN SLEEP WHILE UNPLUGGED FOR OVER A DAY OR SO. In sleep mode it'll drain the batt far past it's reserve level and into the point of no return. I accidentally did it when I thought I shut my computer down, and now the batt shows 0% all the time, or a little slash through the battery icon. Sad face. Now I need a new battery. The lamest part of this is if you accidentally disconnect the power supply (trip over it or move the computer) the whole thing shuts off. (it's an obvious statement, but a super frustrating one.)

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    Great while it lasted, which wasn't very long...

    • Written by from Gig Harbor

    After only 199 cycles, my battery status is "Replace Now" and it does not hold ANY charge. Just last week my battery would still last 2-3 hours, and suddenly I'll plug it in and it says "Not Charging".

    Love the computer, used to love the battery, but I'm going to test my luck w/ a non-OEM battery this time around.

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    Needs Work

    • Written by from Port Moody

    Apple has to pull up their socks on their battery issues concerning 1st generation macbook's. I understand there are limitations to charge duration, but the failure of the battery altogether is preposterous. No rechargable battery fails faster.

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    • Written by

    I have a nearly 4-yr old 1st generation white Mac book, and I had the same experience as many other reviewers. My battery died slowly but surely over about a year and a half. I didn't know about the charging it fully then draining it fully theory of maintaining it, so after I get my second, new battery (finally...) I will try it. However, I have to say the battery really isn't that bad. It's bad now (20 min or less without power cord) almost 4 years down the road, but until 2 years old, it held almost 2 hrs of charge which could have been worse... Can't wait to get a second one though.

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    Battery Swelling Problem

    • Written by from Timonium

    The battery design is very well thought out in that its green LED indicators make it easy to tell how much charge is left even when the computer is off. However after having my macbook for nearly two years my battery started swelling dramatically, pushing up against the inside of the macbook making it almost impossible to click on the trackpad button and causing random clicks to happen when I rest my palm on the macbook to type. This is horrible.

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    • Written by from Sebring

    My battery is now in need of servicing. What does that mean? I now have to worry about a battery for my portable that has never given me 5 hours, despite the claims by Apple and some devoted/lucky customers.

    I will eventually have to get a replacement, I suppose, which then means more money spent. I hope that is not the Apple modus operandi, as I would be most disappointed. I agree with earlier comments, Apple does need to look at the quality of its batteries. Maybe that is why they decided to do internal batteries.

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    Assault and Battery

    • Written by from santee

    Have had my mac for about 3 1/2 years it will say fully charged and even on the power save mode it says (0:42) but only lasts about 10min well i guess shelling out $140 is what i have to do.
    Very disappointing. If after 3 1/2 years i only lasted 5 min with my Gf i would be in trouble
    also disk drive stopped working recently right after my apple care expired.

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    bad battery

    • Written by from Cocoa Beach

    I have 3 MacBooks all 2 - 3 years old, now the battery in one is bad, completely dead, its the one in my wifes computer, she took great care to let the battery discharge completely before she would charge it again, and then charge it completely and so forth, the other 2 were treated with no regard to battery level or preformance, those 2 still have decent battery life, 1.5 - 2 hours light useage, go figure. now, I'll have get a new battery for her one? 1 in 3 ain't bad I guess.

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    Peripherals messed up my battery

    • Written by from Des Moines

    I've had over 500 cycles, my macbook is 2 years old and until I bought an external hard drive a few weeks ago I was still getting about 3 1/2 - 4 hours per charge. Since I started using the external hd, however, i'm only getting 1 1/2 hours per charge - I don't think it's Apple's fault, but I don't understand why the HD messed up my battery so bad. Any thoughts?

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    A bit sad

    • Written by from FREDERICKSBURG

    Being a strong Apple fan, my Mom had purchased me a MacBook in the summer of 2006, right when the new designed MacBook came out. I have noticed alot of problems with the MacBook right when I recieved it, how ever it is much better than the fit, finish and stability of Dell, HP or any other computer company. After about a year and a half the battery would only last about 30-45 minutes, if I were to unplug my MacBook right now it would just turn off as if the battery wasnt in it. Im looking to purchase a new battery, however, it just upsets me that you cant get a good product now in days. But Apple will always be #1, I am very satsified with Apple compared to any other computer company.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    expensive, essential, broken

    • Written by from Freehold

    when i first purchased my macbook the battery was incredible and lasted longer than any other laptop that i have ever had by twice as much time, but as time went by the battery slowly started to last less time, to a point where it started to last about an hour and a half to a 2 hour max which is fine by me until one day the battery out of no where just completely refused to work, the battery says that its fully charged, yet the battery does not last longer than .10 of a second, if the ac cord gets yanked out by my dog i dont even have enough time to plug it back in before my computer is immediatley shut down.... major dissapointment but its essential to have one

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Charged and Drain:Yet only 2 -2.5 hours

    • Written by from San Diego

    Honestly, I charged and drained my NEW battery as one of the reviewers suggested. Yet, the battery only lasted for 2 - 2.5 hours in normal use.
    As one of the the reviewers said, "yes we need it, no it is not great."
    Sorry everyone, but we are yet to see a long lasting laptop battery. :(

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad Battery

    • Written by from Pleasanton

    I love my Macbook, which is 5 months old. I do not, however, like my battery. I was using it and it went down from 99 percent to 64 percent in a half hour. This is disappointing. Like I said, this computer is 5 months old and has been in the Apple Store for repairs twice, plus this battery problem. I am going to try getting a new battery, but I don't know if that will work. If anyone has any tips write a review- I check a lot.

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