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    Follow the Directions

    • Written by from Seminole

    I have two of these batteries and they provide power for three to four hours each. Performance and life are achieved by following the instructions in the Help section. Calibrate the battey once a month per the instructions, and don't leave it plugged in all the time. If you constantly use the power cord, remove the battery so it doesn't over charge. If you do these two things you'll get long life.

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    Same battery problem - Not a bad solution!

    • Written by from Corona

    After nine months of constantly using my MacBook Pro 17, the system recently started to shut down unexpectedly, Now the battery casing is expanding and buckling and will not hold a charge. The effective life cycle with other rechargeable battery systems I have used seems to be about the same.

    I was concerned about additional damage or safety hazard so I removed the battery. I called Apple Support and they agreed without dispute to send a replacement under warranty at no charge. Apple is still the best overall computer experience I have had!

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    • Written by from Clearwater

    Apple has engineered a great battery for the 17" MacBook Pro. It keeps chugging for 3.5 to 4 hours and greatly outpaces my old G4 15" Powerbook battery with double the operating time. I'm very impressed. Good work Apple!

    Note: If anyone isn't getting fabulous operating time, or is experiencing battery warpage or overheating, take your notebook into the Apple store and get a new battery. If you're within warranty it should be free, or if out of warranty, $129 is a small price to pay for the power this little beast puts out.

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    Terrible batteries

    • Written by from Salt Lake City

    I have had my very elegant and wonderful MBP for three years. I have now had to replace the battery twice. There is clearly a serious design flaw here. Apple should stand behind these problems rather than requiring customers to pay $129 for its problem

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    Houston, We Have A (SERIOUS) Problem!

    • Written by from Penn Valley

    If you've ended up here, then you likely have had problems similar to mine.  Here's mine: I use my computer plugged in most of the time, but often unplug to roam the house or to work somewhere without power.  The unit has worked well (although it does get HOT!) for a couple of years now (of nearly continual usage) originally getting approximately 3 hrs of usage - although of late I have noticed shorter & shorter battery life.  The other day (not certain whether I had just been utilizing the battery or had just gone to power), when I returned to it to start working I realized that the computer was wobbly - checked to see if it had lost a footing or had been placed upon something, then discovered that the battery case was almost completely out of its slot and the battery was all warped and expanded (to almost twice its size).  Removed power, shut it down, took out the battery and couldn't believe it - thought someone must have tried to pry it out of the computer.  It appeared that the unit had simply become unglued (although greatly expanded and warped).  No amount of effort could get it back together/normal (nor back in its slot).  

    In looking to replace it, I ended up at this review forum (I will take it to an Apple Store to see if they will simply give me another - as some have apparently successfully done - albeit theirs were potentially still under warranty which I doubt mine is).  I have read most of these reviews and to save you the trouble here are the most salient points: 1. This has apparently been a problem since these units first came out - look at the reviews, back to September '07 (whether they have improved on the design since their debut is unclear, but they definitely have NOT solved the problem); 2. You can go into "About This Mac" to find details about usage - I read one place that the units have about 2250 charge cycles - you'll see a number showing how many you've gone through (some said that below about 300 remaining the battery starts to have serious problems like shutting down when it still shows a charge - I did experience this a couple of times just before the battery expanded, but wrote it off to pilot error & don't know how many I was on when this all happened); 3. As the unit expands it can do other really bad things like expand inward - shutting down the mouse pad and creating serious OS errors; 4. You apparently can re-calibrate your battery and doing so may help your battery's life, but actually doing so a lot may hurt it instead; 5. Seeing that this is a regular problem (and unfixed) I am hesitant to buy another unit (many here have gone through 3 or 4 batteries) AND I do not think I would want to have one of the new computers with non-removable batteries - what happens when it goes - could ruin your whole computer AND NOT be replaceable!

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    Bad battery

    • Written by from Northfield

    I've extolled the virtues of owning a Mac to all I've encountered. I've owned my MBP for nearly 3 years and began to notice a problem with overheating and discovered the bulging battery. This caused my computer to shutdown in the middle of projects and ultimately resulted in my ordering a new battery at a cost of $129. Never in all my years of owning a PC have I had the issue of a bulging battery. Especially when you bear the cost of replacing it.

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    battery BULGE! woah!

    • Written by from Crested Butte

    wow. Applecare just told me that the battery bulge is part of the battery design. seriously! the battery bulges outward so as not to damage the innards of the computer. when the battery is at the end of its cycle life.

    so let me get this straight... apple designed the battery to bulge after the "cycle life" of the battery in order to protect the mobo / trackpad / etc... and yet the bulging renders the trackpad button usless and makes for a wobbly base so that the computer wont sit flat on the desk, and thus must be replaced at the cost of $130... hmmmm....

    APPLE i love you, but seriously...

    we are not ignorant. we, for the most part, are computer geeks with enough common sense to know you're being stubborn + indignant about a clearly "known issue"

    please don't spin this problem into ergonomic functionality.
    these batteries are of defective design or manufacturing

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    Battery buldging for MacBook Pro 17

    • Written by from Boyds

    I have MacBook Pro17 for about 2 years. I always plug in my computer to the power source. Battery holds power for almost 3 hours. Two days ago I saw my computer now sitting properly on my desk. I thoung there was something under my computer. But I was disappointed to see that battery was buldged out. I tried to fix it but could not. I have to replace it now. It is not cheap, $129. Really disappointing.

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    Yet another swelling battery victim

    • Written by from Cottondale

    Battery swelled and burst out of its case.

    Really excited about plopping down another $130 on this MBP for an admitted defect.

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    Battery popped open

    • Written by from Westmount

    After around 3 years of honorable service it simply popped open!!!

    Not a very safe performance, I would say! Luckily there was no leakage: likely only swollen cells.

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    • Written by from bountiful

    This is the second time a bulging battery has nearly destroyed my 17-inch MacBook Pro. The battery becomes so enlarged that it warps the entire chassis so that it will not sit flat, close properly, or allow the track pad to function. Not to mention the heat generated by these bulging batteries should be considered a safety concern alone. Yet the "genius bar" claims that this is normal battery behavior and that I am responsible for purchasing a replacement. It's insulting! Whether I purchase it or Apple grants me a free replacement I'm stuck with a time bomb and it's shocking that Apple finds this acceptable.

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    Swollen 17in Battery

    • Written by from Rodano

    When this battery started to deform, I took in out of the PowerBook and set it on a counter. Three days later, it is 3x the size and would have torn the PowerBook in two. Not very impressed Apple!

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    Incredible Swelling Battery

    • Written by from Orem

    3 weeks ago, noticed the mouse pad on my 2 year old MBP would not work. Within a week I noticed the MBP would not lay flat on my desk, then discovered the bulging battery. Since removing the battery, the mouse pad works again and there appears to be no residual damage to the MPB case. Since removal, one corner of the battery case split open 2 inches, exposing the foil encased interior of the battery. I'm just relieved i didn't leave the battery in the laptop which could have caused major damage. From other experiences I've read recently Apple stopped replacing these defective batteries in May 2009. I will need to purchase a new battery, however my biggest worry is fear of the new replacement battery self destructing in 12-24 months. This battery issue is atypical of Apple quality - I have been a loyal Apple owner for 20 years - this is very disappointing.

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    Expanding Battery problem - how to check

    • Written by

    My battery expanded, unfortunately. If you go to "about this Mac' (in your menu) > More Info > Power > Full charge capacity. on the 17 inch it should read about 2205. Then check Cycle Count. My number is at 578. The problem is that the batteries are only 'good' until about 300, after that they start doing weird things, like making your laptop shut down while it is plugged into the charger, etc. You just need to purchase a new battery. Also, they tend to get hotter faster the older they are, which explains the expansion. Hope this helps. I am a bit disappointed, but I guess it just happens.

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    Found "bulging battery problem" caused by overheating.

    • Written by from Austin

    I came here to buy a new battery as mine was bulged and causing serious problems. For weeks I was stumped, having incessant trackpad issues. The entire lower part below the keyboard (across the width of the whole 17" laptop) acted like a track pad with the button stuck. Until I removed the battery, the laptop was worthless.

    It works fine with no battery and power supply.

    The problem? I had used it in my lap for 3 years and yes, it often got so hot I had to put a blanket under it. One day I let it sit overnight on a polished smooth granite countertop, running a PC emulator, downloading files. It was too much CPU for one night and it must have warped the battery.

    Dear Apple, may I suggest detecting overheating situations in the software? I believe it is possible.

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    Bulging battery problems continue

    • Written by from Gainesville

    I'm so glad I read the reviews; they saved my computer. The problem I first noticed was that my computer would suddenly shut off when the battery icon showed it still had around half a charge left. This led me to believe that the battery was dying and needed to be replaced, and I decided I could make due with the powercord for a while. However, the trackpad/spacebar started acting up too. I removed my battery and discovered the casing was coming apart and was starting to warp on one side. I came here to purchase another battery and discovered this was a trend, not an isolated case. Thankfully someone wrote that if you notice your battery expanding to remove it from your computer and leave it out for good; a few days after I removed mine it fully "exploded" and doubled in width. Had I left it in my computer, it would have broken everything.

    To Apple's credit, they did give me a new battery even though my warranty was up. At least they realize that there is a problem with their product, but it's amazing to see that even after many years they haven't fixed the issue.

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    Swelling battery - again!

    • Written by from Montreal

    I had to replace the original battery for this computer because of swelling. When the battery swells, it interferes with the track pad and makes it impossible to use. If you don't have an exterior mouse, you can only use the computer by removing the battery and run it with the power supply, which means the computer is no longer portable.

    Now it is happening again. My second battery is swelling like the first. Would this happen if the battery were not badly designed in the first place? The computer is great but the battery is not.

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    Battery Popped apart

    • Written by from Moscow

    My battery popped out on my MacBook Pro after about a year and a half. At first I couldn't figure out why it was bulging on the bottom but then I took it out and saw it was coming completely apart. This is very unsafe and from the looks of it, many others are also experiencing the same problem. I love my MacBook but this is a little unusual for something like this to occur from normal wear and tear.

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    Macbook Pro Battery..

    • Written by from Berkeley

    After almost 2.5 years my MBP 17" Battery pulled the expanding balloon trick, eventually killing the trackpad.. I of course thought it was the trackpad until the battery expanded in the other direction.. and when the Macbook is a rockin.. well I wasn't knocking on wood.

    The cool thing was after going setting up an appointment at the Emeryville Apple store, they replaced it immediately no questions asked even though my mac was wayyyy out of warranty. Cheers Apple.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very sad ... two of my Mac Book Pro 17' batteries bulged.

    • Written by from Irving

    I am very much disappointed with the quality of these batteries. I had bulge issue with two batteries within 2 years.
    I am not sure how we can use a laptop without a proper battery. I cannot use my laptop as a desktop plugging it always to a power source. I am sorry Apple.. I am really disappointed with this product.

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