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    Terrible batteries

    • Written by from Salt Lake City

    I have had my very elegant and wonderful MBP for three years. I have now had to replace the battery twice. There is clearly a serious design flaw here. Apple should stand behind these problems rather than requiring customers to pay $129 for its problem

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    battery BULGE! woah!

    • Written by from Crested Butte

    wow. Applecare just told me that the battery bulge is part of the battery design. seriously! the battery bulges outward so as not to damage the innards of the computer. when the battery is at the end of its cycle life.

    so let me get this straight... apple designed the battery to bulge after the "cycle life" of the battery in order to protect the mobo / trackpad / etc... and yet the bulging renders the trackpad button usless and makes for a wobbly base so that the computer wont sit flat on the desk, and thus must be replaced at the cost of $130... hmmmm....

    APPLE i love you, but seriously...

    we are not ignorant. we, for the most part, are computer geeks with enough common sense to know you're being stubborn + indignant about a clearly "known issue"

    please don't spin this problem into ergonomic functionality.
    these batteries are of defective design or manufacturing

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    Yet another swelling battery victim

    • Written by from Cottondale

    Battery swelled and burst out of its case.

    Really excited about plopping down another $130 on this MBP for an admitted defect.

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    • Written by from bountiful

    This is the second time a bulging battery has nearly destroyed my 17-inch MacBook Pro. The battery becomes so enlarged that it warps the entire chassis so that it will not sit flat, close properly, or allow the track pad to function. Not to mention the heat generated by these bulging batteries should be considered a safety concern alone. Yet the "genius bar" claims that this is normal battery behavior and that I am responsible for purchasing a replacement. It's insulting! Whether I purchase it or Apple grants me a free replacement I'm stuck with a time bomb and it's shocking that Apple finds this acceptable.

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    Swollen 17in Battery

    • Written by from Rodano

    When this battery started to deform, I took in out of the PowerBook and set it on a counter. Three days later, it is 3x the size and would have torn the PowerBook in two. Not very impressed Apple!

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    Incredible Swelling Battery

    • Written by from Orem

    3 weeks ago, noticed the mouse pad on my 2 year old MBP would not work. Within a week I noticed the MBP would not lay flat on my desk, then discovered the bulging battery. Since removing the battery, the mouse pad works again and there appears to be no residual damage to the MPB case. Since removal, one corner of the battery case split open 2 inches, exposing the foil encased interior of the battery. I'm just relieved i didn't leave the battery in the laptop which could have caused major damage. From other experiences I've read recently Apple stopped replacing these defective batteries in May 2009. I will need to purchase a new battery, however my biggest worry is fear of the new replacement battery self destructing in 12-24 months. This battery issue is atypical of Apple quality - I have been a loyal Apple owner for 20 years - this is very disappointing.

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    Swelling battery - again!

    • Written by from Montreal

    I had to replace the original battery for this computer because of swelling. When the battery swells, it interferes with the track pad and makes it impossible to use. If you don't have an exterior mouse, you can only use the computer by removing the battery and run it with the power supply, which means the computer is no longer portable.

    Now it is happening again. My second battery is swelling like the first. Would this happen if the battery were not badly designed in the first place? The computer is great but the battery is not.

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    Battery Popped apart

    • Written by from Moscow

    My battery popped out on my MacBook Pro after about a year and a half. At first I couldn't figure out why it was bulging on the bottom but then I took it out and saw it was coming completely apart. This is very unsafe and from the looks of it, many others are also experiencing the same problem. I love my MacBook but this is a little unusual for something like this to occur from normal wear and tear.

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    Very sad ... two of my Mac Book Pro 17' batteries bulged.

    • Written by from Irving

    I am very much disappointed with the quality of these batteries. I had bulge issue with two batteries within 2 years.
    I am not sure how we can use a laptop without a proper battery. I cannot use my laptop as a desktop plugging it always to a power source. I am sorry Apple.. I am really disappointed with this product.

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    Macbook Pro Battery

    • Written by from Hanover

    Awful!! Never had a computer battery swell and almost ruin the computer.....and Apple wants $129 for a new one! Should give them out for free with quality this bad.

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    Two bulging batteries - at the same time!

    • Written by from Lancaster

    I work with Macs on a daily basis to make a living. I'll give the two laptop batteries credit for not bulging after six years of pretty hardcore usage. In 2006, my company bought two 17" MacBook Pro's. Six years later the batteries in both laptops are bulging - one to a much greater, and disconcerting, degree than the other. Since they are both out of warranty, I guess I don't get half my paycheck this month... Thanks, Apple, for making me waste my rent money on a battery that should have been recalled.

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    Someone needs to file a class action.

    • Written by from Snohomish

    I have had to replace these batteries every year since I purchased my MacBook Pro.

    They always fail in the same manor, Over heating and delaminating , luckily none of mine have caught fire or cracked the main logic board like so many others have reported. This last one lasted less than a year, and less than 200 charge cycles.

    Unfortunately apple has rigged this site, so that I cannot give it the zero stars rating it deserves.

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    Swollen Battery - really bad!

    • Written by from Strongsville

    My 17" MacbookPro battery has swollen to nearly twice its size, I can no longer use this battery in my laptop. I would hope Apple would step up and replace, as it is obvious that this is clearly a manufacturer defect.

    Battery: A1189 10.8 V 17' MacBook Pro

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    MacBookPro 17" Battery is dangerous

    • Written by from Bruxelles

    First battery bulged after 1.5 years. Even out of warranty, Apple changed it for free because they confirmed it was not normal. Fair enough.

    Now, after 4 years, the second battery bulged for 9 mm. I detected it before the explosion and removed it from MacBookPro.

    I fully understand that battery has a life cycle, but it is absolutely NOT normal that the battery bulged until explosion.

    This product is dangerous.

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    Off to Buy my THIRD Battery

    • Written by from Greenwood

    These batteries do not last. They overheat and come apart. The charge is minimal. When is Apple going to fix their battery issues or at least stand behind them and replace faulty ones?

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    Battery wrecked notebook.

    • Written by from München

    A few months ago, I stored the notebook in a drawer. It was working fine when I last shut it down. Now I noticed the battery sticking out. Turns out the battery burst. Apple Support calls this a feature. Because it prevented the battery from exploding and burning the house down while we were completely unaware Apple batteries did that when NOT IN USE.

    The battery, probably before not exploding, apparently wrecked the mainboard. The computer does not start up and is completely dead. This is a design flaw and I would have expected Apple to deal with this humbly instead of stating it's normal. A self-destructing notebook is NOT normal.

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    third bulging battery

    • Written by from Jacksonville Beach

    my macbook pro is an amazing machine. just one flaw. and its a major one... EXPLODING BATTERIES. i am on my third massively bulging battery and apple has tried to convince me its a normal thing for a battery at the end of its life. that is just not true. it is a severe design flaw. my computer was checked twice to determine whether or not there was something wrong with it to cause these batteries to bulge. the fault was found to lie in the batteries. every time this happens it causes my computer to warp and damages my trackpad and keyboard. a $3,000 laptop should not experience these types of troubles.

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    bulging battery again

    • Written by from Alexandria

    Got a replacement battery after about 4 years of having the computer, because it was swollen to about twice it's size. Now, only about a year later, and the battery is bulging again. ARRRRGGGHHHH!

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    Second battery that has bulged!

    • Written by from CINCINNATI

    My family and I have been mac users for years and LOVE all that is mac. This being said, I am very dissapointed with this particular battery. I experienced this this problem once already and apple replaced it a year ago as my computer was still under the protection plan. The same problem has happened again and they now refuse to replace it because my plan is out of warranty and ignore that it is a faulty battery. They deny this even given that the battery registers only 260 cycles and only a little more than a year of use. This is apparently a safety feature and just bad luck that it happened so soon. I do know that this typically battery will start holding less charge at around 300 cycles, but to say that it it does not warrant a replacement is absolutely absurd. This is just food for thought. I will have to buy a new one no matter what, but hopefully someone from apple reads this and this won't happen to others. I am loosing faith in apple's customer service, something that I have bragged about for the past 10 years.

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    Bulging battery

    • Written by from Austin

    Battery bulged... not much more to say. The computer is useless when I have the battery in because it's bulging so much that it is effecting the track pad. When I rest my wrists to type all of a sudden the computer randomly clicks on things. I believe this is actually a hazard to the user.

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