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    Exploded in sleep mode

    • Written by from London

    The battery on my MacBook Pro exploded while it was in sleep mode- swelled completely, possibly damaging keyboard. Awful, not the quality you would expect from Apple!

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    Defective Battery

    • Written by from Pretoria

    My battery started generating too much heat and then failed to hold charge, within a week, it swelled up and cracked its case.
    Before that, it destroyed two Magsafe chargers melting them.
    It seems Apple is building a bad product in these batteries.
    Has Apple said anything about bad batteries?

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    Battery exploded or precisely inflated like a cake in the oven, great but..

    • Written by from LOS ANGELES

    ... uneatable !!!
    I was not next to my computer so I have no idea if any other damages in my system which is really annoying -

    What the is going on?? I keep reading articles about it today and it actually just happened to me ; also it becomes very hot too hot by times like I could NOT take it anymore on my legs, I got burning sensations and had to put laptop somewhere else if I was wearing shorts or light textile, obviously there's a problem but APPLE is probably aware of it and I do believe the company will do something about it but if you experience issues after buying the battery recently you should go and change it as it isn't normal.

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    • Written by from Ventura

    This is such a safety hazard. 2nd time by battery has swollen and burst open. After the first time, I replaced it and used the battery sparingly. Didn't seem to help. Almost like these batteries have a self-destruct mechanism in them so that Apple can get us all to upgrade to their latest and greatest laptop.

    Funny thing is that everybody who has written a review says how terrible Apple is for allowing this. I'm the only one who has actually done anything... I bought a PC laptop, and built a PC desktop. Bought a OSX Lion disc for 29.99 and installed it on both. Now I'm not stuck with overpriced Apple hardware and can upgrade to my hearts content. I'll never have this battery problem again.

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    same story...

    • Written by

    Battery got hot. Battery wouldn't hold charge. Battery bulged and eventually burst open. This happened in 2011 to the original battery that came with my MBP which I got in 2008. I just purchased & received replacement battery, I'm hoping it lasts at least as long as my original. Reading all these reviews has been disturbing. Is there nothing Apple can do about this problem???
    (Side note: I recently purchased a Targus Chill Hub in hopes it will keep the battery/MBP cool and maybe help prevent future bulging. We'll see how that goes...)

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    Cea mai proasta baterie ever...

    • Written by from bucuresti

    This is the most stupid product from apple. I had my MacBook Pro still working with this battery, but is like is gonna explode. And is a PRO. My wife's white macbook is still working best. Is my second change of the battery... What is going on ? ???

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    Worse than lousy Dell battery

    • Written by from Birmingham

    I have just removed my second battery from my MBP. I knew what was coming, because my first battery did the same - first it becomes unbelievably hot, to the point that it is physically uncomfortable to hold the computer on my lap. Then the trackpad button doesn't work as well - the first time this happened, I blamed my wife, thinking she must have gotten some crumbs down in it, until I took out the battery, and suddenly it works great. So now the battery has started the bulging and separating, so battery number 2 is gone. And now I see that I have the wonderful option of buying another one of these gems for the great low price of $129. I have a Dell laptop as well whose battery wouldn't hold a charge after a year, but even it didn't mushroom like this one and impact the functionality of the computer.

    The computer still works great, so I don't want to replace, so I guess I have no choice but to buy another of these lemons.

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    Bulging battery

    • Written by from Larchmont

    After 2.5 hrs of good service in my MacBook pro 17 the battery started to bulge and then busted open. It was pretty disturbing and seemed dangerous.

    I called apple support and they basically told me they would not replace the battery - it is out of warranty and I'm on my own. I am a loyal apple fanby and have bought tens of thousands of dollars of apple products.

    Thanks Apple!!

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    • Written by from savannah

    I have several mac books. my 17inch 2007 model intel dual core mac book pro has already killed 2 batteries. After 14-16 months It over heats like crazy burning your leg and you know it is done. After that it over heats and bulges it won't hold charge and your computer starts acting crazy. if it was a $60 part ... no problem but it is not After paying $129 I expect a little more time out of that battery. Mac books rock... their batteries explode.... not cool.

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    Bulge Battery

    • Written by from North Highlands

    I am on battery 3 and none of them have lasted much more than a year. All these bad reviews it seems like apple would do something.

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    A ticking bomb

    • Written by from Richmond

    I'm about to purchase battery #3 and the worst part is that the warranty just expired on the last battery. It's like they have a self destruct after a year.

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    1 year old and bulging!

    • Written by from South Berwick

    I am ordering my second battery in one year. Very frustrating that Apple hasn't figured out how to NOT have this battery bulge! C'mon Apple!

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    • Written by from BUFFALO

    I just discovered that my battery was completely bulged too as of today. I'm surprised my laptop was still working fine when i turned it on without realizing immediately how messed up my battery had become. I guess now i am forced to buy a new one although it shows what a total unreliable garbage product this is. I'm not a happy camper at all and might sell my MacBookPro too after i got the new battery. I guess I should consider myself lucky the darn thing didn't catch on fire and burned down my office...

    Maybe Apple should stop focusing so much on pushing their iPhones and iPads to lure in all these new customers, but instead try to make their existing products more reliable and keep their old and loyal userbase satisfied! Bah... It's been going pretty much downhill with the brand since they started to become so popular with the mainstream crowd in the last couple of years :(

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    Gee, wow. Another bulging 17 Macbook Pro Battery Review?!?

    • Written by from Covington

    This is battery number two that my Macbook Pro has had. And once again this one is bulging. Apple may want to consider a recall.

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    • Written by from Irving

    This battery bulged after a few years. I am only buying a new one so I can sell the computer.

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    Second battery warps a year and a half later

    • Written by from Ann Arbor

    My battery had a severe warp a year and half ago and went to the Genius and brought it in. It was past warranty, but I was hoping for help- the warping was very bizarre- unlike normal wear and tear.
    Anyway, they sold me a new battery at full cost and wished me luck. The new battery started to fail about a year later. 2 days ago I noticed the bulge. I pulled it out and now, only a few days later and sitting on my desk, I see the bulge has increased twofold.
    Am I just gonna buy another battery with a year lifespan and certain bulging?

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    • Written by from bountiful

    This is the second time a bulging battery has nearly destroyed my 17-inch MacBook Pro. The battery becomes so enlarged that it warps the entire chassis so that it will not sit flat, close properly, or allow the track pad to function. Not to mention the heat generated by these bulging batteries should be considered a safety concern alone. Yet the "genius bar" claims that this is normal battery behavior and that I am responsible for purchasing a replacement. It's insulting! Whether I purchase it or Apple grants me a free replacement I'm stuck with a time bomb and it's shocking that Apple finds this acceptable.

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    Disappointed and worried

    • Written by from Earlysville

    After a little over two years, my 17" Macbook Pro started rocking. Turned out to be a puffy battery. Drove an hour to the Richmond, VA Apple store and they replaced it after initial hemming and hawing. Still under Applecare.
    Last week while on the road, the new battery, a little over a year old, started puffing up. Stopped at the Birmingham, AL Apple store and was told that I'd got the good from the battery, a little over 300 cycles.
    If I have to buy a battery every year or so, so be it; however the expanding battery pack worries me. None of my PC laptops' batteries have done this. Knowing that the batteries expand, I am loathe to replace my current laptop with a new Macbook with a internal battery. What's to keep them from expanding and making the Macbook a disposable computer?

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    replacement and original failed

    • Written by from Beverly

    Both the original and the replacement failed. Apple should be ashamed of itself.

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    Piece of dung

    • Written by from Surrey

    I replaced my original battery due to swelling issues about 2 years after purchasing my macbook pro. Well, things haven't improved. In fact the replacement battery I purchased lasted just long enough to clear the warranty. Thanks apple. I'll buy HP next time.

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