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    MacBook Pro 17" Battery Frustration

    • Written by from Newtown

    I have a 2009 17" MacBook Pro and the battery bulged out in two years. I went to the Apple store to have it replaced because I thought it was defective and should get a new one at no charge (warranty or no warranty). I was told without a warranty I would be charged to have it replaced. I had no choice but to pay for a new battery.
    I asked the genius at the genius bar what caused my battery to expand (swell)
    and isn't it defective. I was told that this was normal due to expanding gases within the battery. If this is normal then I would recommend Apple telling this to their customers when the MacBook is purchased or print it on the box. Very disappointed
    with this problem and the response I got from the "genius"!

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    Second Battery in one year

    • Written by from San Diego

    Same ole' thing. I have a 2008 17" Pro and that battery bulged out in two years. I had it replaced at the Apple store last year and am having problems with the new one. Amazing that they can't get this right. Been using Macs since the first one back in 1984 and this is my my third Macbook Pro. This current unit has had more problems --Nvidia (sp?) card had to be replaced, second battery to go out, and I have a bad key which is a pain --"9". But, back to this battery --I would have hoped that Apple would have taken care of this problem as it seems to be very very common.

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    Same of the Same. Will apple do Something about it????

    • Written by from Sant Pol de Mar

    Dear all, i read and read the reviews and it seems ther´s a large amount of people with the same problem, why apple dosen´t do anything??? What shall we do?? YES, also my battery is swallen up and became very hot and my trackpard stop working and it was ONLY 212 cycles and LESS THAN 3 years old. SOLUTIONS PLEASE!!!

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    17inc MacBook Pro A1189 Battery DYING.

    • Written by from port moody

    my battery runs really hot and shut off my MAC book 17pro.
    it looks like the battery is starting to bulge out and the metal
    plate is coming apart.
    will this thing blow up one day?
    is there a RECALL for this A1189 battery?
    isn't this a safety issue?

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    Bulging Battery

    • Written by

    I have been trying to figure out what I am doing wrong! I am saddened to learn that Mac produces such a product, but relieved to know that the problem is universal. I have obtained another 15' macbook pro and so far i have not experienced these problems. Is it worth buying my third battery for my older 17' macbook pro?

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    Love apple - not loving this battery issue

    • Written by from Westlake

    Replaced this battery less than a year ago. Should I buy number three or go with an after market battery ....hmmmm...

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    Bulging Battery - Fair Review

    • Written by from Harvest

    The only reason why I didn't give it a lower rating is because of the number of years it lasted reliably.

    Alas, I have fallen victim to the "bulging battery" problem and am shelling out $130.

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    • Written by from Mercer Island

    These batteries certainly would get a much better rating if they didn't continue to have the ongoing buckling issues. They rate about like any others in terms of holding their charge over time, but the fact that, without fan malfunction issues, they suddenly start morphing out of shape and essentially make continuing to use them impossible. Apple should get a fix on this issue. It's costly and annoying.

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    I wish there was an option for 0 stars

    • Written by from Murrieta

    This is the third battery in 5 years to bulge and nearly explode. This time it happened overnight. Before it took a while to expand before I realized it. When is Apple going to admit defeat on this and begin making it up to us? This 17" MBP has been a money pit since I got it. The ONLY thing that hasn't been replaced on it is the outer shell. New mainboard, ram, hard drive, screen, keyboard... BATTERY. Pile of garbage.

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    Another Expanding Battery

    • Written by from Chandler

    This is my second battery in 3 years. I really don't understand why it's so hard to make a battery that doesn't bulge. None of my other 'cheaper' notebooks do this and they are way older. You win Apple...I'll be shelling out $129 for a new battery to help add to your billions in the bank.

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    Bulging Battery=track pad button stuck

    • Written by from brooklyn

    My track pad button was also stuck and upon reading this forum I realized that my battery was in fact bulging out. I removed the battery and voila! No more button problems. Problem is that magnetic charger is designed to pull out easily so you have to be careful that you don't accidentally pull the plug and lose your work. A new battery is in order. I think this one had a good run-4 years, not bad but could have created a more serious problem had I not realized that this was the problem.

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    Another one bites the dust...

    • Written by from Peoria

    I have already had issues with the bulging battery in my MBP - thankfully it was at a time when Apple was willing to take control of the situation and replace it, no charge. I have recently had a hard drive failure - losing everything... have been working without a "C" key for a while, and decided to put a little money into it to fix it up. A few hundred dollars later, with a new hard drive and a new keyboard - the battery exploded again. SO FRUSTRATED! Do I keep putting money into this or just call it a loss? ugh.

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    Battery Bulge, Trackpad freaking out

    • Written by from Irvine

    Same here, battery bulged and trackpad is freaking out with the pointer going all over and creating havoc. Ironically noticed it after Lion upgrade. However if I remove my battery and operate on just wall power, no issues with trackpad. Going to take it to Geniuses and see how they can help.

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    macbook pro battery bulge

    • Written by from seattle

    this is so disappointing. a couple weeks ago my keyboard and track pad became intermittently unresponsive. i brought to geniuses. of course, when with genius, computer functioned flawlessly. he advised if it happens again i could attach an auxiliary mouse and keypad, in lieu of replacing entire keyboard which probably wouldn't be worth it at this life in the computer. now, i know WHY this has happened. it seems that my bulging battery has caused the systemic failure of my computer. now what? blub. blub.

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    Battery #2 - Not even 200 cycles.

    • Written by from Brantford

    After my first battery expanded and almost ruined my MBP I called Apple to see if they could help. Since it was over 300 charge cycles, they couldn't do anything. I begrudgingly spent the $129 on a replacement and guess what? Well under 200 charge cycles and it has done the same thing. I even followed their advice of regularly draining the battery. I have also tried using a full battery backup and surge protector when using it plugged in. The reason I bought a Mac in the first place was because of all the people I know raving about their 10 year old Macs that still work great...

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    Battery got really hot and swelled

    • Written by from Las Cruces

    The original battery always ran hot. Several weeks ago it began swelling. I removed it and it continued to swell and force the battery housing apart until it was about 3 times its normal thickness. I have a Dell laptop that is the same vintage. Its battery barely gets warm and still has a little life left. Apple products are quality for the most part but the manufacturer who supplied the batteries for these was a very poor choice.

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    Exploded in sleep mode

    • Written by from London

    The battery on my MacBook Pro exploded while it was in sleep mode- swelled completely, possibly damaging keyboard. Awful, not the quality you would expect from Apple!

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    Defective Battery

    • Written by from Pretoria

    My battery started generating too much heat and then failed to hold charge, within a week, it swelled up and cracked its case.
    Before that, it destroyed two Magsafe chargers melting them.
    It seems Apple is building a bad product in these batteries.
    Has Apple said anything about bad batteries?

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    Battery exploded or precisely inflated like a cake in the oven, great but..

    • Written by from LOS ANGELES

    ... uneatable !!!
    I was not next to my computer so I have no idea if any other damages in my system which is really annoying -

    What the is going on?? I keep reading articles about it today and it actually just happened to me ; also it becomes very hot too hot by times like I could NOT take it anymore on my legs, I got burning sensations and had to put laptop somewhere else if I was wearing shorts or light textile, obviously there's a problem but APPLE is probably aware of it and I do believe the company will do something about it but if you experience issues after buying the battery recently you should go and change it as it isn't normal.

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    • Written by from Ventura

    This is such a safety hazard. 2nd time by battery has swollen and burst open. After the first time, I replaced it and used the battery sparingly. Didn't seem to help. Almost like these batteries have a self-destruct mechanism in them so that Apple can get us all to upgrade to their latest and greatest laptop.

    Funny thing is that everybody who has written a review says how terrible Apple is for allowing this. I'm the only one who has actually done anything... I bought a PC laptop, and built a PC desktop. Bought a OSX Lion disc for 29.99 and installed it on both. Now I'm not stuck with overpriced Apple hardware and can upgrade to my hearts content. I'll never have this battery problem again.

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