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    Dangerous Piece of Junk!

    • Written by from Keremeos

    When I noticed my Macbook Pro 17" was rocking back and forth on the table by itself I new something was amiss. Managed to get the battery out before it had swollen up enough to do any damage. After being out of the computer for two weeks the battery doubled in thickness.
    The battery amazingly still has a full charge but no longer fits in the laptop. Neither Apple or the Future Shop extended warranty will stand behind this defective battery, most dissapointing.
    Come on Apple, issue a recall!

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    Battery swollen-affecting trackpad funtionality

    • Written by from Ocala

    This month my Mac Book Pro will turn 3 years old to be exact. I realize that the trackpad was getting crazy it was getting to a point that using my Mac Book Pro without a mouse was impossible, until a realize that the battery compartment of my Mac Book Pro was not closing properly.
    I checked the battery and found out that the battery was swollen and that it was pushing the trackpad upward affecting the functionality of the trackpad. I removed the battery and the trackpad is working fine now.
    Are the batteries of this computer supposed to swollen with the used after 3 years, or is this a battery defect? I mostly used my computer on my desk and plug. I agree with some of the Customer reviews to affirm that I'm happy with apple products and I did not have any problem with my battery until now. the battery still charging fine but it's charge go fast and continue swollen.
    My problem is that if I want to used the battery I can not used the track pad or if I used the trackpad I can not use the battery. So, what do I need to do, pay for a new battery? I have to, if I want to used the computer on the go! I hope to be luckier that many of the people that had posted here, and the battery I will buy next will last longer.

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    useless garbage battery

    • Written by

    have replaced two times in last two years in my sons 17" macbook pro. Not very impressed with the laptop relaibility since it had to have the mother board replaced. Now the right fan is howling. So much for the wonderfull world of APPLE. I could have bought six or seven PC based machines with what is tied up in this rotten APPLE.

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    • Written by from Astoria

    First, I want to say that I love Apple. I love their products and have been using them for a long time, but the batteries on the MAC book pro are a JOKE. We purchased a 15 inch and a 17 inch 3 years ago and we've replaced the batteries twice on on the 15 inch and 3 times on the 17 inch. Yes, you read this correctly - 3 times!! I'm a technical person so I've followed every suggestion from the techs at Apple support but the same thing happens to the battery.


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    It's not a fan of heat.

    • Written by from Coatesville

    A year ago, I bought a Macbook Pro from a friend of a friend, and it was in fantastic condition. Then the cord started fraying on the inside, and it had to be spliced since it's not in warranty any longer. About 2 months after I bought it, I noticed that it would overheat and shut off at random intervals. Then a few months ago, I thought maybe I had been leaning on the edge too much and had warped the upper casing. I noticed that suddenly the trackpad was starting to push up, and I could click the mouse on all sides around the trackpad. I Googled what could be the problem, and found out it's the battery! It's slightly bulging, and getting worse all the time. The trackpad kind of fixes itself when the battery is taken out, but it's permanently dented. The computer gets excessively hot, and I imagine because the battery says on it to not exceed a certain temperature, that's what caused the battery to bulge.

    I needed a new cord badly, but now the battery has to take priority on account of it potentially ruining the computer as some of the other reviews have said theirs have.

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    Another swollen battery

    • Written by from Tucson

    I thought that, perhaps, my problem with this battery was unique. I am not sure if I am more comforted or concerned by the fact that so many others have had the same problem. Before the battery became so swollen that it would no longer fit in the compartment, it would get extremely hot. I could not use it on my lap without having a thick book or other such thing to protect my legs. It began to swell, and eventually would no longer fit. Today it puffed up so much that it popped to whole computer up on one side. After reading that someone's actually EXPLODED, I am even more concerned. Apple...Help!!!

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    Excellent !!!

    • Written by from Athlone

    My first battery lasted 4 years. Looked after it only moderately. Have to say a great battery. MacBook Pro is simply the best !!

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    APPLE should be ASHAMED

    • Written by from Kirkland

    I have saved and saved to purchase two Mac pros for my daughters for college. One is almost three years old and one is barely two. Over $6500.00 dollars for two Mac pros.

    They baby their APPLES. Which is because I am a single mom - barely making ends meet - with no help for extras outside of tuition for support from my ex.

    Without ANY warning by youngest daughters MAC, three years old - has its battery literally explode while she was in her English 101 class. The screen popped - and then went dead. And is STILL dead - the lap top will not turn on with the auxiliary plug - Dead Dead Dead.

    I did as much research as I could before buying these MACS. $6500 could have bought 6 months worth of heat for the house. Or clothes and food - but they needed these computers for college. The APPLE CSR was very gung hoe and swore these MACS were the best in the industry..... but seemed to neglect telling me anything about the batteries exploding.

    In fact, when I spoke to CSRs last week (Nov2 2011)- he told me - well three of them told me - they had NEVER heard of a battery exploding before... "Unheard of".."What did you do?"...."I cant say I have every heard of anything like this happening before".....


    I have always loved loved loved APPLE. But to say i am panicked and frustrated and disappointed doesn't cover enough for me right now. I just hope the person at the "Genius" bar - really pays attention when i bring this MAC in for a diagnostic.

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    What a disappointment...

    • Written by from Post Falls

    The charge indicator lights still show a full charge on my bulging battery yet it will no longer fit in the battery bay. What would appear to be an obvious manufacturing defect is considered by Apple to be a normal symptom of battery consumption. If you're still covered by Apple Care, they'll replace it. If not, tough luck. You're on your own for a $129 replacement.
    After many years and thousands of dollars invested in Apple products and stock, I'm dIisappointed to say the least.

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    Battery Needs Improvement

    • Written by from Victorville

    I have...or HAD two batteries for my 17" Pro, until now. Both began to expand (bubble out) and need replacement. The battery icon said they needed to be "serviced". They didn't say: "Warning! Your batteries are about to explode. Take them out immediately before you have a meltdown." They are quite expensive. There needs to be improvement in either the type of battery, or the communications you receive from the computer about what's happening to your battery.

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    Yet another bulging battery

    • Written by from FAWKNER

    My first macbook pro battery lasted two years before bulging. This one lasted 18 months. The Genius bar employee tried to tell me the bulging is perfectly normal, and that I have to pay for a replacement. What a joke. I am a loyal Apple customer of over 20 years, and have defended and advocated for this company countless times, even during their darkest years. No more. This is simply not good enough.

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    Rechargeable Battery

    • Written by from Lincoln

    Like many others, my battery rumpled on the seam that results in operational failure. Fundamental design flaw.

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    Only lasts 2 years

    • Written by from Morrison

    I am about to have to go and get my third. They always swell after 2-3 years Not like I have a choice to get something else.

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    Another swollen battery

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    This would be the second one I think, as others have reported. The price tag is not cheap but still cheaper than buying a new laptop - although I'm sure apple will force me to upgrade, already they are cancelling me.com next June... I've had this one for more than six years though, and it still serves well (after a hard-drive upgrade). Still, I'm weary of getting another battery. Seems like it started after my last trip to Europe (220v, supposedly the power supply handles it) - maybe because I used it on the train where power may not be the cleanest. If the battery starts swelling after a surge, they need to fix it...

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    Major problems

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    I just had a 2nd one of these swell. There is a major flaw in the design of these. I am hoping that someone will make one of these that will last since apple cant.

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    Rechargeable Battery

    • Written by from Wellesley

    On both my 17 in Macbook pro and my daughter's 15 in the batteries bubbled and looked like they would burst. The computers weren't working well prior to my discovering the bubble. i am concerned about what could have happened if I didn't discover the problem when I did. After reading the reviews i see that this is, unfortunately, a common problem. I'm surprised that Apple would allow this problem to continue. I love everything else about Apple but this is a serious problem that should be addressed.

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    • Written by from Morgantown

    I am on my third battery, and this one has started to bubble... another $129 down the drain.

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    I hate these batteries...

    • Written by from Milwaukie

    I have a 4 year old MacBook pro and this is the 3rd battery I have had to replace due to it "bubbling" after 1 yr of use. 129.00 is way to much for a battery that has an 18 month lifespan. I have replaced 3 batteries in my sons MacBook pro also.

    I love my Mac, but this is ridiculous they should at least make it 3-5 years before they quite literally blow-up.

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    I am shocked that there is not a recall

    • Written by from Yorktown Heights

    Given the number of people with the same issue, you really would think Apple would be concerned enough to do something about this. Generally very impressed with all things Apple- this is too bad.

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    battery :(

    • Written by from Fountain Valley

    I bought my MacBook Pro in January 2007 (my battery says 2006) and I noticed my computer would just shut off at around 26% battery life, then 30% and that's was a few weeks ago. Well today tonight it warped and I believe it died. luckily I had my power adapted plugged in the whole time as I was reformatting lots of videos and I think it couldn't handle the heat which I usually use a pad that absorbs the heat or one with fans. I'm disappointed that it died as I did use the adapter most of the time and occasionally the battery and let run out. I can't believe the battery looks like it's about to explode and wonder if I had left it in much longer if it would have and maybe short circuit the computer. These should have been recalled. Now I will be out $116.00


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