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    • Written by from Arlington

    This battery never held a charge for more than 2 hours when it was brand new and after 2 years, I was lucky if it lasted longer than 45 minutes. Now, after the battery surged and burnt my power cord, it has expanded and won't fit back into my MacBook. Apple, rather than admitting they built a poor product, blamed me for leaving my battery plugged in too long. Leaving a laptop plugged in for a day or two shouldn't fry a power cord or blow up a battery. If Apple cared about its customers it would refund and replace every one of these batteries.

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    On my second battery, and it's bulging

    • Written by from Carver

    I went in about 18 months ago and was told that my battery exploded because of the heat generated by the laptop when placed on any cushioned surface. Apparently if it is always on a hard service, this shouldn't happen. So, I bought a new battery, and bought one of those plastic laptop holders with a fan in it. Used it about 80% of the time over the last 18 months. A week ago my battery exploded again. I'm going to try to go in and make a case at the genius bar. Based on these reviews, I don't expect to get much help.

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    Fat batteries

    • Written by

    under 200 cycles on this battery and it bulged. Same symptoms as the other 14 pages worth of complaints.. trackpad stops functioning, then the mac starts rocking... took the battery to the local authorized mac dealer.. nope.. they won't touch it.. I figure, I'll just use it till it explodes and catches fire or something..... then see how they deal with it.. i can't afford the 6.5 hour drive to a mac genius store front.

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    ANOTHER expanding battery!

    • Written by from West Palm beach

    I have had my Macbook Pro for 3 years and the battery now won't hold a charge and is beginning to bulge. The Genius at the Apple Store informs me that this is normal for a battery and I will need to pay for a replacement.

    Personally, I'm waiting for the next up and coming start up company to fill the void that Apple left when they got too big and popular.

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    battery swollen

    • Written by

    I am having the same problem as everybody else. I wonder how long Apple has known about this problem. The complains only go back to 2009 on this page, and people were complaining then. I have found complaints online going back to at least 2006. This is 2 years before Apple even sold me my laptop.

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    Bad batteries

    • Written by from Lower Sackville

    My original MB Pro 17 had to have this battery replaced after two years due to it swelling to almost twice its normal thickness. After 2 years, the replacement battery suffered the exact same problem. This time, no warranty. Judging from my experience and the other reviewers here, this seems this is a persistent problem with this battery.

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    swollen battery

    • Written by from oklahoma city

    3rd battery. 2nd in 2 years. I'm sure this battery I bought tonight will do the same. The guy at the store explained to me how the new Macbook Pros don't have this problem, and that's why the batteries are SEALED INSIDE! I'm a loyal Apple customer for over a decade, but after being told I had to pay for this one, I'm about ready to be a stuffy, nerdy, PC. At least I won't be a dupe.

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    It's Me Again :(

    • Written by from Cumberland

    I'm here to purchase my 4th battery in three years. My enthusiasm for Apple's innovation is greatly tempered by the $600 drained from my wallet by this lousy battery.

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    Good Enough

    • Written by from Pleasant Prairie

    I just replaced my battery after two years of regular use. My computer stays plugged in most of the time at work, and I've been able to spend a couple hours online, etc. in the evening on battery power. A couple weeks ago the battery life dropped to a couple minutes so I knew it was time to replace it. After reading some reviews about the bubbling, I myself noticed my battery start to do it just last night. Good thing my new battery showed up this morning.

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    • Written by from Copenhagen

    I just noticed that my battery on the MBP 17" had started expanding. A quick search on google for "macbook pro battery warped" and this list is one of the top hits.

    I can't believe Apple would sell me something like this, HUGE disappointment.
    I understand from all these reviews that they don't even acknowledge this as a flaw! which would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

    It's a MAJOR flaw, I have a PC at twice the age, and the battery on that one still holds up, and it isn't about to explode.

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    • Written by from Wendell

    I just had my MAC Pro 17 inch out a couple of weeks ago and everything looked fine. I just pulled my MAC out again and my battery was bulged way out. It is toast. I order a new replacement battery but it is very scary to see it that way. It could have leaked and caused a great deal of damage. Now I wonder about my MAC Air. If it were to happen on it I would image my laptop would be damage beyond repair. Makes me hesitant to buy another laptop with a non-user replaceable battery.

    I also looked to see if there was a recall on these but didn't see any. Too bad. 8-(

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    Expanded Battery

    • Written by from poplar

    Never unplugged my Mac 17". battery finally bubbled after1.5 or 2 years. Never lasted very long anyway. Maybe an hour. the laptop really is too big to be portable all the time so I'm not too bummed. I like the 15 for bummin around much better. Have had my Mac for 4 years. Finally ugraded from tiger to lion. No problems except I didn't upgrade all the drivers first. Couple of days went by and the printer started working. Love the lion.

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    Time to Think Differenter

    • Written by from Burlington

    Surely this is not rocket science... Let's see a bit of focus on one of the less sexy elements and get this weak link in the chain re-designed! Onto my second replacement.. who knows when the costs will end?

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    Bad Battery, Bad Engineering and Bad Design

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    I am writing this review after my second failed battery. Both batteries swelled/expanded and lost charging ability. While I think it's normal for a battery to have a limited lifespan, the swelling shouldn't happen and is potentially hazardous to user, computer and environment.

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    Battery Problems

    • Written by from Dekalb

    Worked well for first couple of years then one battery became swollen and i had to replace it at Best buy ( no apple store where I live). The computer has always run hot....it has gotten worse. Now the mac book pro wont turn on and I am on my way to Apple store in nearest town to bring in. Has Apple released any official statements on this issue regarding MBP? I am a fan of Apple but I am not getting this product again if there is an inherent problem with computer burning out, burning out batteries, or fans not cooling apprpriate (which I suspect because the computer is ALWAYS hot). Moreover I am certainly not recommending it. Expensive machine - should be working like a PRO not blowing up and out.

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    Not even a warning?

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    "Oh - and by the way... you will have to replace the battery some day when you discover that it has expanded (for your protection) to the point of rendering your computer inoperable." At least i could have gotten a backup then instead of this alarming surprise. I though something was wrong with my trackpad. Fortunately (?) so many other people have "benefitted" from this "safety feature" that my first search immediately led me here. How could something this lame not be public knowledge already? ...Or at the very least revealed to the customer at purchase.

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    Another swollen, expanded (not quite exploded) - Apple, are you listening?

    • Written by from San Francisco

    Same as dozens of others. I could not believe when I logged on to order a new battery and saw my story printed over and over and over again. Terrible product.

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    Exploding battery a safety feature?!

    • Written by from Chelmsford

    I have had my mac book pro for 3 years and all of a sudden as many other people have said the trackpad went crazy and the battery was swollen. I took the battery out and after about 2 weeks it had expanded by about 5cm.

    I took it to the apple shop and they told me it was a safety feature, they said when a battery comes to the end of its life it can become very hot, and to prevent it from literally blowing up, it expands to release the pressure.

    If it's expanding whilst in the computer isn't that going to cause more damage?

    Not very impressed.

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    Apple failure no. # 1.

    • Written by from New York

    Have no idea why Apple has not been able to fix this problem.
    I now have to get my Battery number 4. The computer runs so hot that the Battery expands physically and pushes on the track pad so it doesn't work.
    This must be Apple's lowest rated product, but Apple does not care, as it must give them a steady income. Well done Apple.

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    Battery bulged so much it lifted my computer off the desk

    • Written by from San Diego

    Out of no where the battery in my macbook pro expanded so much it lifted it off the desk in which it was sitting. WOW. Something is seriously wrong with these batteries. And $129 a piece??? Not cool Apple.

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