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    Bulging battery

    • Written by from Valley Village

    I've had my 17" MacBook Pro for about 3.5 years...never a problem. Suddenly it was wobbling. I thought it had warped or something. Then I looked on the bottom and the battery was bulging. WHAT?!?! Some possible advance notice: it was shutting off, low battery, without any warning, as it used to do. I didn't notice any other changes.

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    Replacement Battery

    • Written by from Stockton

    Same exact issue! Battery is dangerously dysfunctional! Dear Apple, Who's listening? Who's in charge? Who's addressing the issue! This looks bad! Same exact issue! Battery is dangerously dysfunctional! Sincerely, A Dedicated Mac User

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    MacBook Pro battery

    • Written by from Atlanta

    Dear Apple, I pride myself in showing off this excellent machine. With no job, fortunately recieving unemployment and going back to college, ordering my Macbook Pro and 23 inch display was an enormous sacrifice. I saved and living with my partner I was able to pay it off all $4,000. With the death of my older G5 my MacBook was like having the world at my finger tips everywhere I went. In college studying graphic and web design I was thrilled we had all mac desktops,imacs 24 inch and I was almost the only one to have a MacBook Pro 17. To see my batterry literaly expand and come apart at the seems is like the sadness of Steve Jobs early departure from this earth. We, I, me and you, would have Apple if it had not been for him. Fix Our Batteries Apple, these things are defects for microsoft pc, not Apple Machines.

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    Four batteries... all exploded

    • Written by from Miami Beach

    I just had my fourth battery explode. Apple has changed it free of charge the last 3 times after half an hour of explaining that batteries should not explode (they claim this is their usual way of expiring). Still, this should not happen. It is dangerous and I can't believe that they have not been able to fix it for the past 4 years.

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    Off to Buy my THIRD Battery

    • Written by from Greenwood

    These batteries do not last. They overheat and come apart. The charge is minimal. When is Apple going to fix their battery issues or at least stand behind them and replace faulty ones?

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    Come on Apple, you can do it, yes you can

    • Written by from Torbay

    Alright, so we know you have read the many complaints on your website about problem batteries. So now, what are you going to do about it besides tell people they have to buy new ones.

    Your machines are definitely fun and sexier than most but we pay for that, its not just a competitive advantage over PC/ other.

    I have 3 macbooks, 2 pros and one amateur I guess. Pads, Pods, Phones etc.
    With that said I have been very happy with all of these devices but the battery life for my laptops have always been miserable. The first year was ok but after that, I may as well leave it plugged in.

    Well, now that you have heard from the many owners of your top tier laptop about batteries not performing properly, what are you going to do about it?

    Do your recall and start finding another provider of batteries!

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    Swelling battery

    • Written by from Halifax

    I am on my third one of these now and it is swelling way out of its case like the previous two. Apple claims they are supposed to do this as part of their normal life cycle and refuses to take responsibility for a faulty product. Even when it was its intended size it didn't hold its charge very well quickly turning my laptop into a desktop.

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    Bad Batteries

    • Written by from Wyncote

    I know batteries don't last forever but they shouldn't self destruct. This is the second battery I have had swelling issues with very bad design or components. This is a major problem .

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    Bad Batteries.

    • Written by from Bozeman

    So, I have read all of these reviews about people who don't travel with their computers getting some swelling from their 17" MacBook Pro's batteries. Well, I travel with my computer all the time, I actually let my computer battery die on a regular basis, I have an international business, and it has happened to me twice. I love the design of most apple products but this is one they should redesign. By the way, if your track pad quits clicking, you have a swollen battery. I almost bought a new $2600 macbook and the only thing wrong with mine was the battery.

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    Explodes after a year or so

    • Written by from Scottsdale

    On my second Macbook battery for my 2007 Macbook Pro. The first expanded and had to be replaced after 3 years, the second only lasted a year or so (just enough to void the warranty) and now it has expanded as well and is now useless. Wish I could give it zero stars.

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    Original Battery defective and no longer fits

    • Written by from Carlsbad

    I need to replace my original defective battery but don't intend to buy one until I know it has been redesigned. Hard to imagine Apple would not stand behind its product and replace defective designs. Just glad the expanded battery did not explode or the sharp metal edges did not injure anyone.

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    MacBook Pro 17 inch Desktop

    • Written by

    I am actually surprised out how consistently terrible the MacBook battery performs. Mine has done exactly the same thing. The worst part, in my opinion, is the 45 minutes or less charge capacity. I am jealous of my friends/ fellow students that have other computers that they can just get to class and start typing without having to find an outlet to plug in. I have already admitted that rather than a "laptop" or "notebook", I have a really expensive desktop with a built in screen.

    Since I don't ever take my laptop anywhere with me, just leaving it on its fan on my desk at home, I just took the battery out and leave it in my drawer. While its plugged in, it does not require the battery to operate. I am pretty sure that the only reason my 2006 model is still only on its third battery is because I wised up, took the battery out and don't even use it.

    By the way, the only reason I gave it 3 stars instead of one is because I think this is a useful tip, and I wanted my comment to stand apart from all the other 1 Stars.

    My rating is 1 star

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    3 great years and maybe it was my fault

    • Written by from Denver

    Does anyone from Apple ever read/respond/post to these messages? Am new to this.
    Have had my 17-inch MacBook Pro for nearly three years (next week) and have to admit that since all was still working fine for me, and I love wireless mouse, and was always in a hurry with work projects, I just postponed dealing with the facts that my case was coming apart at the bottom, and when I did use the trackpad it seemed to take a sledgehammer force to get a click... I did Google "can't get my battery cover back on," but realize that was lame, and got no tips. I am 62, though Mac from the very start, like to think I know SOMETHING! No, seemingly not!
    But as I need to actually disconnect and TAKE laptop for an important PP presentation in a few days, I made a Genius Bar apppointment for today. I told my Genius (Dan) somewhat indignintly that I had no idea why my laptop was coming apart, as except for one trip to Europe, it has sat acting more or less as a Desktop for the past three years...
    And he said "That is the problem. That's why you have a swollen battery.!"
    I had been dumb enough never to disconnect power to the PowerBook, more or less ever, except when on vacation. That's not a good thing to do, according to Dan.
    Even when one's laptop is essentially one's desktop, it's important to sometimes (few times a week) disconnect it from the power source and let the battery run down a bit. Maybe to 20%.
    I'm going to disconnect mine every night just before I take my Lipitor! (For others in my age-range, that's just the little magnetic one on the top left side that has the light on it. Especially if light is green, just pull it out. You can also monitor your battery life on the top menu bar.)
    Was thinking how lucky I was to have new battery & everything put right today no charge, then realized I think I spent $349 for Apple Protection Plan three years ago...dang!
    Am also going to order one of those tray/fan things to keep laptops cooler.

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    These batteries stink

    • Written by from Siler City

    This is my second battery for my 2007 17" MacBook Pro. The first one expanded and I bought a replacement. 2 years later the second one is beginning to expand and the system information shows that it now has a maximum capacity of 2907 mAh. It powers the MacBook pro for about an hour before it shuts down.

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    No help from .com or store

    • Written by from Ada

    Wow, does it make anyone feel better that we are suffering together? Not really. Will Apple notice our cries at this stage? I dunno. I own a Macbook Pro 3,1 17". I bought it from my brother-in-law's company, and he already had a battery replaced. Now mine is swollen, warped, bulging. It started as it being tippy when i typed, but has grown to be on the verge of disassembling itself. 1-800-MY-APPLE was polite, but said the product was out of warranty. I commented that this was more of a safety concern, so she set up an appointment with the Genius Bar at my local (Grand Rapids, Michigan) Apple Store. Very polite, but they said it has reached the end of its useful life. I argued that it still held a charge great, but I was concerned for my safety. The only option was to swap out for a new battery at $99. I walked away, stewing over my options.

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    2 batteries that expanded

    • Written by from Hay River

    This is ridiculous!

    Dec 2010, I had to change the battery for my 17"macbook pro. Here we are january 2012 and the 2nd battery is expanding. Of course, warranty is out as this is a 2007 model. The 3 yr warranty was up for both batteries.

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    • Written by from Arlington

    This battery never held a charge for more than 2 hours when it was brand new and after 2 years, I was lucky if it lasted longer than 45 minutes. Now, after the battery surged and burnt my power cord, it has expanded and won't fit back into my MacBook. Apple, rather than admitting they built a poor product, blamed me for leaving my battery plugged in too long. Leaving a laptop plugged in for a day or two shouldn't fry a power cord or blow up a battery. If Apple cared about its customers it would refund and replace every one of these batteries.

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    On my second battery, and it's bulging

    • Written by from Carver

    I went in about 18 months ago and was told that my battery exploded because of the heat generated by the laptop when placed on any cushioned surface. Apparently if it is always on a hard service, this shouldn't happen. So, I bought a new battery, and bought one of those plastic laptop holders with a fan in it. Used it about 80% of the time over the last 18 months. A week ago my battery exploded again. I'm going to try to go in and make a case at the genius bar. Based on these reviews, I don't expect to get much help.

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    Fat batteries

    • Written by

    under 200 cycles on this battery and it bulged. Same symptoms as the other 14 pages worth of complaints.. trackpad stops functioning, then the mac starts rocking... took the battery to the local authorized mac dealer.. nope.. they won't touch it.. I figure, I'll just use it till it explodes and catches fire or something..... then see how they deal with it.. i can't afford the 6.5 hour drive to a mac genius store front.

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    ANOTHER expanding battery!

    • Written by from West Palm beach

    I have had my Macbook Pro for 3 years and the battery now won't hold a charge and is beginning to bulge. The Genius at the Apple Store informs me that this is normal for a battery and I will need to pay for a replacement.

    Personally, I'm waiting for the next up and coming start up company to fill the void that Apple left when they got too big and popular.

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