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    Rechargeable Battery for 17 inch MacBook Pro

    • Written by from Galveston

    Worked great for two years. Now it's another for the list: swollen battery. Unexpected shutdown. Reset SMC several times and then the PRAM. Two days ago went through the routine for resetting SMC again. Now will hold a charge from 100 % to 88% for about 3 minutes. Then shuts down. Guess I'm buying a new battery.

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    Worst experience.

    • Written by from Champaign

    When the battery in my macbook pro swelled up to the size of a grapefruit and started separating, I thought, "well this can't be normal".

    Au contraire.

    According to the mac "geniuses"... this is a feature of the battery and "normal wear and tear". Also, and somehow simultaneously, this was "my fault" for not "properly calibrating and cycling the battery across its lifespan".

    Despite that they RECALLED these batteries a short time ago, I was told I had to buy a new one.

    Thanks again apple for your wonderful customer service! I should have just let the battery blow up in my lap like a rocket.

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    Swollen Battery

    • Written by from Ringgold

    My issues are no different than the rest of you already here. I just wanted to add another case to the list.

    I bought my 17 inch macbook pro in late 2008 and the batter has a 2006 date. Mine has suddenly shut off about 4 times in the last two weeks. I noticed the battery beginning to bulge a few days ago and it has only gotten worse since. Once I noticed the track pad button performing differently due to the swelling, I removed the batter all together.

    Going to the apple store tomorrow with the hope of getting a free replacement. This is obviously a well documented problem.

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    Original and replacement both bulged

    • Written by from Philadelphia

    The original battery for my mid-2007 17" was down to around 45 minutes of life in early 2009, so I bought a replacement. Shortly after removing the original, it bulged out of its case. Now, the replacement has done the same thing, except while in the computer, causing damage to the case.

    Based on the number of bulge reports I have seen, this appears to be a fundamental design defect.

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    Swollen Battery

    • Written by from Scarborough

    I have just recently experienced the battery swelling and warping to the point where it was interfering with my MacBook Pro 17 inch sitting flat on a hard surface.

    Apparently, I am being told, this is a normal thing for this type of battery when it approaches the end of it's life.

    You can say that again! How would it be possible to use it in this condition anyway?
    Obviously it is at the end of it's lifespan.

    I always thought a battery approaching the end of it's lifespan simply did not hold a charge any more. If that were the case I might say, OK time for a new one. But this battery seemed to be holding a charge just fine thank you.

    Very strange in my opinion.

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    17" MacBook Pro Battery

    • Written by from Supply

    Bought my MacBook 10/2007. Have enjoyed the trouble free operation until I noticed that the battery charge got shorter, typically 30 to 60 minutes. Than I started to have difficulty with the touchpad and operation became most troublesome. After reading some of the other users comments, I checked my battery and found that it was swollen. I also read that others had removed the battery after startup when using the charger. I found that I could use my MacBook without the battery and the touchpad difficlties were gone. Still awaiting delivery of a replacement battery. Bought my wife a 13" MacBook Pro which has the newer battery yielding almost 10 hours of charge.

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    exploded / puffy battery

    • Written by from Shelton

    I have had absolutely zero problems with all of my Apple purchases (which has been very substantial.) However, my MacBook Pro 17" battery seems to have exploded from the inside, making one side 1.25" tall verses the normal .5." Obviously, it will not work since the inside is now exposed to the elements and all of the interior parts are puffy. I bought my MacBook Pro for $3,514 on my MacBook Pro in 2007-- without any success (my warranty was up) through calling Apple's technical service, I hope this problem will be resolved at my local Apple Store. I will be disappointed if I have to pay for a new one, after already spending well over $10,000 in Apple Goods over the past 10 years.

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    Swollen Battery

    • Written by from los angeles

    Purchased my 17" MacBook Pro about 2 years ago - the charge holds 75% its capacity which is descent - but was the swell really necessary? I can manage to continue using the battery had it never bulged up. Now I must manage to keep my computer steady, as I type my MacBook is rocking back and forth - and it keeps rising.

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    Horrible design

    • Written by from Bedford

    This is battery #2 I have gone through with my $3000.00 MacBook Pro. The batteries warp pushing against the track pad and making the computer useless. If you pull the batter out while plugged in you can continue to use the computer. The computer heats up and warps the battery causing a bulge so it doesn't lay flat. Apple could care less about this issue and at $130/battery its not fun to deal with. Its ashamed because the computer rocks I am now our $260 and need to buy a third battery.

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    Swollen Battery - Deflated Defender

    • Written by from Elizabethton

    I have been an Apple fan for more than 16 years. I have taken years of abuse from PC users in the school system because of my loyalty to the product. Recently I began having many of the same issues addressed in this forum. I contacted Apple and spoke to one person (who was very pleasant) that explained that the battery must be at the end of it's useful life. I went to check if we had bought an extended warranty and later called back and spoke with another person who decided to give me a lecture on how you should use your computer with and without the charger attached so that you use have the proper number of cycles on the battery. The fact that I usually have it plugged in, probably made it worse (according to my friend). Several of the users in this forum received replacement batteries at no charge, while others have received a lecture. There is obviously a battery issue with this laptop. My last laptop battery lasted 4 years without an issue. Considering the constant ribbing I take for being a "Mac-holdout" and the apparent inconsistency the company is dealing out on what appears to be a substandard battery... I have to say I am disappointed. My bubble has been burst!

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    Another bulging battery

    • Written by from Tulsa

    Second replacement battery lasted a little over a year. Looking at third party batteries which I've NEVER done for an Apple product. I'm sure the heat these laptops kick out plays a big factor in the bulging battery epidemic.

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    So Disappointed. Apple has driven a stake through my Mac heart.

    • Written by from SAVANNAH

    I was so sold on Mac. I got my macbook pro 17 after giving my first mac (G4 powerbook 17) to my daughter. Anyway, I am out of warranty a year to 2 years.

    First my computer lost it's mind. I had noticed it get hot sometimes. I fixed my MB PRO 17 by replacing the hard drive and reloading the OS. I then installed smc fan control after finding out from a lot of googling that A LOT of people have had problems with these overheating. I also purchased a usb fan mat. I always check the temp now. That's the background.

    I discovered a few days ago that my laptop would not sit flat. I looked at the bottom and could not believe it! The battery is so warped, curving, coming out on areas of the perimeter and looks like layers are delaminating.

    This computer is just not old enough for all the problems I have had. I have had other issues as well. I SPENT A LOAD OF $ ON THIS MACBOOK PRO 17! Shouldn't it last awhile?! Is this dangerous? Would Apple care? It has not been overheating recently, yet the battery looks real messed up. I can't even push it in.

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    Bulging battery but good service at the Apple Store

    • Written by from Calgary

    My MBP started to act up with the button on the trackpad not working and random freezing and crashing. Lost work with that. After a while I found out that the battery was bulging and opening up at the seams. Took the battery to the local Apple Store and talked to a genius, explained the problem, complained a little and guess what . . . he gave me a new battery for free. Thanks Apple, but please this problem shouldn't get through the design process.

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    yet again...warped battery!

    • Written by from McAllen

    wow. well I have always loved my mac stuff...17 inch...15 inch..ipod....iphone...and when i happen to google this and find this :*( all those years of defending mac...please please mac don't let us down!!!

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    Bad Battery

    • Written by from San Antonio

    Owned my 17" Mac Book Pro since Jan 2007. Just bought my 3rd new battery (1 original and 2 additionals). Why this is such a problem?? Who knows. Just know that I'm getting tired of spending $140 every 18 months for a new battery. Apple should be replacing these for free. Period. Would not buy a new Mac Book Pro due to my less than ideal experience.

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    Swollen Battery

    • Written by from Colorado City

    I noticed that I was having difficulty clicking the button below the trackpad on my Macbook Pro 17". Eventually, the button was so pressed up that it was virtually impossible to click it. Odd, I thought. So, I wanted to take a closer look at the underside of the trackpad clicker--which was underneath my battery. That's when I noticed the real problem. It had nothing to do with my trackpad clicker, but everything to do with the fact that my battery had expanded/swollen to the point that it was putting significant pressure from the underneath.

    Now, its starting to swell to the point where my laptop isn't quite sitting flat and the battery is busting out of its seams.

    Big problem. This is something that Apple should fix. I will stop by the Apple store and give my case.

    Needless to say, its a bunk battery.

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    Another puffy battery

    • Written by from LAGO VISTA

    I have to add to the comments regarding the original battery for my MacBook Pro 17" (A1189 - probably late '07 model - purchased in Feb '08). Yesterday, the battery indicator had a black x on it after a couple of weeks of shutting down with no warning after only 20 minutes on battery. I decided to take the battery out and reinstall it (suggested by one site I visited). I was shocked to see the door ajar! One of the cells had puffed up and opened the lid outward! I was actually shocked that nothing appeared damaged at all and the computer is working fine on electricity with battery removed (protected with the case that actually held the defective battery in place). I did "calibrating" every 4-6 weeks, but could never really see an improvement. It did overheat a couple of times (noisy fan and/or disk), until I got a plastic "riser" for my lap. I have used it about 4-8 hrs a day for almost 3 years, but mainly using wall power for I was never really able to use it for longer than a couple of hours on battery power, and the time became less and less. I suppose this battery lasted longer than normal, but the indicators should be better and more informative. I have ordered a MA458LL/A "compatible" battery, and will check it daily!

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    Battery swollen and battery case split

    • Written by from Hopkinton

    Same here. Noticed my laptop (at work) was wobbly on my desk. I thought I accidentally placed it on top of a pen or something. Looked underneath and noticed the battery casing had split, due to a swollen cell, and was propping up the laptop. Luckily it doesn't look like it damaged the case or internals.

    Can you imagine when/if this happens with the new Macbook Pros with the completely internal batteries that are non-removable? This will likely ruin the entire case. I hope the Apple warranty covers collateral damage caused by swollen battery cells.


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    Bulging Battery Problem

    • Written by from New York

    Same problem as everyone else here. Noticed the mouse button wasn't working well and then saw that the battery was starting to pop out of the case. I removed the battery and after a few minutes, it had expanded so much that it no longer fit back into the case. Apple - please be smart and recall / replace these things before someone actually gets hurt.

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    Battery of the Bulge

    • Written by from Grand Junction

    Purchased 17" MacBook Pro in early 2008. Recently it has been overheating and will shut down without warning if not connected to AC power. Then I noticed the battery was bulging out. Thought it was odd, but based on the sheer number of comments here, I supposed I'm in good company. Sad, sad company.

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