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    bulging disapointment

    • Written by from Logan

    This is my third battery in less than 3 years!!! they all start to bulge and stop holding a charge within 6-8 months. I thought it may be a heat problem after the first one, so I bought an expensive cooling pad, but it still happens. If your going to sell low quality then I expect a much better price. I recently found an aftermarket battery that holds a longer charge, and its half the price! Apple you really need to get your quality control stuff together or I will stop worshiping your products.

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    Piece of junk - Bulging

    • Written by from Santa Rosa

    The battery is literally delaminating and expanding. Horrible quality in manufacturing. Apple should be looking to replace these for customers rather then expect them to fork out $130.

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    Another bulging battery

    • Written by from New York

    Wow, I just discovered my own bulging battery problem today. I'd thought my laptop was about to go, the way it would just turn off if it wasn't plugged in, so I was transferring all my data to a new computer when I found the laptop wasn't sitting flat on the counter. I used to have the laptop raised on an iCurve stand (which does not cover the battery), so who knows how long it's been like this! I hope they give me a new battery like they did for others on this thread...

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    Defective battery after 2 months?

    • Written by

    Apple must not read its own reviews... hundreds of us, all with the same problem, all leaving negative feedback on Apple's website! Bought my 17" Powerbook 2 months ago, and the battery blew up. What a pain to have to deal with this stuff... I can think of some stuff I'd rather do than have to deal with Apple's defective products... especially after what I paid for this thing.

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    battery doesn't work

    • Written by from el paso

    i purchased this battery separately 1 year and 2 months ago(out of warranty). now the battery does not work. it shuts off my macbook pro halfway down its charge. contacted apple and they do not have a repair procedure in place for the battery nor do they offer to replace it for a discounted price.

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    • Written by from Murfreesboro

    Macbook Pro worked fine until I noticed my laptop sitting funny on my desk. Lifted it up, and the battery was enormous. With great difficulty, I pulled it out of the case. The battery had expanded to be thicker than the laptop itself.

    Apple, put your game face on. Quit producing these absolutely horrid pieces of junk. I'm an Apple fanboy, but unless you quit using junky batteries, I will not buy Apple again.

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    Second battery that has bulged!

    • Written by from CINCINNATI

    My family and I have been mac users for years and LOVE all that is mac. This being said, I am very dissapointed with this particular battery. I experienced this this problem once already and apple replaced it a year ago as my computer was still under the protection plan. The same problem has happened again and they now refuse to replace it because my plan is out of warranty and ignore that it is a faulty battery. They deny this even given that the battery registers only 260 cycles and only a little more than a year of use. This is apparently a safety feature and just bad luck that it happened so soon. I do know that this typically battery will start holding less charge at around 300 cycles, but to say that it it does not warrant a replacement is absolutely absurd. This is just food for thought. I will have to buy a new one no matter what, but hopefully someone from apple reads this and this won't happen to others. I am loosing faith in apple's customer service, something that I have bragged about for the past 10 years.

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    bulging battery

    • Written by from laguna niguel

    i just had this happen to my macbook pro 17 inch Battery. It was sitting on the table and I heard a loud pop. Then my laptop raise off the table. The battery looks like it had a small explosion.

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    Unsatisfied, wholly disappointed and losing faith.

    • Written by from Guelph

    Regarding this product, my second *NEW* Apple battery expanded / died in 18 months. I can't seem to enter "-ve or 0" for a rating, so I was forced to give it a 1. I suggest that you buy a cheaper imitation battery instead. I can't imagine they'd perform any worse.

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    Expanding Battery - AGAIN

    • Written by from Williamsburg

    2 defective batteries in 4 years. And for the exact same problem. Expanding battery on my 17" Intel MB Pro. Second one happened tonight. Apple - you guys can do better than this. Happened to my wife's MB Pro also. So I would have to say there is a design flaw here. Guess I'm making a trip to the Apple store this weekend. *sigh*

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    Mine Bulging Too

    • Written by from Oklahoma City

    Laptop has been in a desk drawer for about a year (no dropping or exposure to weird magnets or temperatures). When I took it out, the batter was bulging. People at the apple store said it looked as if it was "fried". Really don't know how it happened, but I guess I need to buy a new battery. I'm just worried now that it might happen again. Any advice as to how to avoid?

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    Short lifespan, power only lasts 3-5 hours

    • Written by from madison

    I have bought four of these batteries for my company. So far, the longest lasting battery has been two years. The other three have lasted on average about 1.5 years. This has to be the worst quality component Apple produces. I would advise finding a replacement battery from another company. I did.

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    A.B.B. Another Bulging Battery

    • Written by from Pawtucket

    My 17" is about two years old and the battery is bulging badly. I had no idea what was happening until the trackpad stopped working correctly. This thing looks like it needs degassing more than it needs recharging.

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    bad battery design, but five-star response

    • Written by from Alexandria

    I've had two of the notorious expanding batteries in the past four years, and something's clearly wrong with the design. But Apple's response has been great. Both times they cheerfully gave me a new battery at no charge when I brought the faulty one in to the Genius Bar, even though my MBP was long out of warranty.

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    Battery Bulge

    • Written by from Santa Monica

    Flipped the laptop over to discover the battery had expanded and was messing with the track pad - what if it had been on my lap when it exploded??
    On the upside - went to Genius bar in store and was immediately given a brand new replacement for free even though the computer is out of warranty.

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    Bulged on Us too

    • Written by from Meridian

    My poor husband kept having his computer freak out on him and die and we had no idea what was going on until he started wondering about the bulge he was seeing... The battery had completely separated the casing by then. Very sad, Apple. Very sad.

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    Now a member of the Bulge Club

    • Written by from Well

    After 4 years, silently hoping to be spared, I to have become a member of the Battery Bulge Club.
    Me and my whole family are addicted to Apple, but this is the first serious blow to my confidence in Apple reliability. i have no problem with the fact that Batteries run out, but why like this? Potentially harming once precious MBP?
    I think it's a disgrace that this ugly feature has survived for so many years. Apple, show what you're made of and solve this!!

    By the way, my MBP runs flawless on Net Power.

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    Second time to replace battery

    • Written by from Winnipeg

    This is the second time that the battery has let me down on my MacBook Pro. Same initial symptoms as last time. Computer would randomly shut off while power levels showed anywhere between 25%- 45%. Then pull battery out and it is evidently exploded/bubbled.

    It certainly causes concerns regarding purchasing a new MacBook Pro when it comes time to replace it. With new Apple products having the batteries built into the devices it creates greater potential for frustration/disruption/damage.

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    Battery Expanding... Again!

    • Written by from Calgary

    This is the second time my battery is overheating and expanding!

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    Apple let-down

    • Written by from Lynn Haven

    Just another story of the bulging battery. Apple should have warned me! Spent 3 weeks trying to diagnose a malfunctioning keypad/mouse. Should at least get a discount on a battery.

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