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    What the _ _ _ _ ?!

    • Written by from Stevens Point

    I noticed my mb-pro was tipsy and it took me a few days before realizing the battery underneath was swelling. Call me naive, but I never heard of such a thing. Luckily I took it out and now I can watch it continue to swell as it sits harmlessly(?) on an old table. I contacted a local authorized service provider this weekend and will have to wait until Monday to find out if there's any warranty deal (apparently not after having read all these stories - mine actually made it about 3 years). So in the meantime I'm going to keep an eye on that swollen pile of electronic scrap to see just how big it'll get. Maybe it's just a coincidence but the swelling actually accelerated after I removed it. Cool. Reminds of Terminator2 where he's driving along with young John Connor, reaches into his chest, pulls out his atomic power unit, tosses it into the desert and it explodes into a mushroom cloud.... Hey... I'm not in any danger, am I?....

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    Apple batteries are of poor quality

    • Written by from La Canada Flintridge

    I worry about possibly buying a new MacBook with an internal battery given that this is the second rechargeable battery for this computer and it has now bulged beyond safety. What happens if I were to buy a MacBook today and the battery isn't removable???

    This is definitely the low point for my Mac experience...

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    Apple should not be selling these

    • Written by from woodbridge

    Unbelievable garbage. They have decent performance when new but after a year of normal use, and not allowing the battery to drop below 20% capacity, my second battery swelled up to the point that it busted out of it's casing.

    Meanwhile, the original battery on my 15" powerbook is still holding a one hour charge.

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    bulging battery again

    • Written by from Alexandria

    Got a replacement battery after about 4 years of having the computer, because it was swollen to about twice it's size. Now, only about a year later, and the battery is bulging again. ARRRRGGGHHHH!

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    My 2nd Swollen Battery

    • Written by from Montgomery

    I have now had two batteries in a row swell to the point I can no longer work the trackpad. In fairness, the batteries have lasted about three years before this happened. I have been a Mac user since 1984 and this 17" MacBook Pro is the only computer where I've ever experienced the swollen battery issue. My wife and our children use 12-13 inch size laptops and no problems with theirs. I give the battery a good rating for operating hours, but low rating because they are expensive to replace.

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    Another Victim of Garbage Batteries

    • Written by from Madison Heights

    I'm going on my third battery now and it has really made me think about getting a net book or pc. The only thing slowing my switch at this point is the amount of money I have invested in software. Oh could you please add rating star for less than 1.

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    • Written by from Bellingham

    I have three mac book pro 17 inche computers and all three of them have swollen batteries and all needed to be replaced after a year to two year of use. Apple... are you listening? You have a serious problem here..

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    Disappointed with MAC Dangerous Swelling Battery

    • Written by from Fallston

    You know, after 22 years in the IT field and being a PC-Windows user I finally decided to take the plunge to MAC and bought a MAC Book Pro for myself as a retirement gift from USMC. How disappointed I am after only 18 months the battery began to swell. I did not realize at the time that the reason there was a slight uneven area on the bottom of the macbook near the battery that it was because of the battery.

    I had it in for service each year, just for a tune up to a certified Apple associate and never once did they mention the battery was beginning to swell.

    I took the battery out myself for the first time this week only to discover it is so bad it bulges greatly now. My husband advised against any further use as it could explode.

    In all the years of using laptop I have never had something like this happen. This is a laptop that only I use and if anyone else want to use it (children), they are supervised. With that said other laptops I have had are used by many all over my home and in a mobile environment. All have held up great, but the MAC used 90% of the time in a home office does this.

    At this point I am going to see if Apple will replace this free of charge as it is obviously a design flaw and a danger. As it stands right now, I don't think I will be buying a MAC again.

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    Swelling battery - again!

    • Written by from Montreal

    I had to replace the original battery for this computer because of swelling. When the battery swells, it interferes with the track pad and makes it impossible to use. If you don't have an exterior mouse, you can only use the computer by removing the battery and run it with the power supply, which means the computer is no longer portable.

    Now it is happening again. My second battery is swelling like the first. Would this happen if the battery were not badly designed in the first place? The computer is great but the battery is not.

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    Swollen Battery - really bad!

    • Written by from Strongsville

    My 17" MacbookPro battery has swollen to nearly twice its size, I can no longer use this battery in my laptop. I would hope Apple would step up and replace, as it is obvious that this is clearly a manufacturer defect.

    Battery: A1189 10.8 V 17' MacBook Pro

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    Awful, awful battery

    • Written by from Bronx

    This battery is an awful piece of engineering. I would gladly sell my laptop so as to not keep wasting money on replacement batteries (3 so far that bulge dangerously or have a lifetime of a few minutes), but would feel too guilty some some poor sucker would end up with this piece of junk.

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    Bad Bulging Battery

    • Written by from Atlanta

    At first I thought either my wife or I had banged the battery causing it to bulge. I was fully prepared to except our mistake and purchase and new battery. After reading several posts it is now obvious that it is nothing we did but rather that this particular model has a serious flaw. You would think a $3k+ laptop would have a better battery. Like others, I can't even use the track pad when the battery is inserted. I'm now working and just hoping nobody kicks out the power cord.

    Going to the Apple Store tomorrow to see what they have to say about it.

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    Also bulging

    • Written by from whitefish bay

    Had the same problem as others: the battery was fine for two years, then started to shut down with still 40% power left, then started to bulge in a scary way. Looks like a serious design or assembly flaw. However, I went to an Apple store and they replaced it for free, no questions asked. So the battery is substandard, but Apple's the service is still the best.

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    Bulging battery

    • Written by from Chicago

    It bulged, AGAIN on my 08 macbook pro 17". I have to buy this no matter how bad it is. This is the sadest thing I have ever met.

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    macbook pro battery bulging

    • Written by from charlotte

    I LOVE my '07 MacBook Pro, but the battery issue is ridiculous. My first battery failed while it was still covered by the extended warranty -- so Apple replaced it for free. Now, my MacBook is out of warranty and the second battery has failed.

    In my case, it stopped holding a charge over the past 3 months. Now it's started to bulge to the point that my trackpad doesn't work when the battery is in.

    I've had to remove the battery to work. This is a PAIN because if you accidentally unplug the magnetic power cord, the MacBook shuts down and you lose your work.

    I wish Apple would replace the battery for free -- as it is obviously a design flaw and a common problem.

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    bad battery, bad battery

    • Written by from Miles City

    I agree with the many other complaints -- bulging battery and short life. At $116, these batteries should last longer. This is a problem Apple should look into.

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    Third Battery gone bad..

    • Written by from Hamilton

    I own a 2007 MBP. I have purchased two batteries since the original and ALL three have buldged. Now, I'm thinking about upgrading my MBP, but wonder if I'm going to have the same problem. $300 in batteries isn't cheap...

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    third bulging battery

    • Written by from Jacksonville Beach

    my macbook pro is an amazing machine. just one flaw. and its a major one... EXPLODING BATTERIES. i am on my third massively bulging battery and apple has tried to convince me its a normal thing for a battery at the end of its life. that is just not true. it is a severe design flaw. my computer was checked twice to determine whether or not there was something wrong with it to cause these batteries to bulge. the fault was found to lie in the batteries. every time this happens it causes my computer to warp and damages my trackpad and keyboard. a $3,000 laptop should not experience these types of troubles.

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    the dreaded bulge

    • Written by from New York

    The battery on my 2007 macbook pro bulged and finally destroyed the metal frame a week ago. I had no idea until a google search that this sort of thing happens. I have a 2003 Powerbook G4 that still works on its original battery. I think Apple must be sacrificing quality as it gets more and more popular, sadly.

    Anyway, I went to the Apple Store on 5th avenue in Manhattan, where I'd purchased the Macbook, with no sure way of knowing whether they would replace the defective battery. Thankfully they did, no questions asked. The guy at the genius bar was very familiar with the problem and said it was a manufacturing defect. None of the "it was designed to fail that way" talk that other people on this forum have experienced. Clearly, it can't be designed to blow up like that. I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with customer service, though. They took the busted battery back (I didn't even know how to safely dispose of the thing) and gave me a new one, free of charge. Here's hoping the new battery doesn't blow up right away.

    I was thinking of upgrading and purchasing a new Macbook, and I asked the same guy whether he's seen battery problems in the newer models, where the battery is behind a cover plate and isn't detachable. He said no, but I have my doubts. Wouldn't want a bulging battery locked inside an expensive laptop. Apple, please do not sacrifice quality for quantity!

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    Before you order!

    • Written by from Tamworth

    My 2008 Macbook Pro had the bulging battery problem. Unfortunately I threw out the battery rather than take it back to Apple. I regret this as I understand that Apple will sometimes simply swap the battery. Anyway my advice is to speak to Apple first.

    Also if you don't replace the battery and run your Macbook off ac only you will find that OSX throttles the processor which reduces performance. I could not understand why my Macbook was having problems with some HD flash video now I realise it was because I was running on ac power only. (apparently the reason for this is that if the system is under maximum load it can temporarily require more power than ac can give).

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