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    • Written by from De Pere

    My 17" MacBook Pro battery started bulging one month ago. Called Apple and the service rep although very nice said there was no record of Bulging Battery issues; then I found out that there was a voluntary recall of I believe 1.8 million Batts not to mention the hundreds of comments on this site! Can't find them in any store within 100 miles of my city and online order through Apple says it would ship in 3-4 weeks! Very disenchanted with Apple right now. Buyer beware!

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    Battery Issue

    • Written by from Missoula

    Yea, mine just bulged out on me too, though I must say I've had the McBook for about 8 years and have had no previous problems. I've heard that leaving the machine plugged in with the setting on sleep can cause this problem, though I'm unsure.

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    Hear we go again!

    • Written by from Medford

    Third battery! So what is it, a bad battery or is it the power supply that is frying the batteries?

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    each one bulged at the three year mark

    • Written by from Rancho Cucamonga

    The first one bulged just before the three year apple care was up so they replaced if at no charge. the replacement batter bulged at three years and a month but it was out of warrantee anyway after an year.

    Doesn't Apple see all the one star ratings and feel embarrassed enough to do something about it?

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    • Written by from Alhambra

    Since my first battery died, ive been EVEN more conscious of calibrating and cycling the battery every week or so. Regardless, my battery dies only a year later! If I need to buy a brand new battery thats over $100, every year, thats ridiculous, considering my PC has lasted longer without needing to replace the battery.

    I've now gone through two of these batteries, and Apple has no interest in replacing them or reassuring us that they have improved the life of them. With the recent crash issues Mac software has been experiencing, and now Apple hardware issues, like weak batteries, I think I might go back to PC.

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    Rated -*****

    • Written by from Circleville

    Since this was not my first Mac, I knew Macs run HOT. I have always kept my 2007 MBP on the best cooling pad made. Silly me, it only delayed the inevitable. I didn't know about the risk of the defective batteries. I would never have invested in this monster of a computer if I had. No warning-just in time for the 4th it blows! I feel betrayed.

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    17-inch MacBook Pro Battery

    • Written by from ANTIOCH

    Don't know if the problem about the expanding battery for the 17-inch MacBook Pro has been fixed, but it recently happened to me after years of loyal services. Love the MacBook Pro, but the battery situation is very un-Mac-like. In any event, I took the Mac and the battery to the Genius Bar today and they reaffirmed why I am an Apple fan and loyalist. After a detailed description about why the battery split its case and expanded to the point of warping the chassis and disabling the trackpad (all in aid of trying to explain why this was not a design flaw), they replaced my battery (no charge, even though that may not have been the policy for the store I went to). The bottomline, according to the Genius at the Bar, is to make sure you cycle the battery (i.e. run it down fully and charge it up) twice a month. I would have taken a star away for the battery, but the service made up for it.

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    from "defective" to "design feature" according to apple, inc

    • Written by from San Jose

    the original batteries that came w/ this laptop were recalled (nor was it limited to apple batteries). at the time, i had no problem. however a year later, the battery bulged so that the trackpad won't work. pulled the battery out and left it sit for a couple of days. it expanded so much it quadrupled in size, twisting the case into an interesting shape. i took it to the local apple store. they looked at it, took it and gave me a new battery. no questions, no name, nothing. walked away happy. fast forward 2 years latter, the new battery did the same thing. this time the local apple store said this was 'normal' and a 'design feature' and that i either recharged the battery too many times or let it get hot. ah, no. same use pattern.

    so, what is it, 'design flaw' or 'design feature'? i know. why won't apple, inc say so now?

    treat a loyal customer since 1983 this way? for $129? bad apple, inc.

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    Blow Up

    • Written by from New York

    This is the second battery to have exploded in the last five years. Both batteries still had a lot of cycles left. These are the worst batteries. The laptop always rested on a hard surface (i.e., desk) and never had a cold start, always room temp power up. Love the MBP, hate the battery.

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    Bulging bust

    • Written by from Port Elizabeth

    First battery caused all kinds of funky things to happen to my MBP, before bulging and popping out the casing. Second one is 19 cycles old and near dead after being in storage for a year. I get better performance from 5 year old rechargeable AA batteries!

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    2 Batteries have bulged within a couple months of each other.

    • Written by from Los Altos

    When I got my 17" MacBook Pro in March of 2008, I bought a second battery. I've religiously alternated them over the years approximately every three months. A month ago, I went to swap batteries and found my "spare" battery had bulged through the case to the tune of about 3 inches!

    A day ago, I noticed my trackpad clicker was hard to use...could barely depress it, but it would work. Today, it didn't work at all and if I tried using any part of the trackpad (including clicker), I couldn't select anything, either with the trackpad, corded mouse or bluetooth mouse.

    Upon removing the battery, I could tell it was beginning to bulge!! (My second battery.) The bulging battery, even though not apparent to the eye, was causing the trackpad malfunction.

    I've noticed there are many reviews about 17" MacBook Pro batteries bulging. Mine only has 173 cycle counts!

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    Bulged and crackled

    • Written by from Inglewood

    I thought my battery bulged and crackled because I brought my mac into the warm house from my cold car…but I allowed at least a half hour for room temp adjustments, always do that. Looking at all the complaints here, I see I’m better off inventing my own external battery pac to use when I want to go mobil, otherwise I’m tethered to a wall socket anywhere USA.

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    Bulged 'till it broke

    • Written by from Pinole

    First one bulged in the computer and was replaced by Apple at no charge at 97 cycles. Within two years the second battery stopped holding a charge with only 177 cycles on it so I removed it and bought a Newer replacement battery as Apple would do nothing about the other battery. That battery expanded and popped the shield off within a month of coming out of the computer. One cell on the end away from the power connector was huge while all the others were normal. Clearly some defective manufacturing in this particular battery line as I've never had this problem with any other Apple battery.

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    Worst Battery Ever

    • Written by from Amarillo

    Have had to replace two of these on my 17" MacBook Pro. They have expanded to more than two times their original size and cause the computer to start malfunctioning. There is something seriously wrong with these batteries.

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    • Written by from Trenton

    The good news is the Macbook Pro this thing powered is still in working condition. Apple still sells these guys. The bad news is, they've not changed any of the battery's technology for the defects. I have poured about $400 into three batteries, thus far as a result of bulging - the recognized issue was supposedly addressed, but these reviews lead away from that claim... I guess I need to not leave my computer on, though one would think that as a consumer I could and should have that right.

    Part of me wonders if I should recalibrate the battery every month, but even my car doesn't require that much maintenance, so I'm just going to use the old 2006 clunker as a desktop and not buy a 4th battery. Besides, the technology on a non-dual core processor directly hinders me from using anything past Snow Leopard. As a stock-holder, this is disappointing.

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    Someone needs to file a class action.

    • Written by from Snohomish

    I have had to replace these batteries every year since I purchased my MacBook Pro.

    They always fail in the same manor, Over heating and delaminating , luckily none of mine have caught fire or cracked the main logic board like so many others have reported. This last one lasted less than a year, and less than 200 charge cycles.

    Unfortunately apple has rigged this site, so that I cannot give it the zero stars rating it deserves.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just follow the directions...

    • Written by from Windermere

    Don't leave it charging all the time. If you do, you may as well get a Mac Mini. Yes it will get hot when charging from less than 10%. Let it vent, don't insulate it, like leaving it on a bed or blanket. Still on my second battery. I usually replace every 2 or 3 years. Soon time for a new one. It's down from 4 hours to about 2.5 on a full charge. It's just the nature of compact Li-Ion chemistry. Recycle the old one. My 17" Mac Book Pro is the most rugged, reliable laptop I've ever had. It gets used on construction sites, in vehicles, in hot, dusty or wet environments. Dropped many times. Keeps on going...

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    17 inch battery = garbage

    • Written by from New Lenox

    I'm on my send battery within 2 years. Both have expanded and made my computer inoperable. I'll be looking for a different brand. Apple should be ashamed by the poor quality of the battery and the MacBook Pro. I've had to replace the battery twice, replace a fan, harddrive, mouse and powerpack/plug unit. For all the money that I've spent, this thing is a piece of junk. Their moto should be "they just work... until they break and that will be quite often".

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    Great Battery

    • Written by from Mississauga

    I'm really surprised by all the bad reviews. My MBP is mid 2010, and I use it every day, and haven't had to replace the battery yet. It doesn't last as long as before, but I still get three or four hours out of it -- with the brightness turned up, and pretty heavy use. I have had a lot of non-apple laptops, and all of them were useless after about a year.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Battery wrecked notebook.

    • Written by from München

    A few months ago, I stored the notebook in a drawer. It was working fine when I last shut it down. Now I noticed the battery sticking out. Turns out the battery burst. Apple Support calls this a feature. Because it prevented the battery from exploding and burning the house down while we were completely unaware Apple batteries did that when NOT IN USE.

    The battery, probably before not exploding, apparently wrecked the mainboard. The computer does not start up and is completely dead. This is a design flaw and I would have expected Apple to deal with this humbly instead of stating it's normal. A self-destructing notebook is NOT normal.

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