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    Same battery problem - Not a bad solution!

    • Written by from Corona

    After nine months of constantly using my MacBook Pro 17, the system recently started to shut down unexpectedly, Now the battery casing is expanding and buckling and will not hold a charge. The effective life cycle with other rechargeable battery systems I have used seems to be about the same.

    I was concerned about additional damage or safety hazard so I removed the battery. I called Apple Support and they agreed without dispute to send a replacement under warranty at no charge. Apple is still the best overall computer experience I have had!

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    Expanding Battery problem - how to check

    • Written by

    My battery expanded, unfortunately. If you go to "about this Mac' (in your menu) > More Info > Power > Full charge capacity. on the 17 inch it should read about 2205. Then check Cycle Count. My number is at 578. The problem is that the batteries are only 'good' until about 300, after that they start doing weird things, like making your laptop shut down while it is plugged into the charger, etc. You just need to purchase a new battery. Also, they tend to get hotter faster the older they are, which explains the expansion. Hope this helps. I am a bit disappointed, but I guess it just happens.

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    Scary Pouffy Battery

    • Written by from san luis obispo

    I understand eventually needing a new battery (I have had my MacBook for more than two years after all), but did the thing have to puff up and come apart? Scary. But this is normal? Was my lap in danger? Will it happen again when I get a new battery?

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    Bulging Battery & Free Replacement

    • Written by from NEWRY

    My macbook pro was purchased Sept 06, and I was using the original battery up until today (Oct 09)! My laptop isn't used heavily but i still thought this was pretty impressive when compared to some of the reviews I read on here.

    However, for the past few months my laptop has been switching off unexpectedly. At first it started doing this at around 50% remaining battery level, but as weeks went by this gradually rose until eventually I was afraid to even use it for a few minutes without the power cord.

    Then about 2 weeks ago I noticed my laptop began to wobble on a flat surface. Soon I realized that it was the casing to the battery! It has gradually got worse over the past few days. I see this is a common problem with this battery from just reading a few reviews. I went to the local apple store expecting to have to fork out $130 for a new battery (especially since my warranty had run out long ago), but they replaced the battery there and then free of charge!

    The 'genius' told me that they replace batteries FOC with this (bulging) defect even if the warranty has expired.

    Very pleased that I got a new battery for free, but was shocked at how my old battery started to come apart. Surely this could have damaged my laptop if left too long!

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    3 years and 5 months later...

    • Written by from Burbank

    This is a note to all you users of the 17" MackBook Pro with replaceable batteries.

    This battery has warped/bulged/expanded after 3 years and 5 months of use. I didn't realize the battery was deforming until I noticed the laptop wasn't laying flat on the desk. Symptoms leading up to this were, sudden shut downs, charges not holding well, track pad button not pushing down (not clicking).

    Check out your battery every now and then. I was able to pull out the battery before any harm was done to the laptop, but it could have caused damage if I let it expand inside.

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    2nd battery in 17" MacBook Pro has warped - bulged

    • Written by

    Just replaced the second battery due to overly hot MacBook Pro. I bought this computer in June, 2006. Once the computer overheated and wouldn't shut down. In a panic, I put it in the bathtub (no water, of course) and then gathered my senses and removed the melting battery. I've had bizarre things happening to my computer this time, but didn't associate with the battery, because it wasn't bulging at first. Well, it did warp and the battery was the cause of "weird" (even the Apple Tech was stunned by what I described) happenings. Random applications would open when I moved the cursor over icons, files would not open, but when the cursor moved over folders, they would select and move to the location of their choice. Words deleted without me ever touching the delete button. Lots more....

    Is there any chance that Apple would replace/repair this computer? I think it's a

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    Replaced for free? Not so fast

    • Written by from Acworth

    In response to Bulging Battery with a great ending! Review
    Written by LH from cosby May 6, 2010

    I called Apple to get my bulging battery replaced for free and they said this is inaccurate. I have to purchase a new battery. The support rep explained they are aware that the batteries bilge after their life cycle and they will not replace it for free even if it was under apple care. He also advised that this is NOT a safety hazard and I could continue to use my battery like this until I get a replacement.

    Just FYI for everyone out there, the bulging battery has caused my MacBook Pro case to start separating on the edge (unsnapping) and the trackpad is acting up - I can click my mouse by simply touching the bottom right hand corner of my case - annoying, as you can imagine, when typing and my wrist presses against the case.

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    • Written by from Long Beach

    My battery lasted for 3 years. A couple days ago it started to bow out and now it has bowed out so much I can see inside it. This doesn't seem safe at all. What's up, Apple?

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    Battery Bulge

    • Written by from New York

    This is happening frequently. Apple should do something about this!

    The battery on my 17-inch MacBook Pro just popped and bulged!

    I'll have to get Apple to provide reasonable explanation and action.

    It's horrendous.

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    Battle of the Bulge

    • Written by from Cheverly

    I did not buy my 17 inch MacBook Pro new, but the bulging battery finally explained why it could not hold a charge for more than a couple of hours at most. For the past 2 years I have left it plugged in almost continually.

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    Good while it lasts

    • Written by from Philadelphia

    I've had my laptop for over a year. At first, I was surprised by the battery life, but as time went on, i was lucky if i could squeeze at least an hour worth of juice out of the battery. About a week ago, my computer starting shutting off for no explicable reason. When it got to about 50% charge the computer just died. Within the next couple of days i noticed that the battery was starting to swell and thicken on one side. I kept using it for a couple more days and one morning I noticed that it got increasingly bulky overnight. I stopped using it and now I have to buy this expensive thing because how good is a laptop if you can't carry it around? I'm going to follow some tips i found online like recalibrating the battery and take it out when it is charged and just run the computer with the power supply. And download the battery update from the apple website if you haven't, that's supposed to help. I hope this new one lasts longer and with some luck it won't explode in my lap or something :p

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    Before you order!

    • Written by from Tamworth

    My 2008 Macbook Pro had the bulging battery problem. Unfortunately I threw out the battery rather than take it back to Apple. I regret this as I understand that Apple will sometimes simply swap the battery. Anyway my advice is to speak to Apple first.

    Also if you don't replace the battery and run your Macbook off ac only you will find that OSX throttles the processor which reduces performance. I could not understand why my Macbook was having problems with some HD flash video now I realise it was because I was running on ac power only. (apparently the reason for this is that if the system is under maximum load it can temporarily require more power than ac can give).

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    MacBook Pro Battery

    • Written by from sacramento

    I must admit, Apple you let me down on this one. I have this mega tight deadline for a convention video and what happened... I come into work only to find my MacBook Pro whom I love dearly, is sitting a little lopsided. I fisrt checked to see if I had papers under it or other forign objects. Nope. The defect was coming from the computer its self. It grew a battery Tumor over night. Like most people I don't like tumors. Apple, Why did my battery grow a Tumor? Why is a new battery 129.99. Apple if this was not coming out of company money I'd be way angry. Thanks apple for costing my company another 129.99.

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    Mine Bulging Too

    • Written by from Oklahoma City

    Laptop has been in a desk drawer for about a year (no dropping or exposure to weird magnets or temperatures). When I took it out, the batter was bulging. People at the apple store said it looked as if it was "fried". Really don't know how it happened, but I guess I need to buy a new battery. I'm just worried now that it might happen again. Any advice as to how to avoid?

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    Battery buckled after 1.5 years...covered under AppleCare!

    • Written by from New York

    I had the same problem as several others in the store -- my 17" MBP trackpad button got "stuck" and would not click in, and became unusably sensitive to any touch. I took out the battery and noticed it was swollen and buckled. With the battery removed, the trackpad button worked fine. So I called AppleCare and luckily I had a very nice customer support agent who referred me to a specialist and they said that because it was a known issue with the batteries and because I was still covered under AC they would ship me a new one! FYI for others who might be in the same boat.

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    Bulging Battery - Fair Review

    • Written by from Harvest

    The only reason why I didn't give it a lower rating is because of the number of years it lasted reliably.

    Alas, I have fallen victim to the "bulging battery" problem and am shelling out $130.

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    Another Bloated Battery

    • Written by from Renton

    I've had my Macbook Pro for just over 1 year and about a month ago the computer started shutting down without notice. Last week I was working and as I was typing the computer started rocking back and forth on my desk. The battery had warped before my eyes.

    I've had no complaints about the computer and I can't be that upset at apple for not replacing my battery..I don't have Apple Care, but I would expect that a failure this drastic would mean they'd at least split the cost with me, considering I bought their most expensive computer!

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    Mac Pro Battery review

    • Written by from Machesney Park

    I replaced my battery in the beginning of this year. I have yet to throw away the old battery for reference reasons b4 I purchased a new one. Although it is no longer in use it is still growing outside of itself. I thought since I am no longer using it and it is sitting in a cool area that it would be ok. It is still growing. I almost ruined my compartment for my battery by forcing it until I haaad to get a new one. It pretty much let itself out of my laptop. A safer alert would be ideal for consumers to know they need a new battery.

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    MacBook Pro 17 inch Desktop

    • Written by

    I am actually surprised out how consistently terrible the MacBook battery performs. Mine has done exactly the same thing. The worst part, in my opinion, is the 45 minutes or less charge capacity. I am jealous of my friends/ fellow students that have other computers that they can just get to class and start typing without having to find an outlet to plug in. I have already admitted that rather than a "laptop" or "notebook", I have a really expensive desktop with a built in screen.

    Since I don't ever take my laptop anywhere with me, just leaving it on its fan on my desk at home, I just took the battery out and leave it in my drawer. While its plugged in, it does not require the battery to operate. I am pretty sure that the only reason my 2006 model is still only on its third battery is because I wised up, took the battery out and don't even use it.

    By the way, the only reason I gave it 3 stars instead of one is because I think this is a useful tip, and I wanted my comment to stand apart from all the other 1 Stars.

    My rating is 1 star

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    exploding battery

    • Written by from Bozeman

    I bought my macbook in Aug 2006. I've never had a problem with battery life with almost constant use. Although I've noticed from time to time it runs very hot. Last night when I picked it up I noticed the battery had bulged. Not really sure what caused it to explode? Heat maybe?

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