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    • Written by from Clearwater

    Apple has engineered a great battery for the 17" MacBook Pro. It keeps chugging for 3.5 to 4 hours and greatly outpaces my old G4 15" Powerbook battery with double the operating time. I'm very impressed. Good work Apple!

    Note: If anyone isn't getting fabulous operating time, or is experiencing battery warpage or overheating, take your notebook into the Apple store and get a new battery. If you're within warranty it should be free, or if out of warranty, $129 is a small price to pay for the power this little beast puts out.

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    Apple 17-inch Macbook Pro battery is high quality

    • Written by from Denton

    For anyone with a negative review on this product I suggest you read the Wikipedia article on Lithium-ion batteries, especially the part about disadvantages, before you declare Apple at fault. The current state of battery technology is disappointing and expensive. Lithium-ion batteries lose about 20% of their capacity per year starting from manufacture, the upshot they are the best weight-to-energy batteries on the market and don't have a memory-effect. Apple has a nice easy to use design that feels solid, and a little LED charge indicator on the bottom. The Apple Genius Bar has replaced defective batteries on the spot.

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    Bulging Battery with a great ending!

    • Written by from cosby

    I've had my MacBook Pro for 2 years. This week, in just one day, I noticed the bottom of my laptop bulging out. My tracking pad also seemed to be flatter and not really clicking anymore. I found these reviews and took the battery out right away and scheduled an appointment at the Apple Store in West Town mall, Knoxville TN. Had my appt. today. They told me that those batteries were made by Sony and it's not just an Apple thing. Lot of other computers had the same problem if they had a battery made by Sony. It has nothing to do with your computer getting hot. It's from a bad coil.
    Apple now makes their own batteries, that's why you will see the new computers have a battery life of 7+ hours.
    They told me they will replace your battery with this defect no matter how long you have had your computer or if it's under warranty.
    I was VERY happy! They replaced my battery, plug (not normal, just an extra act of kindness) and a broken key I had on my laptop, all for FREE.

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    • Written by from west chester

    this battery has lasted nearly four years. i never kept the computer plugged in all the time. i followed the calibration instructions. it has served me well.

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    Original bulged, Apple responded

    • Written by from Puyallup

    My 2008-era 17" MBP recently suffered the same fate as many have described here: Battery simply stopped working -- even though all indicators showed battery was fully charged and still fully functional, it wouldn't hold a charge. After less than 3 minutes on battery power, the MBP would hard-shutdown with no warning.

    A couple days later, the trackpad started to act oddly. A few minutes of online research had me checking the physical shape of battery: BULGING in the center. I made an appointment with the "genius bar" at the local Apple store the next day and preceded to dig up, and print out, all similar accounts of this happening. I highlighted all the cases where a local store replaced the battery for free.

    Turns out I didn't need all that research. The Tacoma store genius manager was my first contact and after one look at the battery immediately said, "we'll get you a new one right away." Five minutes later I was out the door with a brand new battery, no charge, no fuss.

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    No worries, battery replaced free of charge

    • Written by from Western Springs

    I am out of warranty and Apple replaced my battery no questions asked. They would like you to bring the whole computer to the store so they can document serial numbers etc; I only brought the battery, but they still gave me a new one.

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    Battery Issues

    • Written by from Tehachapi

    Yes my battery bulged like a pig also but I've had my mac pro 17" for a couple of years now. It would be nice if Apple would include a life clock for these batteries. When I got the MBP 17 I thought I had read all the info but I guess I missed the battery conditioning but I don't think it matters because mine lasted for years, I did notice though that I only started leaving it plugged in for maybe the last year. Now I've read other reviews about the MBP 17 being worthless without the battery, NOT TRUE I've been using mine flawlessly with out the battery for about the last six months now and it runs just fine. The only fault I can think of is while running on AC only you have to be careful not to bump the magnetic AC plug otherwise you get a hard shutdown.

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    Eary MacBook Pro Battery Bulge

    • Written by from Millburn

    I also had the same problem with battery bulge and sudden shut off. Coincidentally, it started occurring approximately two to three weeks BEFORE my 3 year apple care expired. After reading all the posts above, I went to the apple store prepared for battle. To my surprise, they not only replaced my almost three year old battery free of charge, but also gave me another year of warranty (on the battery only). Way to go Apple!

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    Just follow the directions...

    • Written by from Windermere

    Don't leave it charging all the time. If you do, you may as well get a Mac Mini. Yes it will get hot when charging from less than 10%. Let it vent, don't insulate it, like leaving it on a bed or blanket. Still on my second battery. I usually replace every 2 or 3 years. Soon time for a new one. It's down from 4 hours to about 2.5 on a full charge. It's just the nature of compact Li-Ion chemistry. Recycle the old one. My 17" Mac Book Pro is the most rugged, reliable laptop I've ever had. It gets used on construction sites, in vehicles, in hot, dusty or wet environments. Dropped many times. Keeps on going...

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    Don't buy a newertech nupower instead

    • Written by from LONDON

    OK the batteries have problems, but my Newertech Nupower only lasted 2 weeks!!!!!! they told me it was my fault because I hadn't 'conditioned it properly' HA HA HA, so PLEASE don't buy a Newertech Nupower instead, the APPLE batteries aren't so bad after all, I'm using one again now.

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    bad battery design, but five-star response

    • Written by from Alexandria

    I've had two of the notorious expanding batteries in the past four years, and something's clearly wrong with the design. But Apple's response has been great. Both times they cheerfully gave me a new battery at no charge when I brought the faulty one in to the Genius Bar, even though my MBP was long out of warranty.

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    Great Battery

    • Written by

    After 3+ years of use my 17" MBP battery bloated. I'll be buying another one ASAP. For 3+ years of daily use it has kept up and worked great. Nothing lasts forever so I'm not too bummed out about it breaking after so long. I put in 10+ hours a day and sometimes have my MBP on 24/hrs a day.

    Use is well and calibrate it every month and you should have a battery that lasts you for years.

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    Excellent battery, great lifetime. 523+ cycles and still going!

    • Written by from Ottawa

    I have had this battery for almost 2 years, and have used it every day.
    I have over 523 full charge cycles on it and am just now starting to notice my battery life degrading. When it was new I would get anywhere from 5.5 to 6 hours out of it. Prior to hitting the 500 cycle mark, I would easily get over 3.5 hours out of it while doing some pretty intensive stuff like games and HD movies. After the 500 cycle mark however, my battery life is dropping to about 1.9 to 2.1 hours. Since most Li-ion batteries are limited to 500 cycles or 3 years, I am rather happy.

    Unfortunately Sony shipped some defective batteries to Apple which is why some people are complaining about expanding battery cases, if that happens, you should contact Apple immediately.

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    Great Battery

    • Written by from Salt Lake City

    I get 4+ hours of running time out of this battery. This is about 1 hour better than on my MacBook Pro 15". You would think that it would be the other way around with the large 17" screen this battery has to power. Great improvment!

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    Best Performer

    • Written by from Columbia

    Its good to have some extra food cells while on move, and this battery pack is a great performer

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    MBP Battery

    • Written by from Athenry

    Got the mac Book Pro 2 yrs ago as a Xmas gift Was working great until battery acted up
    after charge only getting 1-1/2.hrs max Have bought new one on line hope to get another 2 yrs it should last if i do the same charge only when it is required and remove battery when working on main power and Drain battery at least once a month

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    Battery life extension

    • Written by from Chino

    I purchased my laptop in July 2007, I have the original battery.
    When it indicates on your screen that the battery "Not Charging" unplug the power and run the laptop on the battery until the percentage is around 10%, then plug in the power adapter.
    Every thing should be OK, and run 10 plus years.

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    i like my mbp :)

    • Written by from Bountiful

    i figure there are all these postings here about angry people because there batteries fail and what not. that sounds frustrating and all but my battery has lasted me years and had no problems. not only that but i can run my laptop in better performance mode and still run all my apps normally for a couple hours or so. good job apple :)

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    This is fine with me....!

    • Written by from Palm Beach

    My battery works great and i use it every day in school for at least 3 hours a day. I have had my MacBook Pro for a year in a half now and it always has worked wonderfully. The battery is good and it never swelled or anything. So I guess Im quite lucky but from my use of my laptop I would think that the battery would have exploded by now. I am always running large programs b/c I am a photagrapher and i have final cut studio and appature AND photoshop. Then i have my music running when i do that and wifi on. I think that apple did well on this protect. I love it. The battery life could be slighty longer its only like 3 hours but I still love it.

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    MacBook Pro 17" Rechargeable Battery

    • Written by

    My MacBook Pro 17" laptop battery started to bulge at 13 months. I took it to the Apple store. They looked at it and said it was defective. Replaced it at NO cost. Time it took-5 minutes. Only problem was I needed to wait 4 hours of charging a new battery to use the laptop again. I don't know if it was free because I had the three year extended warrant or because I am on their Procare program or because of something else, but in any case, it was free.

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