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    Houston, We Have A (SERIOUS) Problem!

    • Written by from Penn Valley

    If you've ended up here, then you likely have had problems similar to mine.  Here's mine: I use my computer plugged in most of the time, but often unplug to roam the house or to work somewhere without power.  The unit has worked well (although it does get HOT!) for a couple of years now (of nearly continual usage) originally getting approximately 3 hrs of usage - although of late I have noticed shorter & shorter battery life.  The other day (not certain whether I had just been utilizing the battery or had just gone to power), when I returned to it to start working I realized that the computer was wobbly - checked to see if it had lost a footing or had been placed upon something, then discovered that the battery case was almost completely out of its slot and the battery was all warped and expanded (to almost twice its size).  Removed power, shut it down, took out the battery and couldn't believe it - thought someone must have tried to pry it out of the computer.  It appeared that the unit had simply become unglued (although greatly expanded and warped).  No amount of effort could get it back together/normal (nor back in its slot).  

    In looking to replace it, I ended up at this review forum (I will take it to an Apple Store to see if they will simply give me another - as some have apparently successfully done - albeit theirs were potentially still under warranty which I doubt mine is).  I have read most of these reviews and to save you the trouble here are the most salient points: 1. This has apparently been a problem since these units first came out - look at the reviews, back to September '07 (whether they have improved on the design since their debut is unclear, but they definitely have NOT solved the problem); 2. You can go into "About This Mac" to find details about usage - I read one place that the units have about 2250 charge cycles - you'll see a number showing how many you've gone through (some said that below about 300 remaining the battery starts to have serious problems like shutting down when it still shows a charge - I did experience this a couple of times just before the battery expanded, but wrote it off to pilot error & don't know how many I was on when this all happened); 3. As the unit expands it can do other really bad things like expand inward - shutting down the mouse pad and creating serious OS errors; 4. You apparently can re-calibrate your battery and doing so may help your battery's life, but actually doing so a lot may hurt it instead; 5. Seeing that this is a regular problem (and unfixed) I am hesitant to buy another unit (many here have gone through 3 or 4 batteries) AND I do not think I would want to have one of the new computers with non-removable batteries - what happens when it goes - could ruin your whole computer AND NOT be replaceable!

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    Bad battery

    • Written by from Northfield

    I've extolled the virtues of owning a Mac to all I've encountered. I've owned my MBP for nearly 3 years and began to notice a problem with overheating and discovered the bulging battery. This caused my computer to shutdown in the middle of projects and ultimately resulted in my ordering a new battery at a cost of $129. Never in all my years of owning a PC have I had the issue of a bulging battery. Especially when you bear the cost of replacing it.

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    Battery buldging for MacBook Pro 17

    • Written by from Boyds

    I have MacBook Pro17 for about 2 years. I always plug in my computer to the power source. Battery holds power for almost 3 hours. Two days ago I saw my computer now sitting properly on my desk. I thoung there was something under my computer. But I was disappointed to see that battery was buldged out. I tried to fix it but could not. I have to replace it now. It is not cheap, $129. Really disappointing.

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    Battery popped open

    • Written by from Westmount

    After around 3 years of honorable service it simply popped open!!!

    Not a very safe performance, I would say! Luckily there was no leakage: likely only swollen cells.

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    Found "bulging battery problem" caused by overheating.

    • Written by from Austin

    I came here to buy a new battery as mine was bulged and causing serious problems. For weeks I was stumped, having incessant trackpad issues. The entire lower part below the keyboard (across the width of the whole 17" laptop) acted like a track pad with the button stuck. Until I removed the battery, the laptop was worthless.

    It works fine with no battery and power supply.

    The problem? I had used it in my lap for 3 years and yes, it often got so hot I had to put a blanket under it. One day I let it sit overnight on a polished smooth granite countertop, running a PC emulator, downloading files. It was too much CPU for one night and it must have warped the battery.

    Dear Apple, may I suggest detecting overheating situations in the software? I believe it is possible.

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    Bulging battery problems continue

    • Written by from Gainesville

    I'm so glad I read the reviews; they saved my computer. The problem I first noticed was that my computer would suddenly shut off when the battery icon showed it still had around half a charge left. This led me to believe that the battery was dying and needed to be replaced, and I decided I could make due with the powercord for a while. However, the trackpad/spacebar started acting up too. I removed my battery and discovered the casing was coming apart and was starting to warp on one side. I came here to purchase another battery and discovered this was a trend, not an isolated case. Thankfully someone wrote that if you notice your battery expanding to remove it from your computer and leave it out for good; a few days after I removed mine it fully "exploded" and doubled in width. Had I left it in my computer, it would have broken everything.

    To Apple's credit, they did give me a new battery even though my warranty was up. At least they realize that there is a problem with their product, but it's amazing to see that even after many years they haven't fixed the issue.

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    Battery grows while dying

    • Written by from Havelock

    I'm not giving this battery 2 stars because it died. All batteries eventually lose the ability to hold a charge. The 1 star is because it almost took my MBP 17" with it to the grave. That's not expected.

    My MBP is the 2006 version. In 2007 the original battery was recalled by Apple, and the replacement supposedly fixed the problem. That lulled me into a false sense of security, because although during the past 6 months there were clues of impending doom, I never suspected the battery.

    Clue one was the case slowly warping. The first indication was that the thin metal strip above the display release button started to bulge out a bit.

    Clue two was the trackpad button. It worked, but there was essentially no downward movement or 'click' when it was pressed.

    Clue three was that it became more and more difficult to close the lid. It would take at least a couple of tries for the latch to catch.

    Clue four was the heat. It was almost painful to keep the MBP on my lap for more than a few minutes.

    Clue five — the one that finally registered on my brain — was the battery expanding out of the bottom of the MBP.

    After removing the battery, the thin strip above the display release button is now more flush with the case, the trackpad button actually clicks when pressed, and the latch immediately catches when I close the lid.

    I think I keep up pretty well with Apple news (been exclusively a Mac user since 1985), but, after 2007 battery recall, I never came across another article or warning about problems with the MBP 17" battery. I was living in blissful ignorance while the battery was slowly trying to kill my MBP.

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    Be careful!! Watch your battery for bulges.

    • Written by

    I used my battery for my 17"MBP for about two years and then my track pad buttons stopped working one day. Come to find out after I looked under my laptop that the battery had a significant bulge happening which was putting pressure on the pad from the under side. I called Apple, lucky I still had 1 year on my extended warrantee, and they are sending me a new one on them. If you have any laptop, just be aware if the battery is expanding and of your battery life is decreasing rapidly. I probably could have noticed this sooner if I had known of the issue. I guess I just figured something like this wouldn't happen with an Apple product. Guess I was wrong...

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    the dreaded bulge

    • Written by from New York

    The battery on my 2007 macbook pro bulged and finally destroyed the metal frame a week ago. I had no idea until a google search that this sort of thing happens. I have a 2003 Powerbook G4 that still works on its original battery. I think Apple must be sacrificing quality as it gets more and more popular, sadly.

    Anyway, I went to the Apple Store on 5th avenue in Manhattan, where I'd purchased the Macbook, with no sure way of knowing whether they would replace the defective battery. Thankfully they did, no questions asked. The guy at the genius bar was very familiar with the problem and said it was a manufacturing defect. None of the "it was designed to fail that way" talk that other people on this forum have experienced. Clearly, it can't be designed to blow up like that. I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with customer service, though. They took the busted battery back (I didn't even know how to safely dispose of the thing) and gave me a new one, free of charge. Here's hoping the new battery doesn't blow up right away.

    I was thinking of upgrading and purchasing a new Macbook, and I asked the same guy whether he's seen battery problems in the newer models, where the battery is behind a cover plate and isn't detachable. He said no, but I have my doubts. Wouldn't want a bulging battery locked inside an expensive laptop. Apple, please do not sacrifice quality for quantity!

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    Expanding Battery

    • Written by from Oakville

    My MBP Battery started swelling last saturday, removed it from notebook too make sure it didn't affect my MacBook. By Tuesday the battery had almost expanded out of it encasement. Took the battery to the Sherway Gardens Apple Store, showed them the battery and they replaced the battery, no questions asked!! made my week!! :)

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    battery expanded outward

    • Written by from Brookline

    The battery worked well for the first couple of years in the 3rd year that I have owned it the life was very short, to the point where if it was unplugged it would die within in minutes then to seconds. Then the battery just expanded/ballooned out to where it was pushing the hard case I had over it off of the laptop itself. It no longer fits back in the battery slot and is completely useless now. I hope the newer macbook pros have better batteries in them that last longer between charges as well as overall life span.

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    Apple WILL exchange these sans warranty.

    • Written by from VALPARAISO

    I'm the same as everyone else - bulging battery and slightly cracked battery casing. It caused issues with my mouse before I did some reading and discovered it was the battery. I called applecare and they are sending me a replacement battery even though I have over 600 cycle counts on the thing. They guarantee them for 300 I believe.

    This is not a warranty issue and they WILL replace them for safety reasons. Just call. They will require you to ship the old part but it's on their dime. I think they want to make sure you're telling the truth. hope this helps someone.

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    • Written by from Mercer Island

    These batteries certainly would get a much better rating if they didn't continue to have the ongoing buckling issues. They rate about like any others in terms of holding their charge over time, but the fact that, without fan malfunction issues, they suddenly start morphing out of shape and essentially make continuing to use them impossible. Apple should get a fix on this issue. It's costly and annoying.

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    Third Battery gone bad..

    • Written by from Hamilton

    I own a 2007 MBP. I have purchased two batteries since the original and ALL three have buldged. Now, I'm thinking about upgrading my MBP, but wonder if I'm going to have the same problem. $300 in batteries isn't cheap...

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    Bulging Battery=track pad button stuck

    • Written by from brooklyn

    My track pad button was also stuck and upon reading this forum I realized that my battery was in fact bulging out. I removed the battery and voila! No more button problems. Problem is that magnetic charger is designed to pull out easily so you have to be careful that you don't accidentally pull the plug and lose your work. A new battery is in order. I think this one had a good run-4 years, not bad but could have created a more serious problem had I not realized that this was the problem.

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    Bulging battery

    • Written by from Valley Village

    I've had my 17" MacBook Pro for about 3.5 years...never a problem. Suddenly it was wobbling. I thought it had warped or something. Then I looked on the bottom and the battery was bulging. WHAT?!?! Some possible advance notice: it was shutting off, low battery, without any warning, as it used to do. I didn't notice any other changes.

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    Good at first

    • Written by from seekonk

    The battery works very well for the first couple of months, but dies within a year and you have to get it replaced

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    yes, bulgy

    • Written by from San Francisco

    Why didn't anyone at the Apple Store tell me about issues with the battery?? I have a 17"macbook pro, and took it in recently with complaints that it had started shutting off with no warning, when I had battery power left. It was a bummer, as I lost work the first time this happened. The genius bar checked it and said it was time to replace it. They didn't mention at all that there have been problems with this battery. Shortly after this, my trackpad stopped working properly - so much so that I had to get an external mouse. I stopped by an apple store during some travels without my computer, and was told to check my battery when I got home, as they can sometimes bulge. Sure enough, it had bulged way out, and my trackpad works now that I've removed the battery.

    I realize batteries don't last forever, but the genius folks knew I was holding out on a new one, as I'm unemployed, and waiting for a new job to kick in before I drop over $100. I'm just glad it seems no serious damage was done, and would have appreciated a warning when my machine was clearly showing similar signs to what many other people have had problems with.

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    Bulging Battery Blues

    • Written by from PARKER

    On my way to replace my second bulging battery. This time I'm also having the strange track pad and keyboard issues. My Apple Care replaced the first battery but I no longer have coverage.

    I've long supported Apple but this is very disappointing.

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    My 2nd Swollen Battery

    • Written by from Montgomery

    I have now had two batteries in a row swell to the point I can no longer work the trackpad. In fairness, the batteries have lasted about three years before this happened. I have been a Mac user since 1984 and this 17" MacBook Pro is the only computer where I've ever experienced the swollen battery issue. My wife and our children use 12-13 inch size laptops and no problems with theirs. I give the battery a good rating for operating hours, but low rating because they are expensive to replace.

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