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    Remove & Replace

    • Written by from Lubbock

    I purchased my 17" MBP April 2006, in 2008 I had to replace the battery due to overheating and the "life cycle" Bulge. the second battery I will now replace this month... The reason it last me over 5 years is it spent most of its time on my desk, plugged in WITHOUT THE BATTERY, the battery would only be used in the laptop when traveling. I realize this IS a design flaw, however Id rather deal with this problem than no longer having an 17" MBP available anymore. Dear APPLE, Its been 8 years with this one, id buy a new 17" if you'd market one.

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    bulge and track pad

    • Written by from Scottsdale

    My battery just failed. It lasted 5 years, but as it bulged and failed it caused my track pad to fail too. Weird. Now I'm on the hook for $129, but I'm not going to complain because a PC isn't even worth the plastic my MAC is made of.

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    my battery died without warning

    • Written by from Yonkers

    My rechargeable battery surprised me by bulging and dying without any warning. Shouldn't Apple do something about it? It is a faulty battery.

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    MacBook Pro 17 inch Desktop

    • Written by

    I am actually surprised out how consistently terrible the MacBook battery performs. Mine has done exactly the same thing. The worst part, in my opinion, is the 45 minutes or less charge capacity. I am jealous of my friends/ fellow students that have other computers that they can just get to class and start typing without having to find an outlet to plug in. I have already admitted that rather than a "laptop" or "notebook", I have a really expensive desktop with a built in screen.

    Since I don't ever take my laptop anywhere with me, just leaving it on its fan on my desk at home, I just took the battery out and leave it in my drawer. While its plugged in, it does not require the battery to operate. I am pretty sure that the only reason my 2006 model is still only on its third battery is because I wised up, took the battery out and don't even use it.

    By the way, the only reason I gave it 3 stars instead of one is because I think this is a useful tip, and I wanted my comment to stand apart from all the other 1 Stars.

    My rating is 1 star

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    3 great years and maybe it was my fault

    • Written by from Denver

    Does anyone from Apple ever read/respond/post to these messages? Am new to this.
    Have had my 17-inch MacBook Pro for nearly three years (next week) and have to admit that since all was still working fine for me, and I love wireless mouse, and was always in a hurry with work projects, I just postponed dealing with the facts that my case was coming apart at the bottom, and when I did use the trackpad it seemed to take a sledgehammer force to get a click... I did Google "can't get my battery cover back on," but realize that was lame, and got no tips. I am 62, though Mac from the very start, like to think I know SOMETHING! No, seemingly not!
    But as I need to actually disconnect and TAKE laptop for an important PP presentation in a few days, I made a Genius Bar apppointment for today. I told my Genius (Dan) somewhat indignintly that I had no idea why my laptop was coming apart, as except for one trip to Europe, it has sat acting more or less as a Desktop for the past three years...
    And he said "That is the problem. That's why you have a swollen battery.!"
    I had been dumb enough never to disconnect power to the PowerBook, more or less ever, except when on vacation. That's not a good thing to do, according to Dan.
    Even when one's laptop is essentially one's desktop, it's important to sometimes (few times a week) disconnect it from the power source and let the battery run down a bit. Maybe to 20%.
    I'm going to disconnect mine every night just before I take my Lipitor! (For others in my age-range, that's just the little magnetic one on the top left side that has the light on it. Especially if light is green, just pull it out. You can also monitor your battery life on the top menu bar.)
    Was thinking how lucky I was to have new battery & everything put right today no charge, then realized I think I spent $349 for Apple Protection Plan three years ago...dang!
    Am also going to order one of those tray/fan things to keep laptops cooler.

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    Bulging Battery - Fair Review

    • Written by from Harvest

    The only reason why I didn't give it a lower rating is because of the number of years it lasted reliably.

    Alas, I have fallen victim to the "bulging battery" problem and am shelling out $130.

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    Before you order!

    • Written by from Tamworth

    My 2008 Macbook Pro had the bulging battery problem. Unfortunately I threw out the battery rather than take it back to Apple. I regret this as I understand that Apple will sometimes simply swap the battery. Anyway my advice is to speak to Apple first.

    Also if you don't replace the battery and run your Macbook off ac only you will find that OSX throttles the processor which reduces performance. I could not understand why my Macbook was having problems with some HD flash video now I realise it was because I was running on ac power only. (apparently the reason for this is that if the system is under maximum load it can temporarily require more power than ac can give).

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    Finally bulging...

    • Written by from Plainsboro

    ...my battery, that is.

    I've had my MBP 17" for several years; battery finally gave out a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't notice the bulging until today. I don't know how many times I cycled it, but it's seen a *lot* of use, and I've been running the original battery until now.

    The middling review is because it's not clear to me how safe this would have been if I hadn't noticed, and I'm not sure how long its been like this since it's been on a lapdesk the entire time.

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    Mine Bulging Too

    • Written by from Oklahoma City

    Laptop has been in a desk drawer for about a year (no dropping or exposure to weird magnets or temperatures). When I took it out, the batter was bulging. People at the apple store said it looked as if it was "fried". Really don't know how it happened, but I guess I need to buy a new battery. I'm just worried now that it might happen again. Any advice as to how to avoid?

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    Battle of the Bulge

    • Written by from Cheverly

    I did not buy my 17 inch MacBook Pro new, but the bulging battery finally explained why it could not hold a charge for more than a couple of hours at most. For the past 2 years I have left it plugged in almost continually.

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    Mac Pro Battery review

    • Written by from Machesney Park

    I replaced my battery in the beginning of this year. I have yet to throw away the old battery for reference reasons b4 I purchased a new one. Although it is no longer in use it is still growing outside of itself. I thought since I am no longer using it and it is sitting in a cool area that it would be ok. It is still growing. I almost ruined my compartment for my battery by forcing it until I haaad to get a new one. It pretty much let itself out of my laptop. A safer alert would be ideal for consumers to know they need a new battery.

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    yet again...warped battery!

    • Written by from McAllen

    wow. well I have always loved my mac stuff...17 inch...15 inch..ipod....iphone...and when i happen to google this and find this :*( all those years of defending mac...please please mac don't let us down!!!

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    Another puffy battery

    • Written by from LAGO VISTA

    I have to add to the comments regarding the original battery for my MacBook Pro 17" (A1189 - probably late '07 model - purchased in Feb '08). Yesterday, the battery indicator had a black x on it after a couple of weeks of shutting down with no warning after only 20 minutes on battery. I decided to take the battery out and reinstall it (suggested by one site I visited). I was shocked to see the door ajar! One of the cells had puffed up and opened the lid outward! I was actually shocked that nothing appeared damaged at all and the computer is working fine on electricity with battery removed (protected with the case that actually held the defective battery in place). I did "calibrating" every 4-6 weeks, but could never really see an improvement. It did overheat a couple of times (noisy fan and/or disk), until I got a plastic "riser" for my lap. I have used it about 4-8 hrs a day for almost 3 years, but mainly using wall power for I was never really able to use it for longer than a couple of hours on battery power, and the time became less and less. I suppose this battery lasted longer than normal, but the indicators should be better and more informative. I have ordered a MA458LL/A "compatible" battery, and will check it daily!

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    Good Life Span - but poor low-power exception handling

    • Written by from Sioux Falls

    The Apple Battery for the 17" MacBook Pro (I'm on my Third now) is actually been a pretty good performer for me, compared to what I've been used to on laptops like the Dell Latitudes. The Upside is that after two years of constant usage (usually plugged in, but three-four hours a day on battery) I continue to get about 2 to 3 hours of usage on the battery - truly excellent, and more than I would expect.

    The downside is that this (and the last two batteries I've purchased from apple) have a problem wherein when the power runs completely down on them, it takes, on average, anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes (and never less than 15) to get them "charged enough" so that the Laptop will boot up.

    What this means is that even though I have a battery capable of running for 2 1/2 hours, that if I let it run completely down, the laptop may be offline for as much as an hour - rendering the battery completely useless.

    On the pro side, the first Laptop Battery I had bulged out, and Apple replaced it for free (part of the Recall List) with very little hassle.

    I'd probably rate it closer to 2 1/2 stars than 3, we'll see what direction I move this review after my fourth battery has a year or so of use.

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    Calibration may have killed battery

    • Written by from robinson

    I have owned my macbook pro 17 (2.1) for about 3 1/2years and had never "calibrated" the battery. I was reading up on battery life and found this calibration process, so I gave it a try. Within the next three charges, my battery wouldn't fit into the chamber without affecting the touchpad. I am not a technician and couldn't validate the issue, but it worked fine for a long time and now it is dead!
    Just thought I'd share that.

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    Replaced for free? Not so fast

    • Written by from Acworth

    In response to Bulging Battery with a great ending! Review
    Written by LH from cosby May 6, 2010

    I called Apple to get my bulging battery replaced for free and they said this is inaccurate. I have to purchase a new battery. The support rep explained they are aware that the batteries bilge after their life cycle and they will not replace it for free even if it was under apple care. He also advised that this is NOT a safety hazard and I could continue to use my battery like this until I get a replacement.

    Just FYI for everyone out there, the bulging battery has caused my MacBook Pro case to start separating on the edge (unsnapping) and the trackpad is acting up - I can click my mouse by simply touching the bottom right hand corner of my case - annoying, as you can imagine, when typing and my wrist presses against the case.

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    3 years and 5 months later...

    • Written by from Burbank

    This is a note to all you users of the 17" MackBook Pro with replaceable batteries.

    This battery has warped/bulged/expanded after 3 years and 5 months of use. I didn't realize the battery was deforming until I noticed the laptop wasn't laying flat on the desk. Symptoms leading up to this were, sudden shut downs, charges not holding well, track pad button not pushing down (not clicking).

    Check out your battery every now and then. I was able to pull out the battery before any harm was done to the laptop, but it could have caused damage if I let it expand inside.

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    Only slightly disappointed

    • Written by from Tampa

    Okay... so my battery lasted 3 years and 1 month. Three years to me doesn't seem oh so bad for laptop battery life. The only drawback for me was that my three year warranty had just expired. Argh! I love my MBP so $129 plus tax, while untimely and unpleasant to the wallet, was worth the expense.

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    macboo pro battery

    • Written by

    help please:

    i bought a 17" macbook pro 2 years ago. it was working fine until last week, battery life after full charge was at 1 hour.
    i installed i stat and got the following:

    health 39
    cycle 349

    hd 95 degrees
    cpu 112 degrees
    gpu diode 133 degrees
    gpu heatsink 112 degrees
    heatsink a 112 degrees
    heatsink b 113 degrees

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    Bulging Battery & Free Replacement

    • Written by from NEWRY

    My macbook pro was purchased Sept 06, and I was using the original battery up until today (Oct 09)! My laptop isn't used heavily but i still thought this was pretty impressive when compared to some of the reviews I read on here.

    However, for the past few months my laptop has been switching off unexpectedly. At first it started doing this at around 50% remaining battery level, but as weeks went by this gradually rose until eventually I was afraid to even use it for a few minutes without the power cord.

    Then about 2 weeks ago I noticed my laptop began to wobble on a flat surface. Soon I realized that it was the casing to the battery! It has gradually got worse over the past few days. I see this is a common problem with this battery from just reading a few reviews. I went to the local apple store expecting to have to fork out $130 for a new battery (especially since my warranty had run out long ago), but they replaced the battery there and then free of charge!

    The 'genius' told me that they replace batteries FOC with this (bulging) defect even if the warranty has expired.

    Very pleased that I got a new battery for free, but was shocked at how my old battery started to come apart. Surely this could have damaged my laptop if left too long!

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