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    After buying this product at the Nike Outlet Store, I realized it did not work with my new 80gB IPod, which was only 6 months old. So I ordered a refurbished Ipod Nano ($75) to use exclusively for running with this system. After waiting for the Nano to arrive, I finally got to try the Nike Run system- I registered my product and turned on the sensor to try it out. I shook it in my hand for 15 sec to simulate running, and to see how the thing worked, and got excited when it registered distance. But the screen said sensor battery low, which I thought was strange.
    I then turned it to sleep mode, because I had read reviews that stressed saving the battery power, plus I had that strange low battery warning. The next day I turned it on to go running and it was not recognized by my IPod, even after attempting to locate it and repressing the sleep button, in case it was still asleep.
    I tried it again the next day, and its officially dead. And the warranty is invalid, because I guess the outlet store had it for at least a year.

    All in all, $29.99 for the kit + $75 for the required Nano + 2 days of frustration = one dissatisfied customer. However, now that I bought all the stuff I'll probably end up dishing out the $20 for a replacement, even though it makes me furious to think of it. I just hope I don't get another dud sensor.

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    Why cant we replace the battery?

    • Written by from Newport News

    I have had this unit for about 11 months and the sensor stopped working. I thought I would be able to just replace the battery and keep going. But, now I have to buy a whole new sensor!!!! It would be so easy just to design the unit to be able to replace the battery. Apple and Nike just want to keep that big buck coming in and care less about the consumer. $19 ????? How about $5 for the replacement? Sounds better than 3/4 the cost of a whole kit!

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    If it lasts

    • Written by from Tyrone

    I have bought two of these, one lasted 13 months the other lasted 3 months! My ipod is telling me the sensor battery is low and it needs replaced, I find it very hard to believe that Nike can't come up with a better sensor battery replacement process

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    Dead after 19.48 hours

    • Written by from College Park

    I cannot recommend this product. I ran for just 20 hours in the last 10 months and the battery is empty now. That is 1$ for one hour of running (if you count the sensor without receiver) ... really not worth the money. And to build products with non-changeable/rechargeable batteries is not environmental at all (and this company claims to be).

    The only good thing ... for the 20 hours it worked fine.

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