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    protest to Nike, to make the sensor accept replacement batteries

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    I've used my iPod with the Nike Sensor for almost a year and when I found that I had to replace the whole unit when the battery died, I was flabbergasted. Not only for the costs of replacement but the effect on our environment. I love the product, but if a competitor came out with a sensor with a replacement battery I would be buying their product versus Nike. Hopefully the more people that protest to Nike about the non-replacement of batteries the more likely Nike will listen to the voice of the customer.

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    No star

    • Written by from WESTMINSTER

    First day of running paused itself in the middle of workout. Take three tries to restart.
    Second day of running, paused itself again no restart.
    Third day and final chance to make it work before return it to Apple Store, work itself out of my shoes and gotten ran over by a car half way in to my run.

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    iPod sensor

    • Written by from annandale

    I am on my 3rd and the last two I was unable to use because as soon as I went to use it, I got the message that the battery was low! So $60 later, I have a record 2 workouts because that was all I was able to use! I really want to believe in this product and will probably buy another one. I bought 2 at Footlocker and 1 at the Nike store. I know that the sensor is "on" when you buy it. Perhaps the sensor should come in the "off" position so as to preserve the 1000 hours. I am thinking that they sit for so long and then when customers buy them the sensor is off!!

    I love this concept and it really motivated me to keep up my walking program. Help me Apple or...

    Can I get my money back!

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    Good concept - Bad design

    • Written by from Kuala Lumpur

    I love the concept and I have been using the Nike+ Kit for a while now and it's made me help run more and more effectively. I also love how Nike has enabled personal accounts for tracking runs and recording it all.

    BUT BUT BUT there is a HUGE problem with the sensor. The short (no, very short) battery life of the sensor makes it very annoying and very eco-unfriendly. The fact that the battery cannot be replaced means that there will be multiple sensors being thrown away.

    Apple should have warned us that we should stock up on sensors - I now can't record my runs because they have stopped stocking the kit in Malaysia and my battery has run out. Makes me mad.

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    Terrible Battery Life, Shame On You Apple

    • Written by from Philadelphia

    Like others, I have had terrible battery life issues with this product. My original sensor lasted approx. 3 months, and my replacement sensor lasted 4 months. I run a couple times a week on average. Apple should make a unit with a replaceable battery or warranty the battery for at least a year. Shame on you Apple for making a knowingly inferior product.

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    What a waste of money - shelling out $20 every year for a piece of plastic

    • Written by from San Francisco

    Same situation - bought the kit and liked it. What I did not like was that I had to replace the battery in the sensor right after the warranty expired.. $20 is WAY TOO STEEP for such a small piece of technology.

    That's a real scam and I'm done w/ this product. Apple and Nike should stand behind their products and make us feel good as customers..

    $5 would have been reasonable, $20 is not.

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    Needs longer battery life!

    • Written by from Cypress

    I bought my Nike+ sensor in May and have been on about 10 runs since then. It's October now and the battery is dead. I really liked using this product but now I'm supposed to spend $19 on a new one after just a few months? Apple, please come up with a sensor with a replaceable battery!

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    • Written by from Warsaw

    14.56 use hours and the sensor is dead. When I applied for service 2 month after purchase, Apple said out of warranty, so I had to send in proof of purchase date. Must be alot of these sitting on shelves expiring. If you buy, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!

    How about a replaceable battery? An inductive charger? A kinetic charge?

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    very poor quality - not recommended

    • Written by from Richmond

    I've bought it 1,5 week ago. Worked out 4 times - no problem, then it just stopped working - Its no way I will buy it again - very disappointed

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    If it lasts

    • Written by from Tyrone

    I have bought two of these, one lasted 13 months the other lasted 3 months! My ipod is telling me the sensor battery is low and it needs replaced, I find it very hard to believe that Nike can't come up with a better sensor battery replacement process

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    Doesn't work on iphone4s

    • Written by from Decatur

    App keeps crashing

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    Dead after 19.48 hours

    • Written by from College Park

    I cannot recommend this product. I ran for just 20 hours in the last 10 months and the battery is empty now. That is 1$ for one hour of running (if you count the sensor without receiver) ... really not worth the money. And to build products with non-changeable/rechargeable batteries is not environmental at all (and this company claims to be).

    The only good thing ... for the 20 hours it worked fine.

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    Very short battery life

    • Written by from Portland

    I got my Nike iPod kit in April 2007. By November 2007 the battery was dead in it. I recorded a total of 30 runs (although I probably used it on more like 40), so maybe I used it once or twice a week. It was certainly not being used extensively. I'm quite upset that the battery is not replaceable especially since it only worked for about 7 months. It would probably add a quarter or much less to the cost of manufacturing to make the battery replaceable. I might have been able to get it replaced under warranty, but I tried to pry the case open myself to see if I could replace the battery. The glue they used to hold the case together is like epoxy and the case was destroyed in the process. I'm not even considering buying a replacement sensor when they want so much money for it. The Nike iPod worked great when it worked, but the utter failing of the device is the non-replaceable battery in the sensor unit. I can't recommend this product to anyone unless they don't mind buying a new sensor every year or less.

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    Loved 5 runs, then dead, unreplacable battery.

    • Written by from Buffalo

    I was so excited to use this. And it worked beautifully for my first 5 runs. Then, no synch between my iphone and the sensor despite repeated tinkering. I never got the low battery warning either. You might be thinking then that the battery may not be dead. Me, too, but there is no troubleshooting guide to suggest anything else. So, I'm assuming its the battery. I was planning to come online and buy another one for $19, until I saw how many negative reviews there were. I'm less concerned about the $19 than I am about the likelihood that it will just be a series of $19 charges, as the device doesn't seem very reliable. Moreover, tossing these things in a landfill doesn't make me feel good either - how hard would it be to have a device with a replacable - or even rechargable - battery. For the masters of innovation - and I do believe that, as I write this review from my macbook pro - Apple just sometimes takes such shortcuts, and then of course clams up about it rather than being responsive. Apple, are you out there? Read the reviews and make a change. Until then, I'll have to go back to using PowerPoint to track my runs and goals.

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    • Written by from Oriskany

    Very disappointed...I loved this product the first 2 times it worked. Then it stopped working. The battery life, if i can even call it that, is totally based on luck. Since you can't really turn the device on or off, because there is only a button, the battery is probably on 24/7. It's probably on before you even open the package. To make this product worth the money, nike/apple should make a sensor with a replaceable battery and an actual on/off switch so you can tell whether it's on or off. Until then, save your money.

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    won't purchase again

    • Written by from Spring

    I too bought the ipod sensor not knowing that i couldn't replace the battery. Bad design. I love nike products but this one is terrible. If nike and apple was looking for a quick get rich scheme, this would be the ultimate.

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    • Written by from Portland

    I have had for 1.5 mos, run 70 miles, and now have a dead sensor... Got the set from a retailer, and apple said that the unit is out of date. Without proof of purchase the warranty is void, problem is mine, all mine. Reading other reviews, I get the idea that this is a frequent problem.

    BTW, buying this unit comes with a hefty shipping fee, whereas the full set is shipped for free, leaving a $1 difference. Might as well get the full set if you are considering buying just the replacement sensor.

    Shouldn't this product should have a replaceable battery... how hard could it be? It would save a lot of plastic in disposing them, and would save people lots of frustration and time. It is just another way that Apple sticks it to their loyal customers.

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    Very frustrating

    • Written by from Cicero

    After only 2 months and two weeks, and only 78 miles, my sensor died. I talked to the Genius at an Apple store and was told my sensor was out of warranty. How can that be? My husband bought this for me for Christmas and already no warranty. After talking to the customer service reps at a bunch of sporting goods stores I know I am not the only frustrated user. One shoe department manager told me she tells people not to waste their money on the product because she's had so many complaints. This is really a scam. I've bought another kit but, if this one dies quickly, I'm done. I'll spend my $30 on something else.

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    Not worth it

    • Written by from somerville

    As someone else pointed out, I'm rarely motivated to write reviews.. but when things are this bad, you feel the need to warn other people. This product is great in concept, but the sensor is inaccurate (even when you calibrate it) and the battery life is pathetic.

    I have had THREE in the last year and they have each only lasted a month or two. I thought it was me.. but apparently it's just a poorly made product. For $20 (plus $10 for the holster), you would expect this to last at least 18 months.. not 2.

    NIke - if you're reading this, you should be embarrassed at the poor quality of this product. Step it up and stop wasting our money.

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    When I purchased the Nike+ ipod system, I assumed Apple and Nike would design a product that had a useful life of longer than a year... Most electronic products using a battery have a way to replace them, not the Nike+ ipod sensor. Expect to shell out $20+ shipping every year for a new sensor until Apple redesigns this product. Also, don't bother trying to buy this at retail Apple stores they don't carry them...

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