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    Battery gets very, very hot, in my opinion, but great battery life so far

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    I think the battery life is pretty good on the MacBook Pro. I was on a three-hour flight the other day and my Mac battery died right before landing. Other PC users around me had to shut down because of battery issues 45 minutes before. After the flight, I actually had one business person ask me what kind of computer I have and questions about the battery b/c he couldn't believe it lasted so long.
    However, in my opinion, this battery gets extremely hot and more so than any PC that I have worked on or the PowerBook I had until I upgraded to this one. So, be sure to wear pants or use a pillow if you're going to use your laptop in your lap!
    The design is great for the MacBook Pro and so is the battery, I just wish they would've used a larger fan in the MacBook so it would keep this thing cool. I think it's more a flaw of the computer design and less of the battery, though.

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    Poor battery life - Reset the PMU

    • Written by from Aurora

    My MacBook Pro battery never seemed to provide very good battery life. It also ran very hot. Within one year it barely held a charge. I bought a new battery recently and when I installed it it barely lasted 1.5 hours! Frustrated, I called technical support where they recommended that I reset the "PMU". Following directions, I reset it and "voila" over 4 hours of battery life! I then tried the old "dead" battery and it ran for over an hour! My MacBook Pro always ran very hot and now I know why. Must have been churning away on the battery. Could this be your problem?

    Here's how to reset the PMU. (BTW.. there are some repercussions from the reset. Search the site for details) 1. Shut down your computer -2. remove the battery - 3. unplug the AC - 4. then hold the "power on" button down for 10 seconds. That's it! Then reassemble and reboot. You should be good to go.

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    DO NOT Completely Discharge Li-ion batteries

    • Written by from Boynton Beach

    If you want the facts on maintaining a lithium ion battery, simply google "lithium battery best practice". These batteries do not have a memory effect and one of the worst things you can do is to completely discharge them. Keep them topped off. And with any battery, you will only get so many discharge/recharge cycles. Also, never freeze them as this will damage the cells.

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    Not great but good

    • Written by from Plymouth

    I've been a user of PC's and Mac's. In my experience so far 2 years is doing well. I currently have a 4 year old macbook pro 15" 2.16GHz. I am on my second battery. Two years on the first and two years and counting on the second. While I would like for them to last longer my experience with Sony laptop batteries has been about the same lifespan (really quite a lot worse with most dells), so I rate this as average.

    Would love it if they brought some of the new battery technology in the latest gen laptops to this older form factor, but I know I am dreaming there.

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    They changed their batteries for a reason

    • Written by from Southington

    This battery isn't the best, but it sure does work. I have had my 15" macbook pro for over four years and i've only had to replace the battery twice. If that seems like too much, it's not. I'm just pretty demanding from my laptop. My latest battery is at 413 cycles, well over the amount it is rated for, and it still lasts almost 1-2 hours.

    My only wish is that they would drop the price, even though 129$ every two years is definitely not the worst. It is much better than buying a new computer every two years.

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    not too good not too bad

    • Written by from Lewisville

    Read on the web these batteries chemistry has an average effective period of ~2 years, and that's exactly when my battery started deteriorating rapidly. it's almost 4 years old now, hold charge for about 5-10 mins. Battery indicator has become useless, the MBP shut down when it shows 60% remaining; plug in the charger and reboot, it then shows 0% and charging.

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    Batteries not good enough for heavy usage

    • Written by from Orange Park

    I have a first generation 15" MacBook Pro. I bought it in February 2006. I replaced the battery in September 2007. It would not hold the charge for more than a few minutes sometimes and just shut off at random. The screen would flicker, too, and often go nearly black.

    Here I am today, about order a battery. This will be the third battery in 3 years.

    I do own a web application that just launched, so the last few years it has had very heavy usage, daily.

    I'm not happy about the battery purchase and they need find a better solution. Of course, although their MacBook batteries are not that great, Apple is wonderful overall and I will purchase the battery.

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    Li Batteries have a short life

    • Written by from Hudson

    My battery stopped functioning properly after two years. I see a lot of people having problems after one year. Unfortunately this issue isn't unique to Apple products. I've been in the PC support industry for over ten years. I mostly support other brands. A year to two is about what you are going to get from a laptop battery. You may be able to extend that life a bit by performing the proper maintenance on the battery. Before you get upset with Apple for the horrible battery life, look around. You'll see the same complaints on every other manufacturer's forums. It's the nature of today's batteries.

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    Heat destroys your battery

    • Written by from Mainz

    I have my third battery in 3 years which is in my opinion average. But I found out what killed off my previous batteries. Bootcamps' drivers provide only poor power management. So the MacBook runs hot pretty soon when I run Windows or games. As the body is made of metal the heat is conducted to the battery. And batteries don't like heat. So if you want your battery to last longer make sure you not only cycle it once per week but avoid processes that heat up you Mac. Or simply take out the battery while you are using power-intensive programs.

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    Good but not for long

    • Written by from seekonk

    Battery life is very good but after around 8/9 months the battery is almost useless. Im on my second battery and this one has to be replaced.

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    Battery Life

    • Written by from Chula Vista

    I bought my MacbookPro in June 2009 just recently noticed that battery depletes easily and today it showed no battery available.I used it for 4- 5 hrs a day.So,its battery life lasted for almost 1 year and 8 months.

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    Somewhat Surprised

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    I purchased my macbook pro in march of '06' and have been pretty satisfied with the system so far. I noticed it's starting to shut off after working on it for about 2 hours and the battery says I have 2 hours remailing before charge is needed. The Battery is starting to swell this is a surprise. You purchase a very expensive system not knowing your gonna have to replace the battery after such a short time. I think a battery should last at least one year.

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    works fine

    • Written by from Rumson

    I have had this battery for over a year and a half and the cycle count is currently at 596. My macbook pro will hold a charge for about two and a half hours once it has reached 100%. This is pretty good for a battery that is almost 2 years old. It works fine if you cycle your battery properly and unplug it once it has reached a full charge.

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    Good battery, sucky longevity

    • Written by from Houston

    A new macbook pro battery is a wonderful thing. With WiFi and Bluetooth on, you can expect 4.5 hours at the very least. Unfortunately, even if you cycle the battery weekly, as I have, the maximum charge on the battery goes downhill quickly. In the span of 10 months, I went from approximately 5 hours total use time to about 1.5 hours. Expect to buy a new MBP battery every year.

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    Battery fix?

    • Written by from Clinton Township

    I have had the same problem with my battery. The first one swelled up like a balloon. Now the 2nd one developed the problem of only lasting a couple minutes even though it showed as fully charged. However, there is a software fix on the Apple support site. I installed this fix tonight and it seems to have improved my battery performance so far. The jury is still out but it looks like it may be a solution.

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    Apple Care protection

    • Written by from HOUSTON

    I have gone through 2 batteries, I gave this a 3 star because of apple replacing both batteries.

    Tip genius gave me
    run it like a lap top, put it through charge cycles

    right now when i run it like a desktop i take out the battery, it runs as long as you have it plugged in

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    Managing Power

    • Written by from Milwaukee

    I'm near the end of my MBP battery's life after 2 years and 387 cycles.

    I think there's more to battery life than conditioning, though I wasn't at all religious about that. My feeling is that to leave it plugged while you're working for a long time -- or overnight with the clam shell open -- is a mistake that many of us naturally fall into. It'd be nice if the charger were more intelligent -- but I guess we just have to be. :-)

    My basic question is how to learn more about what's actually drawing power, so as to minimize the draw from things I'm not actually using.

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    A Matter of Luck Maybe?

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    I own my Mac Pro since the fall of 2007, and I am still using the same battery, so I guess i am one of the few lucky ones. I confess that in the beginning I did not understand why the battery didn't last me, but one of the technical support experts explained to me how to program the battery accordingly to have it working at optimum level. Ever since I followed the instructions, the battery has worked accordingly for the hours expected, and it has been fine all these years; it has not been until lately that I am finding the battery runs out too quickly, so I figured it was time to buy a replacement before it runs out completely for good. However, after reading so many unsatisfied customers, I'm very hesitant to spend that kind of money in such gamble, specially since I have been unemployed for a very long time. I guess that I can get by, for I'm only using my laptop at home, so I can deal with the problem for the time being using the electrical plug most of the day, leaving the battery resting until I may need to use the laptop outside my home or away from the outlet. I only wish that buying a replacement would be a lot less expensive, so at least it would be easier to take a chance on it, and it also would give a needed break to all the people like I, who either are unemployed or completely broke going through college. Let's face it, Apple is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, so I'm sure the company can easily afford without much damage to its profits to lower some of the prices, specially of accessories and replacement parts. Until that happens or I'll find a job, I'll be on stand by dealing with my old battery and the issues tagging along with it. Thanks! G.

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    Surprised By the Lack Of Battery Life

    • Written by from Kailua

    I bought my macbook pro about a year and half ago. just before the new ones came out. and i was suprised to find out the other day that of the charger i'm only getting an hour and a half of battery life!!! My dad said that if you keep charging something when its not at its lowest that it starts sucking the life out of it like thats what happend to my ipod. so i'm not too sure aobut his new battery

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    Glorious machine. Deadbeat battery.

    • Written by from Arthurdale

    I'm seeing a trend in the comments- either you've experienced a puffy battery, a battery that suddenly lost it's oomph (cycles look to matter less than age from what I see), *or* you are one of the ones satisfied with your battery.

    Also seeing a trend with the battery you get as a replacement. If you get an SMP-manufactured battery, odds are it'll be a good replacement. Unfortunately, there's no way to know exactly who makes the battery until you get it in your grubby little hands =(

    Is a year of battery use acceptable to me for a machine that cost more than my kickin' refrigerator?

    (Believe me, it's a nice fridge.)

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Apples to anchovies. I get it, but seriously.

    The lifespan of the batteries that come with the machine is a H-U-G-E hidden cost over time. If you use your machine untethered for long periods of time each week, consider this an unspoken cost of ownership.

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