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    • Written by from Morgan Hill

    lol, for those who can't seem to get more than 2 hours outa this battery must be creating the next pixar blockbuster while traveling. If i cycle the battery every month like you should, i get about 4 hours outa this puppy while using apps such as the DVD player, Word, and Flash no joke awesome storage capacity, hands down macs rule!

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    Longer than any PC!

    • Written by from Saint Simons Island

    This battery life good; it has the potential to be even better. This battery gives the MacBook Pro exceptional functionality and I would suggest purchasing it.

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    The Best

    • Written by from Westfield

    I bought this because I go on long trips. I can get about 5-1/2 of battery life out of both of them so thats about 11 hours. NO one likes to be pluged into a wall when the have a laptop because then you laptop turns into a desktop.

    PS. I can get 2 hours more out of my 17" MacBook Pro then I can out of my 15"

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    A "Must Have" for Road Warriors

    • Written by from Torrance

    I took my new MacBook Pro on a business trip for the first time last week and I wish I had this extra battery. It's true, you can squeeze about 3+ hours out of one battery but I'm spoiled and not about to set my LCD settings at 10% brightness. Getting a second battery doesn't just give you another 3 hours, it give you peace of mind (especially when your connecting flight just got delayed).

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    Great life.

    • Written by from Bayonne

    My battery in my macbook pro 1.85 ghz lasts up to six hours. normal use gets just under 4 and 1/2. Considering that most batteries on the market last up to 3 hrs, this is great. Also the mbp is exponentially faster than its older cousin the powerbook g4, the fact that it has all of the newer features, runs for the same price, and has longer battery life, this is a great deal too!

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