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    DO NOT Completely Discharge Li-ion batteries

    • Written by from Boynton Beach

    If you want the facts on maintaining a lithium ion battery, simply google "lithium battery best practice". These batteries do not have a memory effect and one of the worst things you can do is to completely discharge them. Keep them topped off. And with any battery, you will only get so many discharge/recharge cycles. Also, never freeze them as this will damage the cells.

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    Very disappointed.

    • Written by from Glencoe

    Gives you an hour and a half of internet time when brand new. Within 6 months, the battery wont even last an hour when fully charged, even when properly cycled.

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    Short-Lived Battery

    • Written by from WILMETTE

    I am on my fourth battery in four years. Fortunately three of those batteries were covered by AppleCare.

    Although I often use the notebook with the power adapter plugged in, I do drain the battery at least once a month as recommended by Apple to maintain a healthy battery. What happened most recently is the battery drained completely and now fails to accept a charge. My overall experience is that this battery design and/or the charging system is rubbish.

    I've found that I can get the battery cheaper by going to the Genius Bar in an Apple Store. This saved me about 30%.

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    Disappointed in Apple.

    • Written by from Moorhead

    I hold apple in the highest regard and promote their products passionately like they are of my own making. But I have to vent about the battery in my old trusty Mac Book Pro that has failed me for the third time. With the newest replacement battery that brings me in the ball park of $400.00 in battery costs with shipping. I have since bought a new Thunderbolt Mac Book Pro which ROCKS!. It is my hope that I am not writing the same disappointing story about my experience with my new purchase.

    It is ok to go back to R&D and demand they make a revision that lasts for your dedicated customers.

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    only 44 charge cycles

    • Written by from Phoenix

    After only 44 charge cycles my recently replaced MBP battery needs replacing again. Not impressed.

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    Battery Life

    • Written by from MERIDEN

    After almost 5 years, I finally need a new battery. INCREDIBLE! This is why I will only own a MAC. Thanks for putting out a great product!

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    • Written by from McFarland

    After 5 years I finally need a new battery. Very impressed with the overall battery life on my mac. For those who have had battery failures so soon are more than likely using there battery wrong. You SHOULDN'T ever run your computer while it is plugged into AC power while the battery is in the computer. This will kill a battery in no time. Take the battery out and charge it after you shut the computer down. It will still run on AC power with no battery in.

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    You people need to learn how to take better care of your Mac's...

    • Written by from Birmingham

    I have had my Macbook Pro now for 5 years. Have never had a problem with it until this month. My battery is going dead and needs to be replace. I would have to say that after 5 years all i need to do is replace a battery!!! Not a big deal. I'm surprised the battery has lasted this long actually :D I'm very happy with my Mac...

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    Bad battery life

    • Written by from Stuttgart

    On my way to the third battery, too. After all that claims and angry people about the battery life in this MacBook Pro, why does nobody cares about? I wanted to stay with that Mac cause it still has the better Nvidia graphic board + is completely in Alu look. Return to the Nvidias and manufacture next generation MacBook Pros with a complete silver look will convince me immediately to buy my new Mac.

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    Terrible quality control and durability

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    This is the 3rd time I'm ordering a new one of these. All the other ones stopped charging in a matter of months, with very little use (when using plugged in, I would remove the battery, which would run at slow CPU speed, but at least save the ultra-picky battery.)

    I went to the Apple store to complain about a possible logic board controller or charger problem, since my battery issues have been way too recurring. Nop, it's the battery again! This is the most overpriced, overrated battery in the market today. And all MacBook Pro users are stuck with it!

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    • Written by from MARSEILLE

    WHen you know the general quality of our mac's, it is impossible to understand why these battery do not work properly. they have a very short life time. The last I bought last only few month.
    What is the position of apple to support its customers ???
    What is the status of the new macbook pro battery ???

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    Worst apple product ever

    • Written by from Iowa City

    Like others, I had Apple Care and they replaced mine diligently 3 times with fresh one. The last one about a year and half, and it reached about 200 cycles and show "Service battery". The battery hold about 2-3 hours, now it reaches 260 cycles and no longer able to recharge, with capacity only about 1900mah. Out of warranty and I doubt that Apple would replace this time since the new one would be the same S... and I'm afraid to buy new one, they are definitely share the same trait.
    Someone needs to bring this to class lawsuit for this type of problem.

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    • Written by from Oak bluffs

    I have replaced my battery 4 times now and I am going to do it again today. Apple will not cover this one and it is less than a year old now and lasts 23 minutes and will cost me $120 for a new piece of garbage battery. I love my Mac but this is ridiculous. Get it together Apple, makes it hard to feel good about your products with this problem happening over and over.

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    Poor engineering & design

    • Written by from EDMOND

    I purchased my first mac in 2007, a 15" macbook pro. The computer itself has worked fine but the battery for it is a piece of junk. It's been replaced 3 times under applecare for a total of 4, count 'em 4 defective batteries. The last time they had me bring the computer in for repairs but it didn't change anything. Every time when the battery reaches about 100-150 charge cycles the runtime drops to less than half and usually the computer randomly dies when it's supposed to have 15-20 min left. Now my applecare is expired and I have a laptop I cant run on battery for more than 1.5 hours.

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    Very poor battery

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    Bought my Macbook Pro in 2009 Battery is nearly worthless a few weeks after a year. It lasts 20 minutes then dies so it really only works with a power outlet! Now I learn what a waste of money AppleCare is because "batteries are not covered". Very disappointing to say the least.

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    surprised!! angry!! sad!!

    • Written by from Ciudad de México

    i bought mine on dec2010... it dies 7 months later. it feels like a punch in the head by a big apple... it´s outrageous!

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    Battery did not last

    • Written by from Mcminnville

    The battery that came with my Macbook pro lasted 5 years and I just had to replace it. The battery I bought just over a year ago is already dead again. You should't have to replace every year.

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    Only good for a year

    • Written by from Hutto

    Bought my Macbook Pro in Oct 2008. Original battery only lasted about a year before the random power-off's at >50% charge and the "check battery" status. I suffered with needing to be close to a power outlet for a year before deciding to buy another battery in Oct 2010. Well, here it's Oct 2011 and the same thing is happening. I have 154 cycles and the health is at 36% with the "check battery". These batteries only seem to be good for about a year before needing replaced.

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    Great Battery

    • Written by from Byron Center

    I don't know what everyone is complaining about. I bought my 15 inch macbook pro in the late summer of 07, and i'm still running the original battery. yes, it holds significantly less charge than it did when i got it, but i'm just now looking into getting a new one. I use my macbook for my graphic design classes, so i'm constantly on it. I have had no issues with "swelling" or my computer shutting off randomly. It had a normal life cycle, slowing holding less charge as it got older. It gets hot, but what computer doesn't? All in all, very satisfied with the product. I'll be buying my next one straight from apple.

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    This Battery is hoorable

    • Written by from Canyon Lake

    This is going to be my 4th battery. My 3rd one just crashed today and was replaced 6 months ago by apple. i own many apple products and i think they need to fix this battery issue. This unexcepted.

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