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    The battery in my MBP is fine.

    • Written by from independence

    I bought my wife the early 2008 model for Christmas last year, and we've yet to have any battery life issues. I can even play Quake Wars, Halo, and hop over to Windows to play Crysis, and the battery will last for a good 2.5 hours under that kind of load before it's out of juice. Using MS Word or surfing the internet is good for 4 hours and 45 minutes with the keyboard lit up.

    It's all in how you take care of your laptop. If you let it get too hot, then stuff is going to break. The battery is among the stuff that breaks when it gets too hot, which is no fault of Apple's since the people that manufacture the battery cells themselves (companies like Sony, for example) design the cell walls to be as small as possible and aren't great about the purity of material that goes into the batteries. (Remember that big battery recall? It could have been avoided had Sony checked the Li-Ion battery "batter" for the metal shards that caused all of the issues with Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, and Sony laptop batteries.)

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    poor quality lasting shorter and shorter

    • Written by from Richmond Hill

    I have owned a macbook pro 15 inch for 16 months. Perviously I owned a titanium (pervious generation). My battery now lasts 70-80 minutes, my titanium laptop battery lasts 150-180 minutes. Why does a newer product last less? aren't they improving quality not removing it? If it gets worse I will complain, are there any forums out there where other macbook owners express similar problems?

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    Raw Deal

    • Written by from CLINTON

    I have had my Macbook Pro for 1 1/2 years. I only used the battery 14 times, there is a utility that they can use to see how many times the battery has been cycled. I had to use the battery last week and it only gave me 5 minutes of time. I contacted Apple and they had me send it in for a check-up. When i got the laptop back i received a letter stating the 1 year warranty was up and found the battery not defective therefore they did not give me another battery, i also have the apple care coverage. So they told me that 14 cycles is normal usage, the battery was never worked properly. I sure view Apple in a very different light and i'm baffled how 14 cycles is all the battery is supposed to last?

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    cycling is the key

    • Written by from Charlotte

    For those whose battery doesn't work cycle it. Even if you screwed up and went three months without it. Start cycling every night for a couple of weeks. My battery needs to be replaced, but due to traveling hadn't had a chance. I was down to 15 minutes on a charge and realized I hadn't been cycling once a week like I should have. I cycled almost every night for two weeks and it's back up to over 2 hours of run time. Now, every time I cycle once a week a gain time on the computer. I still need a new one because I hadn't taken good care of it, but it tells you to do it. It's not perfect, but it is forgiving if you have patience. I am always on my laptop every day and run video and graphics for almost three years now.

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    The battery is bad, with no other choice

    • Written by from Austin

    I own my MacBookPro for three and a half years and already replaced once my battery. Now the last one is dead already. there is no other battery that can work with Mac, thus we stuck with their. I would say, don't buy one, but what can you do?

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    • Written by from Ingersoll

    I have two of these batteries. They lasted about 1 year with a cycle count of 39. Utterly worthless

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    • Written by from Provo

    My original battery lasted about a year and I got a replacement for free. My current battery is now dying quickly. At first I was impressed with how long the battery lasted, but now I'm pretty unimpressed with how quickly it's dying out. I guess I'll get another one before my apple care expires

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    Not up to snuff

    • Written by from Highland Park

    I doubt that there's anything Apple could do, and I know that everyone is looking hard for better battery technology, but these are just not very decent energy storage devices. Initially, they're capacity is acceptable, considering the amount of power the machines require. But it is extremely frustrating that my replacement battery is now lasting about 60% as long as it did when it was new, less than six months ago. For the amount of money they charge for these, I would expect more long-term longevity.

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    excellent life 4 years then rapid depletion including new replacement

    • Written by from Kelowna

    Used to brag about my 15" Mac Book Pro battery life. Bought new December 2008. After 3.5 years charge would last less than an hour. Just replaced with a new OEM replacement battery and it also depletes very rapidly. I don't know why this would happen.

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    Disappointed in Apple.

    • Written by from Moorhead

    I hold apple in the highest regard and promote their products passionately like they are of my own making. But I have to vent about the battery in my old trusty Mac Book Pro that has failed me for the third time. With the newest replacement battery that brings me in the ball park of $400.00 in battery costs with shipping. I have since bought a new Thunderbolt Mac Book Pro which ROCKS!. It is my hope that I am not writing the same disappointing story about my experience with my new purchase.

    It is ok to go back to R&D and demand they make a revision that lasts for your dedicated customers.

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    Its a battery, not a nuclear power-plant.

    • Written by from Medicine hat

    About 2 years of service for the original battery. Little low considering most batteries get a 1000 cycles before they are toast. My LG laptop got 3 years, but considering i use my macbook 5 times for every time i use my LG its understandable.

    Would have thought i'd see longer life span or a recondition feature for the battery for ease of maintaining its life. About the cost of a battery id expect maybe be nice to see it for 100$.

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    • Written by from Philadelphia

    I have a 2007 MacBook Pro model A1211. I love my computer, but the battery is complete trash. I've had to constantly replace the battery or be limited to the powercord. I'm actually hesitant to upgrade now due to this issue, and the fact that my hard drive crashed on me a month ago(but 4 years for a hard drive is pretty good I guess). I'm very dissappointed in the quality of the battery Apple put into this computer, hope they've fixed this for newer models.

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    Absolute scam : FIND A BETTER SOLUTION

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    I hate these things. I've bought two of these in the three years I've owned a macbook pro.

    Absolutely terrible and over-priced. Most PC batteries are half the cost and last longer.

    Such a shame to pay a premium for a laptop and then to get nickel and dimed on an over-priced battery.

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    4th battery in 4 years

    • Written by from Victorville

    First battery died after a year. Replaced under Applecare. I had about 130 cycles. 2nd battery died another year later with only 44 cycles. Warranty denied since I didn't have the extended Applecare, so had a choice on 90-day warranty for $99 or a standard retail new battery for $129 with a year warranty. This one is dead another year later with about 50 cycles. At least this one will be a warranty. Thankfully I didn't take the offer to save that $30.

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    • Written by from BURY ST. EDMUNDS

    I replaced my original battery that lasted me 3 years. The replacement battery has only lasted 8 months before laptop shuts down without warning at around 50% charge. Currently using old battery again as it lasts longer than the new one... that can't be right! I am reluctant to buy another battery unless Apple addresses this issue, unfortunately there's no alternative.

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    Low Lifespan, False Advertising

    • Written by from OAKLAND

    Battery was advertised to provide up to 5 hours of charge under certain conditions (mild web browsing, low screen brightness, bluetooth off, wifi ON). My first battery couldnt even get 4 hours with screen at lowest brightness and wifi OFF, with the charge capacity dwindling to 2.5 hours after maybe 8 months....

    I got a new battery that lived up to the 5-hour charm for about 4 months, then began dwindling heavily...after 8 months, the computer shuts off without warning and barely provides 1.5 hours of use.

    this is a terrible terrible completely unreliable product.

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    Poor Battery

    • Written by from Raleigh

    Disappointed with the battery life. After a year and a half mine was toast. I even bought the apple care plan and they wouldn't replace it. Talk about frustrating. Great computer, but when you don't take care of the people who are trying to take care of the merchandise bought from you. It really hurts the overall product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad battery

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    I bought MacBook Prod 15-inch back in 2006 and since than had to replace 2 batteries.
    Basically, the battery doesn't last more than 1 year as it looses 80% of its power. I still love
    my mac book pro but battery wise, this is the worst laptop I owned so far.

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    Dead battery

    • Written by from Farr West

    I bought my Mac book pro in Mar 2008, now the battery is dead October 2009. Really you can't make a battery that last....My Dell is 6 years old and still going strong!!!!

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    • Written by from Ottawa

    These batteries are absolutely terrible. My MacBook, which is roughly 2.5 years old, has now gone through *5* batteries. One day they're able to hold a charge for a good hour or so and the next it can't handle more than a minute or so without power. I'm done with Apple batteries - I'm going 3rd Party from here out.

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